Cupids Fall: Harry

Beautiful Irish, Diamond Brown, 19, struggling with her life after her losts. She then met Harry and the other four lads. Love growing between them. Harry lost her after someone came in his life althought he doesn't love that person as much and he loves Diamond. Dramas start, heart broken into pieces and tears never stop. Guess what, the memories their shared together, never ended. What if love was right there in front of them and they just couldn't see it? *I kept making people crying reading this and watching the trailer* xx


25. The reunion.

Author's Note: Well, starting with this chapter I'll adding few or some new characters in to it. So, please pay attenion. Ok, thank you :-) enjoyed reading! And I've just made a trailer for this movella. So hope you enjoyed :)



Diamond’s P.O.V

It was three o’clock by the time I eventually got out of town and started heading back to Swords. Evil Summer had convinced me to go shopping after all, which resulted in her splashing out on a ridiculous top she was far too old to wear. My funds were running low and without regular income I could sense tense times ahead. I needed to start thinking about getting a job, but I was finding it hard enough to get out of the bed in the morning as it was; another depressing nine-to-five job wasn’t going to loudly. I loved dancing but I don’t want to be a dancer. I loved singing but I don’t want to be a singer. And I loved writing and doing catwalks. Hahaha and I’m looking forward for it. uhm. I sighed loudly. All these things I had to handle by myself. I spent too much time on my own thinking about them. I needed people around me, like today with Summer, as she always took my mind off things. I contemplated heading straight home. I lay on my bed, switching the lamp on and off, I had drawn the curtains of my bedroom in order to test my new merchandise. The bedside lamp had a softening effect on the room, making it appear warmer. How easily this could have ended me and Edward’s nightly arguments, but perhaps neither of us wanted to end them. It had become a routine, something familiar that made us fell closer. How I would give anything to have one of those little arguments now. And I would gladly get out of my cosy bed for him, I would gladly walk on the cold floor for him and I would gladly to bruise myself on the bedpost whilst fumbling in the dark for the bed. But that time was gone. The sound of Fun’s ‘We Are Young’ snapped me back to the present as I realized my iphone 4 was ringing. “Hello?”, I picked up the called. “G’day, Didi, I’m here!”,shrieked a familiar voice. “Oh, my God! Ciara, I didn’t know you were coming here!” “Well, neither did I! Actually, I wasn’t alone. Alex, Tom(Alex’s husband), Max, my mum and dad and our nephew, Charlie were here too and decided to surprise you all” “Wow, I bet my mum and dad were surprised all right” “Well, your dad did drop the towel with fright when he stepped out of the shower”. I covered my face with my hands, “Oh, Ciara! He didn’t!” “No hugs for him when I saw him!”, Ciara laughed. “Oh, yuck yucks, changed the subject. Im having horibble visions”, I laughed. “Okay, well, I was calling to tell you that I was here, at your parents’, obviously and that your mum organising dinner tonight to celebrate” “Celebrate what?”, I asked. “Well, we have something to announce” I raised my eyebrows, “O…K. So who’ll be there?” “The whole family”, she said, laughed. “Sorry I cant make it, Ciara!”, I said, teasing her. “I know, I know, but we haven’t all been together for ages. Sure, when’s the last time you’ve even seen Alex and Max?”, she said. “Oh, good ol’ Dick- he was in flying form at the funeral. Had lots of wise and comforting things to say to me like, ‘Did you not consider donating his brain to medical science?’ Yes, he’s a fantastic cousin ever alright”, I said. “Oh, gosh, Didi, I’m sorry, I forgot about the funeral,”my cousin’s voice changed, “I’m sorry I couldn’t make it” “Ciara, don’t be silly. We all decided it was the best you stay”. I said briskly, “It’s far too expensive to be flying back and forth from Australia so let’s bring it back up, okay?” “Okay”, she replied. And I quickly changed the subject. We talked about everything that had happened especially about our family matters. I groaned. As much as I moaned about my family. I had a great relationships with my cousins, Ciara and Max. Ciara was one year younger than me, Max was only two years older than me, so we have been close when growing up, and Max had always been very protactive of us. Our mother had called us ‘three little elves’ because we were always getting up to mischief around the house, usually aimed at Alex. Ciara was similar to Alex in both looks and personalities. And I considered Alex to be the most normal of their siblings. Alex was five years older than me. It also helped that she got along with his partner of seven years, Tom and when Edward was alive, the four of us often met up for dinner and drinks a year ago before they leave to Australia and when Edward was alive…. God, that didn’t sound right. Ciara was a different kettle of fish altogether. She had various tattoos and piercings on her body as a result of her travles around the world. A tattoo for every country, her dad, Peter used to joke.


Eleanor’s P.O.V

I smiled as I flicked through the pages of magazine I had bought. Today would be a good day. I sat in the kitchen, sipping a cup of tea and read a magazine. What a relaxing day, I thought. “It’s nice to see you’re looking so happy”, Perrie snapped, strolling tartly into the kitchen and throwing another two magazines on the table. “Hey Perrie!”, I called after her. “What?”, she asked coldly. “Did you watch the news on the telly while you were out? The news was really hot! I’m really… woah, is that really happen and I was just wondering”, I said while slowly sipping my tea. “No, I have not! What happened, El?”, Perrie sat opposite me and started sipping her tea. I made a sad face look to her. She raised her eyebrows. “You know, the news was about Harry and Diamond and…. You remember that girl who also came to the studio last week?”, I asked. She quickly nodded, “Yeah, she’s Anna right? What’s up then?” I sighed, “Well the news were about them”, I said. Perrie’s eyes wide opened and she put back her tea on the table, “What?!” “Yes. I really felt sorry for Diamond. Well, you know that Harry had once told her that he loved her but what happened now to him? Is him really dating Anna?” Perrie then quickly shooked her head and started sipping back her tea, “I don’t know. Zayn said that he has changed much since he met Anna. And that why the lads were really pissed off with him now. They didn’t really liked Anna, I thought”, Perrie explained, “Well, don’t ask me. Harry really can do whatever he wanted to but as long as he didn’t hurt Diamond or makes her cried” I nodded, agreed with her. yeah, Diamond is a nice girl. She deserves to be happy. And I’ve missed her and Summer right now. I wanted to call her tonight so she must be awoke because their time was evening there. “El, I had already found and booked a bungalow for us to stay at Venice. A cozy Venice Guest house a block away from trendy Abbot Kinney. It was $500 pernight. So we gonna stay there about a week. I’ve told Zayn about this and he decided with the lads that everyone will pay $350 each”, she explained about the bungalow. I nodded and we both started to discuss about activites we could do there. Liam suggested that we have to hired a tourist guide.


Harry’s P.O.V

I looked around to see if anyone else in the café had noticed me, and I slowly pulled out a chair to sit down beside Anna. Had I said something wrong to her? I told Louis that I went to meet my old friend and I didn’t want to mention Anna’s name. I know my friendship with the lads were quite awkward nowadays. And I knew the reasons why it had happened. I looked at Anna’s face in shock, not knowing what to do or say. I could safely admit that I had never been in this situation. Tears rolled down her face and she tried with all her might to stop them. “Anna, what’s wrong?”, I asked, confused and placed my hand awkwardly on her arm and patted it. Anna continued to shake with tears. The plump lady, dressed in a canary-yellow apron this time, made her way around the counter and placed a box of tissues on the table beside me. “Here you go”, I said, handing Anna a tissue, she wiped her eyes, and blew her nose loudly, and I tried to not laughed. “I’m sorry for crying”, Anna said, embarrassed, avoiding eye contact with me. “Hey,” I said softly, placing my hand more easily on her arm this time, “There’s nothing wrong with crying. It’s my hobby you know these days so don’t knock it” Yeah, crying is my hobby now. Every night I will cry. I’ve missed Diamond. I miss that girl. I wanted to call her, everynight before I went to sleep, but I don’t want to disturb her. I wanted to give her some space. And time, I thought. Anna smiled at me weakly, “Evrything just seems to be falling apart, Harry”, she said sadly, catching a tear with the tissue before it dropped from her chin. “Like what?”, I asked, concerned at her transformation. Anna took a deep breath and gulped back to her tea. I looked up at the woman behind the counter and ordered another pot. “Why don’t you tell me about it?”, I asked. She looked doubtful. “I won’t laugh, I won’t say anything if you don’t want me to. I won’t tell a soul what you tell me, I’ll just listen”, I assured her. She looked away from me and focused on the salt and pepper shakers at the centre of the table and then she spoke quietly, “I’m pregnant, Harry” she what?! My eyes widened. I remained silent and waited for her to say more. After a while Anna looked up to face me. “I’m pregnant your child, Harry Styles”, she said and looked into my eyes. “Oh…”, I didn’t know quite what to say. My hands flew to my mouth. Oh, what now? I had never liked or loved this bitch. I fidgeted with my hands, not knowing where to put them. Should I hug her? “I’m sorry, Harry”, she said miserably, and continued to stare at the salt and pepper shakers. “It wasn’t your fault, Anna. So don’t go telling yourself it was”, I protested strongly. “Wasn’t it?”, she said, her voice beginning to shake. She looked up at me with her red eyes. My mind was blanked that moment. I took a really really deep breath, “I will not leave you. I mean, you’re pregnant my baby. Uhm, I’ll take care of you two”, I said, quietly. Will I? Tears started streaming down on her face again. “I love you, Harry. I really really loves you”, she whispered. I nodded and realized that she meant every word of it. But I can’t make it. I didn’t either liked or loved her. I gently wrapped my arms around her and hugged her. A few people started to stare at us. Anna’s tears finally subsided and she pulled away from me and grabbed another tissue. My heart went out to her; she had told me before that she had always tried so hard to do the right thing and to create a prefect life and family for herself, and I thought it hadn’t worked out as she had planned. She seemed to be in a great deal of shock. I met Anna a few months earlier before I met Diamond. We met a the club. She and I were really really drunk and we bumped into each other on the dance floor. Well, I had invited her to my apartment and you know how we spent the night, we had sex but I used protection. Anna was a cheeky girl and I admitted that she was beautiful but not as much as Diamond was. Diamond was far too beautiful compared to her. She’s different. She’s perfect. And I loved Diamond, not Anna. But that’s the problem. I tried to move on after what did she said to me ‘Let’s just be friends’. I found it really hard to take. And that’s why Zayn, Niall, and Liam barely talked to me now. I just really hate my current life now.

*** After Emma announced that dinner is served, we all made our way to the dining room. There was an awkward moment like at a children's birthday party while everyone scuffled to sit beside their bestfriend. Eventually I was satisfied with my position at the table and settle down with mum on my left at the end of the table and Max to my right then Peter. Alex sat opposite me and wedged in between Tom and Ciara then Emma. Dad got a raw deal, sitting at the head of the table between mum and Tom. Mum brought out the food and its aroma filled the room. I had always loved my mother's cooking. We enjoyed our dinner and yeah Ciara was right. We havent been together for ages. And now its like the old times. Ciara and Max shared their adventures in Australia and then I asked her for her new tattoo and she said that she got a tattoo before they went here. She stood up and pulled down her trousers, revealing a butterfly on her behind. Mum, Emma and Alex had protested in outrage while the others sat in convulsions of laughter. Finally Ciara had apologised and Alex had removed her hands from Tom's eyes, the table settle down. After that, Alex started began her announcement. She said that she had started a fashion line and has opened a boutique for them. And she get to fly to Korea and Paris to present her new designs in a fashion show. And the most shocked announcement was she asked me to be one of her model to wear and present her designs. I am looking forward this. I quickly accepted the request and they all were happy for me to accept the job. We all finished our dinner and while we're on dinner they also kept asking me bunch if questions about me dating Harry. Well, I sighed for the first moment then took a deep breath. I told them about everything that had happened and said that me and Harry we were just friends. And after that, my mind kept thinking about Harry. What was that all? I am really not going to fall for him. I loved Edward and I will always love him.
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