Cupids Fall: Harry

Beautiful Irish, Diamond Brown, 19, struggling with her life after her losts. She then met Harry and the other four lads. Love growing between them. Harry lost her after someone came in his life althought he doesn't love that person as much and he loves Diamond. Dramas start, heart broken into pieces and tears never stop. Guess what, the memories their shared together, never ended. What if love was right there in front of them and they just couldn't see it? *I kept making people crying reading this and watching the trailer* xx


15. The Second Letter from Edward.


Summer’s P.O.V

     “So, there’s a message for every date left in the year”, I said slowly, lost in thought. We sat in silence. Thinking the same thing; Edward had know he wouldn’t live past March.

     Diamond looked happily at me and Andrew. Whatever Edward had in store for her was going to be interesting, but he had already succeeded in making her feel almost normal again, laughing with Andrew and me and so the other boys (Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn). It was as though he was still with us.

     “Hold on!”, Andrew exclaimed very seriously.

     “What?”, Diamond asked.

     Andrew’s blue eyes twinkled, “It’s 17th of April now and you haven’t opened this 15th of April’s envelope yet”

     “Oh, of course! Should I do it now?”, Diamond replied.

     “Go on, babe!”, I encouraged.


Diamond’s P.O.V

     “Go on, babe!”, Summer encouraged.

     I picked up the envelope and slowly opened it. There were only three more to open after this and I wanted to treasure every second before it became another memory. I pulled out the little card.

A disco diva must always look her best. Go shopping for an outfit as you’ll need it to face your fear of karaoke. I know you loves singing. Remember our second date at the club? Go on, disco diva!

Ps/ I love you.

     “Oohhhh”, Andrew and Summer squealed with excitement, “He’s getting cryptic!”

     I can felt Edward is watching us and the corners of my lips lifted into smile. I began to laugh, “No way! Edward, you bastard! There is absolutely no way I am going through with this!”, whenever I caught my breath. Finally I calm down.

     Each time I held the envelopes in my hand I felt a connection with Edward. The first time I’d opened the first envelope, I’d felt as though Edward were sitting right beside me and smilling at my reactions. Even though we were in two different worlds. But I still could feel him.

     “You have to do it, you know”, Summer said.

     “Do it for me, love”, I can heard Edward whispered to my ears.

     “Uhm… I have to do it for Edward. I mean, yeah, karaoke at the club,” I said quietly.

     “Did someone said about ‘karaoke at the club’?”

     We all turned our head to the back door in the kitchen, and there were stood, Liam and Mary. Oh, great! They heard about everything.

     “Oh, yes Mary. And you know where-?”, Summer said and Mary cut her off, “Yes, sure. The Club Diva at the Hogan’s. I have the club’s number”

     Oh, come one, Diamond.

     “Give it to me”, Summer said.

     Mary check her phone, “36700700”, she said.

     “Woah, it would be fun! I can’t wait to hear you sing!”, Liam said excitedly.

     Oh, Liam. You scared me, cutie.


Harry’s P.O.V

      “Thanks for coming around, Niall and Harry. I really enjoyed the chat”, Joyce said, gratefully hugging us, “I feel a lot better already”

     Joyce, a sweet eighteen girl is Niall’s cousin. Niall woke me up early in the morning and asked me to accompany him to his cousin’s that lived a few miles from Mary’s.

     “You know it’s good to be around people, Joyce. Friends and family can help you”, Niall said.

     “Oh, I realize that now. I just thought I could handle it on my own at first”, she replied.

     “Promise me you’ll call around. Or at least get out of the house once in a while”, Niall said. Caring Niall is caring.

     “Promise Nialler!”, she said, “You’re beginning to sound like my mum”

     “We’re all just looking out for you. Okay, see you soon”, Niall said, kissing her on the cheeks “And eat!”, he added, poking her in the ribs.

      “Alright, Niall”, she said, “And Harry, thank you so much for coming. You’re such a cute guy. I adore you”, and kissed on my cheeks.

      I smiled and grinned, “I am, right?”

      “Oh, Niall. Don’t forget to say my lovely hello to the girl you told me, Diamond. She’s beautiful”, she said waved to us as we pulled away in our car.

      Oh, shit! What was that about? Diamond. I heard she said Diamond’s name. Diamond. She’s beautiful. Yes, Diamond. Did Niall fallen for her too?

      “Mate, can I ask you something?”, I asked as we hopped in to the car.

      “Yeah, sure. What is it?”, he replied. Buckled on seat belt.

      “Diamond”, I said, “You like her, isn’t you?”, I asked. Serious face. My heart started beating like crazy.

       Please say no. Please say no. Please say you just only like her as a friend or a sister. Not more than that. Please say no.

     “You sure you wanna know, Harry?”, he asked.

     I nodded.

     “Let me tell you. I really do like her”, he confess nervously.

     What the….. is going on?

     “I still remembered the feeling on the first time I started talking to her. Staring in her beautiful eyes. In just three seconds, I fell in love. All of sudden”, he continued.

     Love never says sorry, Nialler. I sighed. You wanna know something? We’re in the same boat, Nialler. But I want Diamond. Because I love her. Love first sight. Love never says sorry. I still don’t get the meaning.


Diamond’s P.O.V

      I sat on my bed and open my suitcases. I took out all my clothes and put them in the closet that still have a lot of space even Harry and Louis’ clothes were placed there. Well, they don’t bring a lot of clothes.

     “Uhm hey, let me guess. You’re Diamond, am I right?”

      I turned around. There were two beautiful girls standing at the doorway. I know who they are. Eleanor and Perrie.

     “Yeah, and how do you kn-“, I asked in shocked but Perrie quickly cut me off, “Hi, nice to meet you! I’m Perrie”, she said and give me a big friendly hug and kissed on my cheeks.

     I smiled shyly and said, “Nice to meet you too”

     “Hey, you’re beautiful. Finally, I could meet you!”, Eleanor said happily and do the same thing like Perrie did to me.

     “Thank you. Nice to meet you girls too”, I said, smilling, happily.

     “Oh, there you girls are!”, we all turned our head to the doorway. It was Louis.

     “Well, Diamond. Eleanor will be our guest. She will sleep here with us”, Louis said.

     Eleanor nodded.

      “Really? So, she can sleep with me on the bed. How was it?”, I asked/said.

      “Sure. I would like to!”, she smiled. Louis too. Means that they agreed.

     “Uhm, Lou, can you leave us now? We want to have some girls time, you know”, Perrie said. Grinned on her beautiful face.

     “Oh, yeah sure! See you girls later”, he said, smilling and walked away out of the room.

     “Have you two met my best friends?”, I asked.


Eleanor’s P.O.V

     Oh, this girl was perfect! I love to see her smile. No wonder Harry had fallen for her. She got beautiful eyes.

     “Have you tow met my best friends?”, she asked.

     Perrie nodded. She sat on the bed.

     “Yes. That girl with brown hair. She’s nice and friendly”, I said.

     “Well, what about we have some time at any coffee shop? I’m in mood of coffee”, Perrie asked.

     “Yeah, sure. What about after dinner?”, I suggested.

     Diamond and Perrie nodded.

     “Ask Summer to join us too”, I said, smilling.

     I know we can get close easily because she’s friendly. I would like to have her as my best friend. Yay!



Harry’s P.O.V

     “Okay, everyone, dinner is served”, announced Mary, and we made our way to the dining room.

     “Uhm, Harry. Diamond is still upstairs. Would you mind to call her down?”, Summer said.

     I nodded and ran upstairs. I reluctantly knocked on the door and said, “Diamond, it’s time for dinner!”

     No answer. I knocked on the door for one more time. Still. There’s. No. Answer.

    "Diamond?”, I started to worried. I quickly twist the doorknob and tried to push. It was not locked. So, I decided to step inside. As soon as I was in the middle of the room,  I was shocked to see Diamond climbing cabinet located next to the closet and she seemed to find something on the top of the closet.

     “Diamond, what are you doing?”, I asked.

     She looks shocked with my presence.

     “Oh, Harry. What are-“, she trying to tell me something but could not because she could not balance off her body and about to fall from the cabinet. I immediately ran to get her. She screamed.

     Luckily I got her. Thank God!

     “Uhm”, she slowly opened her beautiful eyes and our eyes against. The distance between our faces were very close indeed. If I move forward a bit, our lips may be touched.

     “I’ve save you”, I chuckled. I can see that she was blushing right now.

     She smiled. And I helped her to stand up again.

     “Uhm… thanks, Harry. I don’t know what will happen if you're not here. Maybe my legs or hands will broken.”, she said, laughing.

     “You are safe now, beautiful. Now, let’s go downstairs. The others were waiting for us. Dinner is served”, I explain.

     She nodded. And we walked downstairs together.


Diamond’s P.O.V

     “Uhm”, I slowly opened my eyes. And I stared into Harry’s eye. Such a beautiful eyes he had. Blue-green eyes. And….. and… I felt something. My heart started beating like crazy. All of sudden. But why? I looked up towards his curly hair. I want to run my fingers in his hair and stroked them as I always do to Edward once.

     I was brought back to reality by Harry's voice again. Oh, wake up Diamond. This is Harry. Not Edward. Your Edward was gone. And would never come back. This is Harry Styles from One Direction. Not Edward.

     “I’ve save you”, he chuckled. I was blushing right now. And he smiled.

     I smiled back. And he helped me to stand up again.

     “Uhm… thanks, Harry. I don’t know what will happen if you're not here. Maybe my legs or hands will broken.”, I said, laughing.

     “You are safe now, beautiful. Now, let’s go downstairs. The others were waiting for us. Dinner is served”, he explained.

     I nodded. And we walked downstairs together.

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