Cupids Fall: Harry

Beautiful Irish, Diamond Brown, 19, struggling with her life after her losts. She then met Harry and the other four lads. Love growing between them. Harry lost her after someone came in his life althought he doesn't love that person as much and he loves Diamond. Dramas start, heart broken into pieces and tears never stop. Guess what, the memories their shared together, never ended. What if love was right there in front of them and they just couldn't see it? *I kept making people crying reading this and watching the trailer* xx


26. Tears on birthday.


Louis’s P.O.V

Diamond’s birthday was a week away from now. I decided to talk with the lads and discussed about Diamond’s birthday present. Yeah, we might just only known her within a two months but she was already being a special and very very very important person for us the lads and the girls. Liam suggested to have a discussion with Paul for some free ticket for the live tour that will be held on the same day as Diamond’s birthday. Paul then agreed after Zayn let him know that it was for Diamond because he already loved Diamond like her daughter. He gave us four tickets for the live tour concert. Niall suggested to sing the happy birthday song at the middle of the concert and we were all agreed. I rang Andrew and let him know about this. He was happy and glad to know that. Then, Harry came in. Zayn and Niall saw him but then they quickly walked out of the room. “Wait, you guys can’t go anywhere. We need to talk”, Harry said, begging. Zayn sighed and slowly turned away and sat next to Liam. Niall was just turned and stood there near the doorway. I looked up at Harry’s face, wow I told ya he looked so miserable. Aww, pity my Hazza. “Guys, first of all, I am really sorry if what I’ve done really makes you guys pissed off. You guys just don’t understand”, he began. Zayn laughed sarcastically, “We don’t understand you said? What the hell was you trying to tell us?!”, Zayn yelled. Harry remained calm. I shooked my head and said softly to Zayn, “Mate, let him finish first before you started to yell”. Liam nodded. Niall just stood there in silence, watching us. Zayn sighed again and looked away. “Well, Harry, so tell us what is your problem? You looked miserable, mate”, Liam said, I nodded. So, Liam felt it too! Harry took a deep breath, “Anna is pregnant my child”, he said quietly. We all shocked and our eyes widened. I put my hand over my mouth. What the hell is going on? Niall shooked his head and he turned to the doorway and walked out. Liam put his head in his hands. While Zayn…. Harry just said that Anna is pregnant his baby. And what the hell was going on? He really wanted to die at this age. Zayn stood and went to punch him but then I held him. “What the hell was you just saying? Are you crazy? You really don’t deserves Diamond! You bitch!”, Zayn started yell to Harry. He was really really mad. I could see it in his eyes. Harry’s eyes started filled up with tears. Liam stood and help me to calm Zayn down. “I was moving on, Zayn. The day after Diamond said that we were better friends, I can’t accept it. So, I took my mom’s advice that I should tried to move on. I thought it was easier for me to move on and forgot all about her, but it’s really harder and hurt me. You just didn’t understand that feeling until you felt it. I still loved Diamond. Forever and always”, Harry explained. Zayn looked up to face him, “How dare you said that you still loved her when you has fucked other girl and made her pregnant and you still could said that you loved Diamond?! What the hell are you talking about?!”, Zayn replied, shouted at him again and again until the door swung opened. It was Paul. “What is going on?”, he asked. Liam and I let go of Zayn. He started to calm down while Harry started to cry. I really felt so bad for him. I mean, come one, it shouldn’t be happened if Harry didn’t went to the club and got drunk.


Niall’s P.O.V

After Harry said that Anna was pregnant his baby, I felt like I had lost my Harry. I mean, he changed too much after we’re back to London. I don’t want to know the reasons and why it can be happened. I couldn’t stand anymore. I quickly turned and walked out of the room. I decided to go to somewhere that was peaceful to clean my mind. I needed a walk for a while. I bumped in to Paul and he looked at me worriedly, his frown and asked, “Are you okay, Niall? Where are you going?” I fake a smile, “Well I’m going for some air to clean my mind. I’ll be back”, I replied and he nodded. Then, I heard Zayn started yelling to Harry. I sighed and walked away. Paul went to check them. I walked to the town passed the cafés and shops. There were bunch of girls asking me for photos and autograph. I quickly do it and then started to walk again. I stopped in front of a bookshop when my eyes were dropped on to a magazine. There was Diamond’s picture on the cover that title ‘Diamond didn’t dating Harry anymore’. I raised my eyebrows. I flicked through the pages and went to her site. There was a picture of her smiling while sipping a coffee from starbucks, I thought. I quickly read the content, ‘Diamond and Harry’s relationship broke up into pieces when Anna Conway came into their relationship. Harry now completely moved on and he was dating her now while Diamond, she was now with her family at Dublin and we were all wasn’t sure if she also had move on or not but probably she’s not. According to a girl who was a huge fan of One Direction, she has met Diamond with her friend and she asked her for pictures. That girl said Diamond was such a nice and beautiful girl that she had give her kisses on the cheeks and an amazing hug’, I smiled when I looked at  the picture of Diamond hugging and kissing a little girl. That little girl was right, Diamond is such a nice and beautiful girl. She got that one thing. She’s perfect. Then I lost my smile when I saw the picture of Diamond and Harry but there a symbol of slash something like that between them, meaning of they’re broke up even they didn’t dating in the reality. These all was just rumours. I sighed and went to continue my walk. Then, I stopped at the Starbucks café to have some coffee and cheesecake. I’m hungry!


Diamond’s P.O.V

A few days later….

Tomorrow is my birthday. I’m kinda excited but then I was so sad that I have to celebrate my birthday without Edward. Summer came to my house in the afternoon and she brings some food for our lunch. After that she asked me either I’ve done packing my things or not. Well, Andrew told me yesterday that Louis sent us tickets for their live tour concert at London. He said there were four tickets and he asked me to decide who another one person I want to bring along. And I quickly asked Ciara for joining us and she was glad and really excited for that. So, our flight will be in the midnight. After Summer and I had finished our lunch, Alex drove Ciara to my house and she left to go to the shopping mall with Tom while Charlie at my parents’. Ciara had her lunch then after an hour, Liam called me asked about the flight. He said that someone will pick us up at the Heathrow airport as they went for the rehearsal. After that, I hung up and Summer, Ciara and I went to get ready as Andrew rang Summer that he was on his way to pick us up. We will be staying at London for just three days at Harry’s. I went with one small bag while Ciara with a quite big luggage. “Are you staying there like forever, Ciara?”, Summer asked sarcastically. I laughed. We all sat on the couch while waiting for Andrew. A few minutes later, Andrew showed up. He was with James, his brother. We all get in to the car and James drove us to the airport.


Zayn’s P.O.V

We felt a little bit tired for sure for the whole day just having rehearsal at the arena. Liam told me that he wanted to tell Paul about Diamond and the other’s arriving at the airport this morning. “Well, then I’ll tell Paul to have the van for them”, Liam said. I nodded and sat on a chair. It was getting late now. After the rehearsal finised, I didn’t seen Harry and I didn’t even want to know where he was gone. “Okay, I’ll be go home first waiting for you guys. I was really tired”, Louis said as he grabbed his bag. “Lou will drove me to Harry’s”, he continued. Niall and me nodded. Then, he walked out of the rest room. “What do you have for Diamond’s present?”, Niall asked. I frowned, “Uhm, a bracelet. Perrie bought it at Manchester. She asked me to give it to Diamond as she and El cannot come along to celebrate her birthday”, I explained. Niall nodded. “I didn’t buy anything for her. But I decided to take her for a dinner”, he said. I nodded, “Where would it be, mate?”, I asked. “Well, I’m not sure about that yet. Do you have any idea?”, he replied. I started to think, “Uhm, how about the Italian restaurant at the town?”, I suggested. He raised his eyebrows and nodded, “Well, that’s good idea. I’ll booked it for us”, he said and started to pull out his phone from the pocket. I frowned, “What do you mean by us?” “Well, I just wanted Diamond to feel comfortable on her birthday so I decided that we all will go for dinner. I mean, you, Lou, Liam, Harry, Andrew, Summer and Diamond’s cousin”, he explained. I nodded as Liam entered back to the room. He said that Paul told someone will take it for them. “So, Liam, what you have for Diamond?”, Niall asked. Liam went to sat next to me while holding a bottle of water. “Well, I bought her a handbag. From Gucci, I mean a purse”, he said, smiling. Niall’s eyes widened. “Woah, I haven’t thinking to give her that. Oh, gosh! I am teribble”, Niall started mumbled. I laughed. Liam did too as we know Niall had never bought something for a girl. I mean he really didn’t buy present for girl, so I wasn’t shocked when he said like that as I know that he loved Diamond.


Diamond’s P.O.V

I woke up after an hour our flight was boarding. I looked beside me, Summer and Andrew was sleeping on my right and turned to my left, Ciara did too. The situation in the flight were silence and peaceful as many of the passengers has gone to sleep. I looked at my watch, it was already 2 in the morning. It means it was already my birthday. And I already turned to 19. Oh, I wish I’m not that old. I happily went to take Edward’s letter in my purse. I played my fingers rubbing the envelope and smiled. I slowly opened the envelope and take out the letter. I took a deep breath and started to read.

To my dear lovely Diamond, I wished you a very happy birthday for you, love. While you’re reading this, I might wasn’t there anymore beside you. So, today you’re turning to nineteen now girl. I hope you’re having a wonderful birthday. I love you, Diamond and I know you love me too. You don’t need my belongings to remember me by, you don’t need to keep them as proof that I existed or still exist in your mind. You don’t need to wear my sweater to feel me around you; I’m already here… always wrapping my arms around you.

I smiled as tears starting to fall down to my cheeks. I read and reread Edward’s letter over and over again, analyzing each word and each sentence. And each day coming up with a new meaning. I looked down at my body. I was wearing Edward’s sweater and leggings. I smiled. Deep down, I knew it was normal to feel like this. I didn’t particularly think I was losing my mind. I knew that people said one day I would be happy again and that this feeling would just be a distant memory. It was getting to that feeling that was the hard part.



We arrived at the Heathrow airport at 10 in the morning after a long flight journey. We went for breakfast at Starbucks. And the driver named John, drove us at Harry’s at 11am. Louis left a note on the coffee table said that there were two rooms left and we can have them. So, Summer and Andrew in one room whilst me and Ciara in another room next to Harry’s room, I thought because all the door were wide opened so we can see everything in there. All the boys’ rooms was really messed especially Harry. I knew it that it was his room next to us because there were a huge frame with a photo of his family; His mum, Anne, Gemma and him. I went to shower while Ciara was resting on the bed. I put on some sweatshirt and short. Ciara was sleeping. So I went to the living room and decided to watch movie. Summer and Andrew were still in their room. I have no idea what they were doing right now. Sleeping, maybe, I thought. After a few minutes, I was watching the telly but then I heard the front door swung opened and there a girl walked in to the house. I frowned and have no idea who is she. I was shocked after she turned and walked towards me. I recognize her face. She was Anna. The girl I saw on the news. She raised his eyebrows, “What are you doing here?”, she asked. “Well, my friends and I were invited to the concert so we’ll be staying here for three days”, I said, looked up to face her. uhm, she wasn’t really beautiful. “Listen, don’t you ever messed up with my boyfriend. Or, you’ll facing me, bitch”, she said seriously. I frowned and was about to say something but someone has cut me off, “You don’t have any right to say like that to her. You’re the real bitch”. We both shocked and turned to the front door. It was Zayn. Wait, what was he doing here? He should be at the arena for some rehearsal. He shouldn’t be here. “Zayn, what are you doing here?”, I asked. Anna turned away and quickly walked in to Harry’s room and slammed the door. I stood. He walked towards me and went to give me a huge hug and kissed on my cheeks. “I forgot to bring my earphone. I really need it”, he said and went to his room. I stood there waiting for Zayn to come back. “Well, Paul has waited for me in the car, I should go now. See you later at the concert”, he said and winked at me, he was about to closed the front door and I turned to the couch back and went to sit but paused when Zayn called my name, I quickly turned around. “Happy birthday, Diamond”, he yelled, smiling. I nodded and said thank you and he closed the door.


Anna’s P.O.V

Oh shit! Zayn heard me. Oh, no! I walked back and forth in the middle of the room. Then, I have an idea. I quickly took my phone out and started to text Harry. I texted him that Diamond was being so slut to me and Zayn was about to punch me. I smiled after I sent the text. A few minutes later, my phone beep. It was Harry, he replied that he was really shocked that they treating me like that and he will talk to Diamond and Zayn. My smile became more huge. After that, I went to shower. My problem solved when Harry said that he wouldn’t leave me and the baby. He was so stupid. He really used the protection and for sure it was not his baby the truth. It was Mike’s. I had sex with him a week before I met Harry. And Mike didn’t used the protection. I was about to kill myself when I found out that I was pregnant. And Mike doesn’t want this baby. So, I have an idea. I used Harry for this. Ruby was mad at me as I told her about my plan. But I don’t care, as long as I’m still with Harry. I will be a famous girl too. I used him for the fame. I didn’t love him. I put on my robe and started doing my make up. I have to be there too tonight. I’ll not let them happy without me.

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