Cupids Fall: Harry

Beautiful Irish, Diamond Brown, 19, struggling with her life after her losts. She then met Harry and the other four lads. Love growing between them. Harry lost her after someone came in his life althought he doesn't love that person as much and he loves Diamond. Dramas start, heart broken into pieces and tears never stop. Guess what, the memories their shared together, never ended. What if love was right there in front of them and they just couldn't see it? *I kept making people crying reading this and watching the trailer* xx


35. The Wedding Part 2


Harry’s P.O.V

“Oh my Goddddddddddddd!!!” I suddenly woke up by the sound of someone screaming. I looked down to see Diamond, she’s awoke too. I turned to see who’s voice was screaming just now. I was so surpsrised to see everyone at the back door. And Louis was the one screaming whilst everyone was stunned to see me and Diamond. “Wow!”, Zayn spoke. “Did you guys really…?”, Liam asked. “Yes, we are”, Diamond said. I smiled to see her. “Oh, OK. Take it easy. Now we have to go to the hotel. Remember, today is my special day!”, Summer yelled. She then walked in back the house followed by the girls. “Uhm, can you leave us for a moment? Diamond need to get her tee back”, I said. The boys nodded and walked away. We both sat up and I grabbed her tee and shorts. She put on her baby tee and I put on my boxer back. Diamond stood and wrapped the blanket around her waist. “I need to take shower. See you later”, she said and give a quick kiss on my cheek. I smiled as I looked her “Hazza, we need to talk to you”, Louis said. “Yeah, sure. What is it?”, I said and put on my pants. “Did you really fuck her last night?”, Liam asked. I sighed then nodded. But then I can see Niall and Zayn’s faces turned disappointment. “Are you kidding me?!”, Zayn yelled. “Easy mate, take it easy”, Louis said, tried to calm Zayn down. “Harry. Just promise us one thing”, Niall spoke, “Please, if anything happened between you and her, don’t leave. She deserves to be happy. I wanted you to make her happy”. I looked at Niall. I was touched. He loves Diamond as much as I love her too. We both love the same girl. I nodded and went to give Niall a big brother hug.


Diamond’s P.O.V

The girls and the boys already left to the hotel when I was taking my shower. Harry and I was the last person to left. I put on my favourite sweatshirt and jeans. Harry helped me to pack before we leave to the hotel. I shared a room with Ciara. After we arrived the hotel, Harry made his way to his room that I wasn’t sure what was his room number. I was too sleepy so I’ve decided to take a short nap. A few hours later, I was woke up by Ciara. “Diamond. Wake up! You have to be ready. The wedding will be start in three hours away!”, Ciara yelled. “Oh, sorry”, I said and quickly stood. I was running late as I rushed around the room, trying to get ready for the ball. “Oh I forgot about my dress!”, I yelled angrily. I left my dress with Harry when we arrived so I have to go to his room. “Oh, Didi. You can get ready at his room, you know”, Ciara said as she started applying her make-up. I sighed. “Uhm, okay. I’ll go. See you at the ball”, I said as I grabbed my bag and rushed out from the room and made my way to the elevator room. I ran into a couple. It was Liam and Danielle. “Hey!” “Hi Diamond”, Danielle said, looking very distracted. “What room is Harry in?”, I asked quickly. “Harry?”, Danielle looked confused. “Yes, Harry”, I replied. “Oh, Harry. It’s upstairs, room three four two”, Liam stuttered. “Thank you!”, I yelled, not knowing why I was still screaming, and stormed off in the direction of the elevators. Upstairs, I rushed down the corridor, dragging my bag behind me and checking the door numbers. When I reached his room I knocked furiously on the door and as I heard footsteps approaching the door I realized I hadn’t even thought about what I was going to say. I took a deep breath as the door was opened. I stopped breathing. It was Taylor. I mean, Taylor Swift. “Tay, who is it?”, I heard Harry’s voice call, and saw him step out. He already full dressed but his shirt didn’t completely button up yet. “What do you want?”, Taylor screeched. I stood outside Harry’s room door and glanced from Taylor to Daniel and back again. I gathered from Taylor’s half naked that Harry had already known Taylor was coming to the wedding. I also assumed that he hadn’t informed Summer and Andrew that she was here as they hadn’t warned me. But even if they had known they wouldn’t have considered it important to tell me. I hadn’t shared what Harry had told me yesterday with any of the girls or the boys. As I stared into the hotel room, I realized this meant that I had absolutely no reason to be standing where I was right then. Taylor  hung on to her tiny towel tightly. Harry’s face a picture of shock. Taylor’s face was stormy. My jaw had dropped. Nobody spoke for a while. I could almost hear everybody’s brains ticking. Then eventually someone spoke and it hadn’t been that particular person. “What are you doing here?”, Taylor hissed. I then turned to Harry. “Oh, sorry for interrupting you two. Anyway, I came to grab my dress that I left with you and have some chit chat with you but you’re obviously busy”, I quickly said, fake a smile, glanced at the skimpy towel wrapped around Taylor’s body and walked into the room. I saw my dress was hanging in the closet then I quickly grabbed it. “So, I’ll see you both later at the wedding”, and with that I turned on my heel and marched down the corridor. I glanced back at Harry, who was still staring at me from his door, and looked away as I turned the corner. I froze when I realized I had reached a dead end. The elevators were the other way. “Harry, Taylor, what’s going on?”, I heard a well-know voice as I kept on walking to the end of the corridor so I wouldn’t look completely stupid by going past their door again, then waited at the end of the corridor for a while until I heard the door close. I tiptoeing back up the hall, I rounded the corner, sneaked past Harry’s room door and rushed down to the elevator. I pressed the button and breathed a sigh of relief, closing my tired eyes. I didn’t know why I feel angry with Harry. “Are you getting in or what?”. My eyes flew open; I hadn’t even heard the elevator doors open. “Lou!”, I smiled, stepping in and hugging him. “I didn’t know you were coming down!” “I’m doing hair for the boys today and was invited by Summer. Tom and Lux will be arrived in an hour”, Lou laughed. “Well, I haven’t seen you for ages”, Lou said, glancing at my hair, making it very obvious. “Oh, I know”, I moaned, covering my roots with my hand. Lou raised her eyebrows and looked amused. “Uhm, well come on then,” Lou said, stepping out on I don’t know know what floor, “I’ll doing Niall’s hair after this, the wedding isn’t for another few hours; I’ll tie your hair up so we can cover these awful roots. You can go change at his room” “Oh, are you sure you don’t mind?”, I asked guiltily. “No, I don’t mind at all”, Lou waved her hand dismissively. “We cant have you running Summer’s wedding photos with that head on you, can we?” I smiled and dragged my bag and dress out of the elevator after her. That was more like it. For a minute there she was just being too nice.



I had spent the past two hours applying my make-up, crying and smudging it and then reapplying it. I rolled the mascara brush over my eyelashes for the fourth time, praying the tear reservoir had run dry for the night. An unlikely prospect, but a girl could always hope. My heart raced; I needed more time. I needed to sit down and rethink the idea of going to the ball over again as I had completely forgotten the reasons for going. Now I was faced with only the negatives. Lou was doing Niall’s hair right now in the bedroom whilst me was standing infront of the big mirror in the bathroom. I heard a knock on the door and I opened it. “Summer? What are you doing here?”, I asked, frowned as I was shocked to see Summer who was fully dressed in her white spensive dress. She looks so beautiful. “Well, before Edward’s gone, he asked me to give you this on me and Andrew’s wedding day. So, here it is”, she said as handed me a letter. “Look, Diamond. I love you, please, I need you on my wedding”, she said and I went to give her a hug. “Okay, I’ll leave you for that”, she said as she pulled away. I nodded and smiled, quickly closed back the door. Cant wait to read the letter.  I tore open the envelope, carefully trying not to rip the paper as I slid the card out. I thought that I wouldn’t received any letters from Edward anymore as I’ve read them all on the last few months on Andrew’s birthday. That’s was the last letter from Edward.

Well, hi love. If you reading this right now, that’s mean you’re on Summer and Andrew’s wedding. Andrew and I had promised to each other that we will be the best man on our special day. But I couldn’t make that came true. So do us. But please, I know that you still cant forget me. But you have and must be on their special day. I’ve missed to see my beautiful lady in her dress. Honey, don’t afraid to fall in love again. Open your heart and follow where it leads you, and remember, shoot for the moon… ps I will always love you. x

I cry my eyes out as I walked out from the bathroom, tiptoeing to the couch and grabbed my bag, “I’m leaving”, I said as I walked out from the room. I made my way to my room that I was shared with Ciara. I stepped in the room and quickly closed the door. I leaned at back of the door. “Oh, Edward”, I sobbed as I was still holding Edward’s letter and my shoulders shook as my body heaved. I got very little sleep last night. I then almost forgot that the wedding will be start in less than twenty minutes. I put the card back in the envelope and put it down on the table. I didn’t even notice that Harry was there that time until… “Ah, so this is the famous envelope”, Harry said, picking it up from the table. My eyes widened; I felt protective over that envelope and wasn’t happy with him touching. It removing Edward’s touch from it. “Last letter”, he said, reading the outside and running his fingers along the lettering. I wanted to tell him to put it down but didn’t want to sound psychotic. Eventually he placed it back on the table and I breathed a sigh of relief. “What are you doing here?”, I asked him. “To see you. So, what you going to do after that?” “What do you mean?”, I asked feeling confused. “What will you do when there aren’t any more letters from Edward?” I looked up to his face to see if he was being smart but his green eyes twinkled kindly back at me. “I’ll just live my life”, I replied, turning my back and grabbed my purse on the dresser. “Will you be able to do that?”, he walked closer to me and I could smell his perfume. He smells like apples. “I suppose so”, I replied, looking in the mirror, reflection of us. Harry was behind me. He also looked into the mirror. “Because you will have to make your own decisions then”, he said softly. “I know that”, I replied defensively, avoiding eye contact with him. “And do you think you’ll be able to do that?” I rubbed my face tiredly. “Harry, what’s this about?” He turned my body around to face him, and trying to make me comfortable. “I’m asking you this because I’m going to say something to you now, and you are going to have to make your own decision”, he looked me straight in the eye and my heart beat wildly. “There will be no list, no guidelines; you will just have to follow your own heart”, he said. I backed away from him a little. A feeling of dread pulled at me and I hoped he wasn’t going to say what I thought he was. “Uhm, Harry… I d-don’t think that this is… the right time to… uhm… we shouldn’t talk about…” “This is a perfect time”, he said seriously. “You already know what I’m going to say to you Diamond and I know you already know how I feel about you”. My jaw dropped as I heard what he said. “No, Harry, this isn’t right”, I said, upset and pulled my hand away from his grip. “But why isn’t it right?”, he pleaded with me. “It’s too soon”, I said, rubbing my face tiredly. Things for her just seemed to get more and more complicated. “Too soon because that’s what your heart’s telling you?” “Oh, Harry, I don’t know”, I said, pacing the room floor. “I’m so confused. Please stop asking me so many questions! I take it you’re with Taylor, so it looks like everything worked out for you in the end!”, I started to yell when I pronounced ‘Taylor’. My heart beat widly and my head spun, even my body telling me this wasn’t a good situation to be in. it was panicking on me behalf, indicating that danger was ahead. This felt wrong- it all felt so wrong, “Diamond, me and Taylor we were just friends. Taylor is dating Ed. And at the moment when you came to my room, Ed was there too!”, he explained. “How can I be with someone else when I’m in love with you?”, he continued.  “I cant Harry! I love Edward!”, I said in a panic. “Edward?”, he asked, his eyes widening as he went over to the table and grabbed the envelope roughly. “This is Edward! This is what I’m competing with! It’s a piece of paper, Diamond. It’s a letter. A letter you have allowed to run your life for the past year without having to think for yourself or live your own life. Now you have to think for yourself, right now. Edward’s gone”, he said gently, walking back over to me. “Edward’s gone and I’m here. I’m not saying that I could ever take his place but at least give us a chance to be together”. I then took the envelope from his hand and hugged it close to my heart as tears rolled down my cheeks. “No, Harry. Edward’s not gone”, I sobbed, “He’s here, everytime I open his letter, he’s here”, I said. There was a silence as Harry watched me crying. I looked so lost and helpless he just wanted to hold me. “It’s a piece of paper”, he said softly, stepping closer to me again. “Edward is not a piece of paper!”, I said angrily through my tears, “He was a living breathing human being that I loved. Edward is a boy that consumed my life for three years. He is a million billion happy memories. He is not a piece of paper!!”, I repeated. “So what am I?”, Harry asked quietly. I prayed that he wouldn’t cry. I didn’t think I could bear it if he cried. “You,”, I took a deep breath, “are a kind, caring, loving, kissable, touchable and incredibly thoughtful friend who I respect and appreciate-” “But I’m not Edward”, he interrupted me. “I don’t want you to be Edward”, I insisted. “I want you to be Edward” “How do you feel about me?”, his husky voice shook slightly. “I just told you how I feel about you”, I sniffed. “No, how do you feel about me?”, he repeated. I stared at the floor, “I feel strongly about you, Harry, but I need time…”, I paused, “…. Lots and lots of time”. “Then I will wait”, he smiled sadly and wrapped his strong arms around me. “Harry, I need my time to be alone. Please”, I begged as I pulled away. He then nodded. “See you later, Diamond”, he said softly, kissing me on the top of my head and making his way to the door. I continued to stand in the middle of the room after he’d gone, running over and over in mind the scene that had just occurred. I stood there for some time, tightly gripping the crumpled envelope close to my heart. “There you arr-”, I heard someone voice at the door then I quickly wiped my tears. I looked up to see who was coming to my room. I saw Niall was standing at the doorway stunned to see me crying. “Oh, Diamond, are you OK? What happened?”, he asked then made his way to me. He gently rubbed my back to cool me down. I shooked my head. “Harry. It’s just Harry, don’t worry”, I said. He frowned. “Oh, what he have done to you?! Tell me”, he said seriously. “He… well, he asked me for a chance for us to be together”, I said. I could see that Niall was shocked to hear that. “Oh… then?” “I’m not ready for any relationship at this moment, Niall”, I quickly answered. Niall nodded. Then Liam came in. “Oh, what are you two doing here? We’re gonna be late for the wedding!”, Liam said. “Uhm, Niall. Could you please accompany Diamond for a while? She’s not OK, cant you see?”, Niall said. Liam then was froze as he realized that I was crying. Niall walked out from the room. Liam walked closer to me and wrapped his arms around me. I put my head on his shoulder. “What’s on your mind, love? You know that you can tell me everything”, he asked softly. I started sobbing back. Liam gently rubbed my back. I had taken a deep breath and explained to Liam about Edward’s letter, everything what had happened between me and Harry just now from the moment I came to his room until a few minutes ago and the decision I was faced with. Liam had listened patiently. “So how do you feel about him?”, Liam had asked as he pulled away, studying my face. I had shrugged helplessly. “I like him, Liam, I really do, but…”, I had shrugged again and trailed off. “It is because you don’t feel ready just yet for another relationship?”, Liam had asked gently. I had rubbed my forehead roughly. “Oh, I don’t know Liam. I don’t feel like I know anything any more”, I had thought for a while. “Harry is a perfect friend. He is always there for me, always makes me laugh; he makes me feel good about myself… but I don’t know if I’ll ever feel ready for another relationship, Liam. Maybe I will, maybe I wont. Maybe this as ready as I’ll ever feel. He’s not Edward but I’m not expecting him to be. What I feel now is a different kind of feeling; but a nice one too”, I had paused to think about that feeling. “I don’t know if I’ll ever love the same way again, I find it hard to believe that will happen, but it’s a nice thought to have that maybe someday I could”, I had smiled sadly at Liam. “Well, you don’t know if you can if you don’t try”, Liam had said encouragingly. “It’s important not to rush into things, Diamond. I know you know that, but all I want is for you to be happy. You deserve it. Whether being happy is with Harry, the man on the moon, or alone, I just want you happy”, he said softly. “Thanks, Liam”, I had smiled weakly and rested my head on Liam’s shoulder. “I just don’t know which of those things will do that for me”

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