Cupids Fall: Harry

Beautiful Irish, Diamond Brown, 19, struggling with her life after her losts. She then met Harry and the other four lads. Love growing between them. Harry lost her after someone came in his life althought he doesn't love that person as much and he loves Diamond. Dramas start, heart broken into pieces and tears never stop. Guess what, the memories their shared together, never ended. What if love was right there in front of them and they just couldn't see it? *I kept making people crying reading this and watching the trailer* xx


34. The Wedding Part 1


Three months later…

Diamond’s P.O.V

“OK, this is the last one, I promise, girls!”, Summer called as her bra was sent flying over the changing-room door. Anna and I groaned and collapsed in our chairs again. Ruby and Ciara can’t joined us because they were gone to work. They got the job at Starbucks café near the town. “You said that an hour ago!”, I complained, kicking off my shoes and massaging my swollen ankles. “Yeah, but I mean this time. I have really good feeling about this dress”, Summer said, full of excitement. “You said that an hour ago too”, Anna grumbled, resting her back on the chair and closing her eyes. “Don’t you go falling asleep on me now”, I warned Anna and her eyes immediately shot open. Summer’s wedding was a week away. We had been dragged to every single wedding gown boutique in the city and Anna and I were exhausted, irritated and extremely fed up. Whatever excitement we had felt for Summer and her wedding had been drained from out systems as Summer tried on dress after dress. And if I heard Summer’s irritating squeals one more time I would…  “Oooh, I love it!”, Summer shrieked. “OK, here’s the plan”, I whispered to Anna. “If she walks out of there looking like a meringue that has sat on a bicycle pump we are going to tell her she looks beautiful”, I said. Anna giggled, “Oh, Diamond, we can’t do that!” “Ooooh, wait till you see!”, Summer shrieked again. “On second thoughts…”, I looked at Anna miserably. “OK, are you ready?” “Yes”, Anna groaned unenthusiastically. “Ta-da!”, Summer stepped out of the dressing room and my eyes widened. “That’s so beautiful on you”, the sales assistant, who had been hovering, gushed. “Oh, stop it!”. Summer cried, “You’re no help to me at all! You’ve loved every single one of them”. I gazed at Anna uncertainly and tried not to laugh at the look on her face; she looked as if there was a bad smell in the air. Anna rolled her eyes and whispered, “Hasn’t Summer ever heard of a thing called commission?” “What are you two whispering about?”, Summer asked. “Oh, just about how pretty you look”, I said. Anna frowned at me. “Oh, do you like it?”, Summer squealed again. And I winced. “Yes”, Anna said unenthusiastically. “Are you sure?” “Yes” “Do you think Andrew will be happy when he looks down the aisle and sees me walking towards him?”, Summer even practiced her walk just so we could imagine it. “Yes”, Anna repeated. “But are you sure?” “Yes” “Do you think it’s worth the money?” “Yes” “Really?” “Yes” “It’ll be nicer with a tan, won’t it?” “Yes” “Oh, but does it make my bum look enormous?” “Yes”. I looked at Anna, startled, realizing she wasn’t even listening to the questions anymore. “Oh, but are you sure?”, Summer carried on, obviously not even listening to the answers. “Yes” “So will I get it?” I expected the sales assistant to start jumping up and down with excitement screaming “Yesssss!” but she managed to contain herself. “No!”, I interrupted before Anna said yes again. “No?”, Summer asked. “No”, I confirmed. “Do you not like it?” “No” “Is it because it makes me look fat?” “No” “Do you think Andrew will like it?” “No” “Do you think it’s worth the money, though?” “NO” “Ooh”, Summer turned to face Anna, “Do you agree with Diamond?” “Yes”, Anna said, smiled. The sales assistant rolled her eyes and approached another customer, hoping for better luck with her. “OK then, I trust you two”. Summer said sadly, taking one last look at herself in the mirror. “To be honest, I wasn’t really that keen on it myself”. I rolled my eyes and put my shoes back on. “Summer, you said that was the last one. Let’s go get something to eat before I drop dead”. I said. “No, I meant it was the last dress I would try on in this shop. There’s loads more shops to go to yet” “No way!”, I quickly protested. “Summer, I am starving to death and at this stage all the dresses are beginning to look the same to me, babe. I need a break”, I complained. “Oh, but this is my wedding day, Diamond!” “Yes, and….”, I tried to think of an excuse, “and Anna’s pregnant!” “Oh, OK then, we’ll get something to eat”, Summer said, disappointed, and headed back to the changing room. Anna elbowed me in the ribs, “Hey, I’m not diseased, you know, just pregnant” “It’s the only thing that I could think of”, I said tiredly. The three of us trudged into Bewley’s café and managed to grab our usual spot by the window overlooking Grafton Street. “Oh, I hate shopping on Saturdays”, I moaned, watching as people bumped and crushed each other on the busy street below. “Gone are the days of shopping mid-week now you’re no longer a lady of leisure”, Diamond teased as she picked up a club sandwich and began stuffing her face. “I know, and I’m so tired, but I feel like I’ve earned the tiredness this time. Unlike before when I just used to stay up late watching insomniac TV”, I said happily. “Tell us about the little episode with Harry Styles”, Anna said with a mouthful of food. I rolled my eyes, “Nothing happened. We’re texting everyday. Skype once a week with him and the boys. He called me sometimes. Well, we’re just bestfriends” “Alright, whatever, tell me about the another little episode with Edward’s parents”, Summer said. “Well, they were just so rude to poor Joe”, I said. Last week, I went dinner with Joe.

*Flashback last week – Dinner with Joe*

“Your tall and handsome dance partner awaits you”, Ruby giggled. “Send him on to me if you don’t want him”, Ciara said. I headed outside and my heart beat wildly as I spotted Daniel walking down after he hopped out of his BMW X5 to meet me. The cool autumn months had arrived, so Joe was wearing his black leather jeans again, teamed with blue jeans. His dark hair was messy and stubble lined his chin. He had that just-out-of-bed look. My stomach lurched again and I looked away. I met Joe since two years ago before I met Edward. He was one of Andrew and Edward’s friend. Well, he was Joe Jonas from the boyband. He’s handsome right? I know hahaha. We met for a charity event. My dance friend, Tracey asked me to join the event and we have to be the dancers for Jonas Brothers for their performance. The boys can chose which dancers they wanted to be their partner. So, Joe chose me to be his dance partner. We’ve been closed friends, everytime after we finished our rehearsal, we went to any coffee shop with the others. We changed number but after I met Edward, me and Joe rarely met after the event. And the news about him with Demi Lovato has make me decided not to contact with him anymore. Then after I was dating Edward, we went to a pub for Edward’s birthday party last year and I met him again. Then, that was the last time I met him after I met him again at the tattoo shop a few months ago. “Hi there”, he said. I smiled. “So where would you like to go?”, he asked. “Let me think first”, I said and winked. We then walked to his car and hopped in. Joe drove us to the town and we reached there within fifteen minutes. We hopped out of the car and walked to the street. “How about in there?”, I said, looking at the small café on the street. I wanted to go to the least intimate and most casual place possible. Joe scrunched up his nose. “I’m a bit hungrier than that, if you don’t mind. I haven’t eaten all day. Nick and Kevin went out from the morning till now you know”, he said. We walked along together and I pointed out every single café along the way, which Joe shook his head at every time. Eventually he settled on an Italian restaurant that I couldn’t say no to. Not because I wanted to go in but because he had said no to every other restaurant on the road. Inside it was quiet with just a few tables occupied by couples staring lovingly into each other’s eyes in the candlelight. Joe stood up to take his jacket off and I quickly blew out the candle on our table when he wasn’t looking. He was dressed in a deep blue shirt, highlighting the colour of his eyes and making them seem luminous in the dim restaurant. “They make you sick, don’t they?”, Joe laughed, following my gaze to a couple on the far side of the room, who were holding hands across the table. “Actually no. They make me sad”, I said. Joe laughed as he was busy reading the menu. “What are you having?”, he asked. “I’m going to have a Caesar salad” Joe rolled his eyes, “You girl and your salads. Aren’t you hungry?”, he asked. “Not really”, I shook my head, then blushed as my stomach grumbled loudly. “I think somebody disagrees with you down there”, he laughed, “I don’t think you ever eat, Diamond Brown” “Just not when I’m with you, I thought. I just don’t have a very big appetite, that’s all”, I said. “Yeah, well, I’ve seen rabbits eat more than you do,” he laughed. I tried to control the conversation, steering it into safe territory, and we spent the evening talking about his family and mine. Our stuff and so on. I wasn’t in the mood for discussing our private feelings and thoughts tonigh; I wasn’t even sure what exactly we were right then. However, a little more panicked about why I had been so uncomfortable with a man that I was certain only wanted to be my friend. I was also still starving, having only eaten a few lettuce leaves. I stepped outside of the restaurant for a breath of fresh air while Joe paid the bill. He was an extremely generous man, there was no denying that, and I was glad of his friendship. Well, Joe was older three years than me, it just didn’t feel quite right to be eating in an intime restaurant with him. I froze and tried to hide my face as I spotted a couple walking towards me who I really did not wish to see. I bent over to pretend to tie my shoelace until I realized I had worn my zip-up boots that day and ended up embarrassingly fumbling with the ends of my trousers. “Diamond, is that you?”, I heard the familiar voice. I stared at the two pairs of shoes standing in front of me and slowly  looked up to meet their eyes. “Hello, there!”, I tried to sound surprised while nervously steadying myself to my feet. “How are you?”, the woman asked, giving me a hug. “What are you doing standing out here in the cold?”, the man asked. I prayed that Joe stayed inside for another while longer. “Oh, you know… I was just having a bite to eat”, I smiled shakily, pointing at the restaurant. “Oh, we’re just about to go in there”, the man said smiling. “It’s a shame we just missed you; we could have eaten together” “Yes… yes, it’s a shame…” “Well, good for you, anyway”, the woman said, patting me on the back, “It’s good to get out and to do things on your own”, she said. “Well, actually….”, I glanced at the door again, praying that it wouldn’t open. “Yes, it’s nice to do that…”, I trailed off. “There you are!”, Joe said, stepping outside. “I thought you had run off on me”, he wrapped his arm loosely round on my shoulders. I smiled at him weakly and turned to face the couple. Joe then was surprisely to see them too. “Eh, Sally and Peter, sorry, I didn’t see you two there”, Joe smiled. The couple stared back at him stonily. “Uhm, Joe, Edward’s parents”, I said. “I know, Diamond”, he replied. “Well… I though that you dating Harry Styles from the boyband One Direction”, Sally said. Joe then looked at me and put down his arm from mine.

*Back to reality*

I told Summer about the story. She wasn’t there that time because she went to sleepover at Andrew’s. “I’m sorry I was asleep. I’m sure if Andrew had known that’s what it was about he would have woken me”, Summer apologized. “Oh, don’t be silly, it wasn’t a really big deal. It just felt like it at the time” “Too right. They cant tell you who to see and who not to see”, Summer gave out. “Summer, I’m not seeing him”, I tried to get the record straight, “We were just having a friendly dinner” “Ooooh, a friendly dinner!”, Summer and Anna giggled. “Well, that’s what it was, but it was also nice to have a bit of company”, I admitted, “And I’m not bitching you two”, I said quickly before they had a chance to defend themselves. “All I’m saying is that when everyone else is busy it’s nice to have someone else to chat to. Especially male company, you know? And he’s easy to get along with and he makes me feel comfortable. That’s all”, I said. “But Harry makes you feel more and more comfortable than him right?”, Anna said. I sighed, “Alright. Yes he is”, I admitted. “Yeah, I understand”, Summer nodded, “Well, I’m glad you get alonf with Harry, Diamond, because you’re going to dance with him at the wedding”, she continued. “Why”, I asked. “Because it’s tradition for the best man to dance with the maid of honour at the wedding”, Summer’s eyes sparkled. I gasped, “You want me to be your maid of honour?” Summer nodded excitedly, “Don’t worry, I already asked Ciara, Anna and Ruby and they doesn’t mind” “Oh, I would love to!”, I said happily. “But, Anna, are you sure you don’t mind?” “Oh, don’t worry about me, I’m happy just being a blown-up bridesmaid”, she said. “You won’t be blown up!”, I laughed. “Yes, I will. I’ll be nine months pregnant. I’ll need to borrow Summer’s marquee to wear as a dress!”, Anna said back. “Oh, I hope you don’t go into the labour at the wedding”, Summer said, horrified. “Don’t worry, Summer. I wont steal the limelight from you on your day”, Anna smiled. Summer looked relieved. “Oh, by the way, I forgot to tell you two that Perrie, El and Dani will be the bridesmaids too. The boys, Max, James will be the groomsmates. And Andrew and I had decided to let you and Louis to give a speech. “Oh, Summer, I would be honoured!”, I said, giving her a big hug, “Thank you for asking!” “And thank you for saying yes! Well, the boys will arrived in Dublin a day before my wedding with the girls too”, she said. Anna and I nodded. “Hey!”, Summer yelled. She then pointed out the window, “I can’t believe I ever noticed that wedding shop over there! Drink up quick and we’ll go there next”, she said excitedly as her eyes darted enthusiastically to pass out. “I can’t Summer, I’m pregnant….”


A few days later,

That night, we all went to a very nice hotel in Dublin, the Shelbourne Hotel I’ve always wanted to stay there- would be a perfect life, for Summer and Andrew’s wedding rehearsal. We have to taste the food, doing some dancing rehearsal. Summer and Andrew had also invited Joe and Daniel too. And also Josh, Lou and Tom with their baby Lux, Ed Sheeran and some of their and the boys’ friends. I took Charlie and dance with him. He’s became more cute. He’s the only Alex and Tom’s baby. I asked Alex if she and Tom has planned about having their second baby and so Charlie will had a brother or sister, but Alex didn’t want to think about it for now because she has to focus with her current job, her fashion line while Tom busy with his business marketing. “Didi, shall we dance together?”, I turned to look the person who asked that. It was Max. I smiled and nodded, then me and Max dance with Charlie. “You know, actually I have something to let you know. Well, you’re the first to know about this”, Max said whilst smiling. I just nodded and let him just talk. “I dumped my girlfriend, Jessie”. My mouth opened. I was just shocked to hear that. He dumped his girlfriend? But why? They have been together since a year ago. I thought Max wouldn’t dumped Jessie because I knew that Max loved her so much. “Are you kidding me?! But why? Don’t you love her?”, I asked. He nodded his head, “Yes, I do loved her. But I didn’t think she loved me like I do since she met her ex. So, the best way was this. It’s for our own good. Plus, I’m now dating one of your friend”, he explained, then smiled happily. I can see he was very happy. I can see it in his brown eyes. “One of my friend?”, I was stunned and stopped dance. I looked at Charlie who was already asleep in my arms. “Who?”, I tried to think. The girls? No way, they already dated the boys. Ciara? No, she’s his sister. Anna? I don’t think so. And the last one was Ruby… wait, did he dating Ruby? “Are you serious man?”, I asked. I think he understand who was I mean. He nodded. “Congrats Max!”, I yelled happily and went to give him a hug but I forgot that I had Charlie in my arms. “I can’t hug you bro!”, I said. He laughed. “Well, after this you can hug me ok, Didi”, he said and give a kiss on my cheek. I nodded. “Didi! I was wondering where Charlie was. He’s here sleeping in your arms!”, I heard Alex yelled worriedly and came towards us. She then smiled and took Charlie from my arms to her’s. “Didi’s arms are so touchable and comfortable. Maybe that’s why Charlie can fall asleep in hers”, Max joked. Alex and I laughed. “Alright, I have to go home with Tom now. Charlie’s asleep now. Well, see you again tomorrow ok?”, Alex said and went to give me and Max kisses on the cheeks before she walked away. I looked back at Max. “Well, congrats again Max! I was so happy for you then”, I said and went to give him a huge hug. “Aww, thank you so much Didi. Pray for me and Ruby okay. I chose Ruby because she understand me and love me for who I am. Well, I admitted that I still couldn’t forget about Jessie, but I have to”, he explained. I nodded and pulled away the hug. Then, the boys walked on the stage. I frowned. What are they trying to do? “Hello”, Liam started to speak as they reached on the stage and grabbed their each other microphones. “Well, I know you guys must be weird why we’re standing here on the stage right?”, Zayn asked. “Yeah man!”, I could heard Andrew yelled behind me. I laughed. “Well, Summer and Andrew, actually since you two has been a part from our life, we’ve planned to sing on your wedding!”, Louis explained. I walked to Eleanor and Perrie who were sat on the chair next to the stage. I joined them, “Hey Diamond”, Eleanor greeted me. I sat next to Perrie. “I didn’t know that the boys will be singing on the wedding”, I said. Perrie nodded, “Yeah, me too, babe. Zayn didn’t tell me anything about this!”, she said sadly. Eleanor grinned. “Oh, I see”, Perrie said sarcastically. Eleanor already knew about this! “Well, Louis asked me to keep this as a secret. He didn’t want me to tell anyone”, she said. “Oh, El, nevermind. I’d still love you”, I winked at her. She blushed, “Aww, thanks Diamond. I love you too”, she replied. “Hey, what about me?”, Perrie asked and made a sad face. Me and Eleanor laughed, “I love you too Perrie”, me and Eleanor spoke that together and we hugged her. She smiled happily, “Well, I love you two too”, she said. The boys started to sing ‘Moments’. “I can’t believe my bestfriend wedding is tomorrow!”, I said as I started to remember the moments and memories I had with Summer. “Uhm, yeah me too. It’s hard to believe. Well, they’re too young and married. I wish I could have that too”, Perrie said. “Ok, don’t worry, I’ll tell Zayn that you can’t wait any longer to marry him. I’ll asked him to propose you as soon as possible”, Eleanor replied. Perrie hit her arm softly. “No way! Don’t tell him. I wanted him to propose me when he thinks he ready for that. It’s about time, El”, Perrie protested. “She’s right, El”, I said. Then, Anna and Danielle walked towards us. Anna sat next to me then Danielle. We talked about our girls’ privacy until we suddenly paused when the the boy who was in charged to play the piano started to make the sound of Little Things’ music. I stared at the boys who were sitting on the chair each of them. From left was Zayn, Niall, Liam, Harry and Louis. “Your hand fits in mine like it’s made just for me. But bear this in mind it was meant to be…”, Zayn started to sing the first verse for the song. I looked up to see Perrie’s face who was blushing to hear Zayn’s verse. “I know you’ve never loved the crinkles by your eyes…”, Liam sang his verse whilst he looking up for Danielle. I smiled to see them stared each other. It was just too cute. “And it’s you after this”, Perrie said to Eleanor who was smiled. “You can’t go to bed without a cup of tea…”, Louis sang. Eleanor put her face in her hands. Me and the girls laughed to see Eleanor’s respone. Then, suddenly I paused whilst the girls still laughed when Harry turned his body on the chair to face me, get ready for his solo. He looked at me with a charming smile on his face. His dimples was showed on his cheeks. Perrie and Anna elbowed me. I was blushed. “I know you’ve never loved the sound of your voice on tape, You never want to know how much you weigh, You still love to squeeze into your jeans but you’re perfect to me”, Harry sang his solo while stared into my eyes with his serious face but then after he finished his solo, he smiled charmingly at me. “Oh, Harry was being so charming and lovely!”, I heard Perrie’s spoke as she elbowed me for the hundred times, I though. “Oh, you can stop elbowing me now Perrie”, I said laughing. The boys will sing five songs on the wedding which are Moments, Little Things, Live While We’re Young, Irresistable and their new song, Kiss You. We then prepared to go back home. The boys and the girls decided to stay at mine so we all can get along together for the wedding. Summer and Andrew announce that they already booked some rooms for us to stay for tomorrow night after the wedding.


Summer’s P.O.V

I laid on my bed. Andrew had to stay at his parents. Well, actually it will be pleasure if I stay at my dad’s but I just didn’t want to because I want to spend my last time before my wedding with my bestfriend. Dad will be there tomorrow. He will be the man who walked me down the aisle. It was twelve in the midnight when we reached at Diamond’s. I decided to sleep with her tonight. “Dreaming huh?”, I was back to reality when I heard a voice. I turned my head. It was Diamond. “Hahaha I just can’t believe that I soon will be a wife to the man I love”, I said. She smiled and walked towards the me and sat on the end of the bed. I then quickly sat up and face her. “You know, I was so happy for you. I really am. My bestfriend will be married to the love of her life. I hoped that you two will be the happiest husband and wife in the world and have many kidsssssss”, she said and started to laugh when she started to pronounce ‘kids’. Tears filled up in her eyes, so do mine. “You know that we’ve been best friend for years. And please know that you are and will always be my best friend ever in my life”, Diamond said and tears started to fall down on her cheeks. She grabbed my hands. “Thanks, Diamond. Just remember that I will be always there for you. Well, Edward asked me and Andrew to care about you, but even if didn’t asked for it, we still care for you because you’re mine and Andrew’s best friend. I love you, Diamond”, I spoke in tears and went to hug her tightly. She nodded and I started to hear her’s sobbing. “Oh, don’t cry…”, I said as I pulled away. I wiped her tears and she laughed. “Oh, thanks for that. I was wondering if I was a cute little girl again”, she joked. I laughed and stood. “I’ll take a shower”, I said. Diamond nodded and collapsing onto the bed.


Diamond’s P.O.V

It felt as if it was only yesterday that I had my own hen party, but in fact it was over two years ago. I had flown to London with a group of girls for the weekend to party hard but I had ended up missing Edward so much I had to speak to him on the phone every hour. Back then I had been so excited about what was to come. The future had looked so bright. I was in a relationship with the man of my dreams and wish that I could live with him for the rest of our lives. For entire weekend I was away I had counted the hours until I could return home because the day for tomorrow was our first anniversary for our relationship. I was so excited on the flight back to Dublin. Althought we had only been apart for a few days, it had felt like an eternity. He had been waiting for me at arrivals with a huge board in his hands saying ‘My future wife’ even that time he didn’t proposed me yet. I had dropped my bags when I saw him and had run into his arms and hugged him so tight. I had never wanted to let go; what a luxury it was for people to be able to hold their loved ones whenever they wanted, I thought now bitterly. The scene at the airport had been like a part of a movie, but it was real: real feelings, real emotions, and real love because it was real life. Real life which had now become a nightmare for her. Yes, I had finally managed to drag myself out of bed every morning; yes, I had even mananged to get dressed most of the time. Yes, I had succeeded in finding a new job where I met new people and yes, I had finally started buying food again and feeding myself. But no, I didn’t feel ecstatic about any of these things. They were just formalities, something else to check off on the ‘things that normal people do’ list. None of them filled the hole in my heart; it was like my body had become one great jigsaw just like the green fields with their pretty greystone walls connecting the whole of Ireland. I had started working on the corners and the edges of my jigsaw because they were the easy bits but now that they were all in place I needed to do all the bits in between, the hard parts. But nothing I had done so far had managed to fill that hole in my heart; that piece of the jigsaw had yet to be found. “Oh, I really have to ring Andrew!”, Summer groaned, collapsing next to me onto the bed she and I were sharing in the room. I was back to reality with her voice. She already put in her pyjamas. “I’m under strict orders not to let you ring Andrew”, I yawned. “Oh, pleaseeee”, Summer whimpered. “No. I am confiscating your phone”, I grabbed the mobile from Summer’s hand and hit it in the press beside the bed. Summer looked as if she was going to cry.


Summer’s P.O.V

I watched as Diamond lay back on the bed and closed her eyes, and I began to formulate a plan. I would wait until Diamond was asleep and then I would call Andrew. Diamond had been so quiet all day it was really starting to irritate me. Everytime I had asked her a question she kept getting yes/no answers back, and every attempt to strike up a conversation had failed. It was obvious that Diamond wasn’t really enjoying herself, but what really annoyed me was to see that Diamond wasn’t even trying or even pretending to be. I could understand that Diamond was upset and that she had a lot to deal with at the moment and I couldn’t help feeling that Diamond was bringing the atmosphere down.


Diamond’s P.O.V

Having closed my eyes, I was now unable to sleep. It was two o’clock in the morning. I sat up on the bed and tried to keep my eyes open to avoid the feeling of seasickness. I turned to face Summer on the bed so that we could talk but the sound of her snores ended all thought of communication between us. I sighed and looked around my room. I felt my way across the bedcovers in the dark for the remote control and flicked on the telivison. I was just wearing orange baby tee top and a polca dots shorts. Commercial presentations adorned the screen. Then, the logo of ‘’ came across the screen. “Hello welcome back, I’m Holly, your host for this episode of well we have some news about your favourite celebrities’. I sighed, I hate gossip tvs. I just didn’t really like it the way the paps chased after the celebrities just to find out what’s happening and the celebrities didn’t have any their own privacy times. “The biggest boyband, One Direction will be performing on their friend’s wedding for tomorrow which is the groom was Louis Tomlinson’s cousin”, the pictures of Summer and Andrew was on the screen as the host spoke about the details. I smiled. “We received a lot of pictures from the directioners, the name of One Direction’s fans, of Harry Styles with Diamond Brown together, are this two love birds really dating? Well, we’ll never knew it until any one of them officially announce their relationship”, the host said and my eyes wide opened when I saw pictures of me and Harry in the car. It was exactly when we arrived at mine a few hours ago. Me and Harry were the last to leave the hotel because he needed to go to toilet as everyone was on their way to back home at mine. Then, some pictures of me and Harry walked together into my house. well, I admitted that if I’m not me, I was thinking that the girl and Harry on the screen was dating too same like the directioners and other people because they looked so close. Summer snored loudly beside me as I changed position. Eventually I settled on her side. I cleared my throat loudly and pretended to have a coughing fit just so she would wake up and talk to me. I needed to talk, I needed to cry, I needed to vent all my frustations and disappoinments. But what more could I say to Summer that I hadn’t said already? What more advice could she give me that she hadn’t given me before? Now I felt that I was repeating the same old worries over and over again. Sometimes people around me would succeed in getting through to me and I would feel positive and confident, only to be thrown back into despair days later. After a while I tired of staring on the telly screen, I took my blanket from the closet. I’ve decided to make some tea and watch movie in the living room because I kne that everyone was already asleep. I walked out from my room. I could heard snores whilst I was walking across the spare rooms which were the girls and the boys’. Ciara, Ruby and Anna stayed at my parents’. I walked downstairs and saw Niall already asleep on the couch without Harry whilst the telly is on. I frown when I didn’t see Harry around the living room. Maybe he’s upstairs with the boys, I thought. I went to turn off the telly and made my way to the kitchen. I made my tea. Then, I heard something from outside of my house. The sounds came from my backyard. I decided to go check. I cover the blanket around my body and hold my tea to the backyard. I was so surprised to see Harry was there. “Diamond?”, he spoke as he surprised to see me too. “Harry, I thought you was upstairs with the boys”, I said and walked towards the couch and went to sit next to Harry. He was on his laptop. “No, I’m not. The room is too full with Lou, Liam and Zayn. So me and Niall decided to sleep on the couch. Niall already asleep, I thought”, he replied with a smile on his face. I nodded as the meaning I understood. “So, what are you doing here? You should sleep, Diamond”, he said. I smiled, “Well, I know I have to but I can’t. plus, Summer’s snored was just too loud. so, I can’t”, I explained. He laughed. “So, you’re on twitter?”, I asked. He nodded, “Yeah. I’m doing some #AskStyles on twitter right now. Well, can’t sleep, you know”, he said. I laughed, “Yeah, I know”, I said and start sipping my tea. “Oh, my..” I turned to look at Harry, “What’s wrong?”, I asked. “No. There’s a lot of questions from the fans, asking about you”, he said laughing. I frowned. I moved closed next to him till our shoulders touched each other to see what’s happening on his laptop screen. I laughed. Yes, Harry’s right. He scrolled down and down then up again. Most of the questions for the #AskStyles are about me and Harry. “Let me answers them”, he said and his fingers began to move faster on the keyboard. He answered a few questions about me.

@Harry_Styles: @Directioner_5_1D She’s nice and beautiful, you know, perfect ;) xx –in reply to @Directioner_5_1D: #AskStyles What do you think about Diamond?

@Harry_Styles: @asdfghjklolly Will marry her soon tho! :-) xx –in reply to @asdfghjklolly: Harreh you have to marry Diamond. You both suit to each other!! Xx #AskStyles

My eyes widened, “Harry! You can’t answered like that!”, I yelled and hit his arm. I looked up to see him. Harry laughed. “Yes, I can. I will marry you soon”, he said and turned his face to face me. Our face are so close. I’d never been like that, I mean staring in his eyes really close like that. We both stared in each other’s eyes. “Have I tell you yet, that you have such a beautiful eyes?”, he said in his lovely husky voice. I was stunned to hear that. He leaned in to kiss me. Our lips then touched. I kissed him back. Harry then pulled away and patted his forehead and sighed. “I’m sorry. I’ve forgot…”, I quickly shut his mouth by kissed him on the mouth. He was surprised with my reaction and kissed back. I wrapped my arms around his neck and then he pulled away the blanket that was wrapped around my body before he replaced it with his arms around my hips. Our kiss became more and more passionate. I took off his t-shirt and his pants and I ran my fingers and played with his curly hair. Harry was only on his boxer. He then took off my tee. And his hands gently unhooked my bra then  started to kiss and bite my neck. I moaned as he laid me down on the couch as he was on top of me. Harry then grabbed the blanket on the floor and put it on us to cover our half-naked body. I tried to took off my pants. Harry looked up at me and frowned, “Wait, are you sure you want to do this?”, he asked before I nodded and we both smiled. He then helped me took off my pants and underwear and his boxer too. We’re now naked! He kissed my neck and chest before he gently thrust his length into mine. I moaned his name between our kiss, “Harry…”. “I love you”, he replied between our kiss. I clutched his back. He then laid down beside me on the couch and not wanting to stop our kiss. We kissed for a few minutes, passionately. I put my head on his chest and hugged him. One of my leg was put on his body. He wrapped his arms around me. We both stared together at the dark sky. “Harry…”, I called. “Yes?”, he replied and kissed the top of my head. “Uhm, what if I’m pregnant? Well, you’re not using protection!”, I looked up to see his face while I said that. “I’ll never leave. trust me, I love you Diamond”, he said and give a quick kiss on my lips. I smiled before I drove to sleep in his arms.

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