Cupids Fall: Harry

Beautiful Irish, Diamond Brown, 19, struggling with her life after her losts. She then met Harry and the other four lads. Love growing between them. Harry lost her after someone came in his life althought he doesn't love that person as much and he loves Diamond. Dramas start, heart broken into pieces and tears never stop. Guess what, the memories their shared together, never ended. What if love was right there in front of them and they just couldn't see it? *I kept making people crying reading this and watching the trailer* xx


18. The curly brunette girl.


Diamond’s P.O.V

     I woke up the next morning with a headache. I look at my right, Eleanor was still sleeping. I took my phone and look at the clock, it was 8 am. I peered under the bed, looked Louis and Harry was still sleeping on the air mattress. I stare at Harry who was still sleeping, he reminds me a lot of Edward, the guy I greatly miss. Suddenly a smile etched on my lips. I feel calm and safe when he is with me. I'm trying to remember what happened yesterday. When we were on the way home, I fell asleep. Maybe Harry lifted me into the house. And that's why I'm here now.

     I decided to go through my twitter after a long time I did not open it. I was really surprised when my followers had reached almost 30k and there is more than 1k mention that in for me. I just scroll down and read where I could go. Most of their tweets asking about my relationship with Harry, do I have any feelings for Harry, there is also a praise and there are people who tweet bad things about me. Why they are so dangerous? I scroll down and keep on scroll down until I saw one tweet from Harry and the other boys and girls;


@Harry_Styles: Thank you @Diamond_Dcruz for such a great night, you know. A night to remember ;) .x

@PerrieLittleMix Having good times with @EleanorJCalder @Diamond_Dcruz and @Summer_Rebecca94 xx

@EleanorJCalder: She is so adorable and beautiful. Meet my new friends, @Summer_Rebecca94 and @Diamond_Dcruz with @PerrieLittleMix xx *with a picture of us*

@Harry_Style: Isn’t @Diamond_Dcruz lovely? ;) xx

@NiallOfficial: Go follow @Diamond_Dcruz she’s beautiful, I don’t bit ;) x

@Real_Liam_Payne: What a relaxing summer with @Its_Andrew @Summer_Rebecca94 @Diamond_Dcruz @EleanorJCalder @PerrieLittleMix , Mary and the boys! :)

@Louis_Tomlinson: @Diamond_Dcruz such a really nice and friendly. I glad I met her!

@Summer_Rebecca94: @Harry_Styles was dare by @Louis_Tomlinson to kiss anyone in this room for a minute :O @Diamond_Dcruz x

@Its_Andrew: Oh, she is kissing him back! @Diamond_Dcruz

@Summer_Rebecca94: Having such a great time with them @Harry_Styles @Louis_Tomlinson @Diamond_Dcruz @Its_Andrew and credits to Mary .xx *with picture of us at Starbucks café two days ago*

     Eleanor, Perrie and the boys, they all follow me back too. Hahaha I smiled. I put my phone on the table that was next to the bed and slowly got up, did not want anyone to be awake. I reached out my towel and went into the bathroom. After I finished shower, I put on a summer dress patterned small flowers that are not too short and not too long, it was on my knees. I dry my hair and comb it. Then, I tie my hair in the form of ponytail.

     I immediately came down and headed for the kitchen. Mary was having breakfast with Liam and Niall. I came and gave three of them morning kisses on the cheeks. Niall and Liam also did not forget to make the same thing. They gave a morning kiss on my cheeks too. I smiled, blushing and sat next to Liam. Mary sat opposite me and Niall sat next to her.

     “Diamond, you should try the breakfast that I made”, Niall said, “Blueberry Banana Yogurt Brunch”

      I smiled, “It looks delicious. But I'm not hungry. I just want a cup of tea for breakfast”

     There was a little disappointed that arise on Niall’s face. I sighed and said, “Well, what if you fed me? But only one spoon”

     Niall smiled and nodded. He then fed me eat the Blueberry Banana Yogurt Brunch that he made.

     “Hey, you have to eat my fed too”, Liam said then. He fed the food in my mouth and smiled.

     “I'm jealous. There are two men who fed Diamond for breakfast. I’m no one”, Mary said and make a sad expression.

     Liam, Niall and me laughed. And Niall quickly fed Mary too.

     “Yummy! I love it”, Mary said, wink at us.

     “Good morning, everyone”, Summer and Andrew came. Summer sat next to me while Andrew sat next to Mary.

     “You should try Niall’s hand cooked. It was delicious”, I said, smiling.

     “Really? Woah, you’re goot at cooking too besides singing”, Summer said and grabbed a bowl of blueberry banana  yogurt brunch.

     “This is….. heaven”, she said while chewing the food.

     “Ha-ha! I’m just good at making breakfast”, Niall said, blushing.

     “Yeah. But Harry is really good at making breakfast and lunch. You should try his hand cook too, Diamond”, Liam explained, smile at me.

     “Haaa! I hope so”, I said while sipping my tea.

     “So, babe. Tell me something about last night”, Summer asked.

     And all eyes are on me, including Mary, who was busy reading magazines but now she closed it and looked at me. Oh, god….

     “Well, a fun night. A happy night. Me and Harry eating ice cream. Sitting on a bench near a fountain. Tell about what we like and what we don't. Tell about ourselves. Until we get know there-”, I said. Summer cut me off.

     “There were paparazzi?”, she asked.

     I was surprised. How did she know?

     “Uhm, we saw your pictures with Harry last night on twitter. Rumours about you two are dating”, Andrew said.

     “What?!”, my eyes opened wide.

     “Yes. I did too”, Liam said.

     “Me three”, Niall said.

     “Picture you two are talking and eating ice cream sitting on the bench as you say. They are saying that you are Harry’s new girl friend. You two are dating”, Summer explained.

     I decided, after this I need to stay away from Harry to close the case because I don’t want his good name contaminated because of me. I want Harry Styles to be happy. So, I should stay away from him.



     I'm sitting on a soft sofa located in the backyard. I drew a deep breath and exhale slowly. I dialled the Hogan's Club Diva number and a man answered. I couldn’t think of anything to say and quickly hung up again.

     Oh, come one, Diamond. It’s not really that difficult. Just say a friend is interested in singing. That’s all. Hahaha!

     I braced myself and pressed redial.

     The same voice answered, "Club Diva".

     “Hi, I was wondering if you do karaoke nights there?”

     “Yes, we do. They are on a…”, I heard him leafing through some pages, “Yeah, sorry, they’re on a Thursday”


     “No, sorry, sorry, hold on…”, he leafed through some pages again, “No, they’re on a Tuesday night”

     “Are you sure?”

     “Yes, they are definitely on a Tuesday”

     “Okay, uhm, well, I was wondering if, uhm….”, I took a deep breath and begin the sentence again, “My friend might be interested in singing and she was wondering what she would have to do?”

     There was a long pause on the other hand.

     “Hello?” Was this person stupid?, “Yeah, sorry, I don’t actually organize the karaoke nights so….”

     “Okay”, I was losing my temper. It had taken a lot to summon up the courage to actually make the call and some underqualified unhelpful little twit wasn’t going to ruin it for me. “Well, is there anyone there who might have a clue?”

     “Eh, no, there isn’t. the club isn’t actually open yet. It’s very early in the morning still”, came the sarcastic response.

     “Well, thank you very much. You’ve been a terrific help”, I matched his sarcasm.

     “Excuse me, if you can just bear with me for a moment. I’ll try and find out for you”, I was put on hold and was forced to listen to ‘Greensleeves’ for the next five minutes.

     “Hello? Are you still there?”

     “Barely”, I said, angrily.

     “Okay, I’m very sorry about the delay but I just made a phone call there. What’s your friend name?”

     I froze, I hadn’t planned on this. Well, maybe I could just give my name and then get ‘my friend’ to call back and cancel if I changed my mind.

     “Uhm her name is Diamond Brown”

     “Okay, well, it’s actually a karaoke competition on Tuesday nights. It goes on for a month and every week two people out of ten are chosen till the last week of the month, where the six people sing again in the final”

     I gulped and felt butterflies in my tummy, I didn’t want to do this.

     “But unfortunately, I don’t want to enter the competition. I just…. I just want to karaoke. That’s all”, I said.

     “Sure, why not. You can karaoke at our club. Oh, by the way, who am I speaking to?”

     “Uhm, Summer. You’re speaking to Summer”, I said.

     “Okay, Summer, well, I have your number on caller ID so I’ll call you if anyone backs out”

     “Uhm, okay thanks a lot”

     And he hung up. I leaped into the couch as I felt my face burn with embarrassment, cursing myself for being such a bimbo.


A few hours later...

Diamond's P.O.V


     We are all ready and want to go to a shopping mall. We went with two cars. Eleanor, Perrie, Zayn and Niall ride of a car driven by Louis. While Liam, Summer, Andrew and I board another car driven by Harry. Before Harry started driving, Liam manage to said, “Harry was the worst driver!” and we all laughed.

     Upon arrival, we all buy our needs. I need new clothes to wear for karaoke. So, I've decided to buy a black leather jacket, a plain white singlet top and a black legging. Louis bought Eleanor a beautiful ring shaped peacock for her.

      After that, we found a photo booth when we're down the stairs. Summer quickly pulled Andrew to get into the photo booth and they started taking pictures. A few minutes later they both go out and take pictures of them. I also see pictures of them and smiled to myself. I used to ever do this with Edward. After that, Perrie and Zayn entered. After they both finished, Louis and Eleanor entered as well.

     “Hey, you want too? How about, well you know, you and I.. in there too. Taking pictures?”, Harry admonished me.

     I slowly nodded. And I can see that he was smiled.

     “Let’s go”, Harry said as Louis and Eleanor have been out of the photo booth. I nodded and we walked in to there together.

     I feel awkward being in the booth but Harry tried his best to make me feel comfortable. I can see it. First snap; me and Harry just smiled. in front of the camera, but we are very closed. Second snap it’s candid because; Harry put his hand on my shoulder and I immediately looked up at him. Perhaps because of shock. Third snap; We both hugged each other and say ‘Cheeseeeee’! Fourth snap; Liam and Niall join us. They both quietly entered. And when the picture will be captured, Liam standing next to me while Niall standing next to Harry. Fifth snap; four of us smiled while hugging each other. And the last snap; Niall hugged me while Liam and Harry make a sad-face-look like (we can’t hugged Diamond because of Niall) Hahaha.

     After that, we all plan to eat lunch at Nando's. But, Perrie, Eleanor, Summer and I have to wait at the door of the restaurant because the boys were raided by their fans. When everything is completed, we wanted to enter the restaurant but Liam suddenly hit a curly brunette girl.


Liam’s P.O.V

     After that, we all plan to eat lunch at Nando's. But then, the girls have to wait at the door of the restaurant because we were raided by our fans. When everything is completed, we wanted to enter the restaurant but suddenly I hit a curly brunette girl. I looked at the girl. She has beautiful eyes. And I was like don’t want to stop staring at those eyes.

     “Someone has fallen in love”, Louis said while the others clearing their throats.

     “Uhm, I’m sorry. You first”, I said and held the door open for her. She nodded and said, “Thank you. I really like your jacket” and smiled as she entered the restaurant. She got really curly hair and beautiful eyes.

     I sat the end of the table and Harry to my right then Diamond. Summer between Andrew and Niall. Perrie sat opposite me then Zayn and Eleanor. Louis sat at the head of the table between me and Eleanor. After the waitress took our order, I told Harry about the girl that I violated a while ago that I thought she was really hot, so Harry suddenly got up from his seat and walked towards the table where the girl sat with some of her friends.

     “Liam thinks the girl with curly hair is really hot. You know, it’s you what he mean”, Harry said.

     I had no choice but got up from my seat too and walked towards them. I looked at her. She smiled. She and I had no choice but to talk…. and it was really awkward, you know. I gave her my jacket and got her BBM. And that was it.

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