Cupids Fall: Harry

Beautiful Irish, Diamond Brown, 19, struggling with her life after her losts. She then met Harry and the other four lads. Love growing between them. Harry lost her after someone came in his life althought he doesn't love that person as much and he loves Diamond. Dramas start, heart broken into pieces and tears never stop. Guess what, the memories their shared together, never ended. What if love was right there in front of them and they just couldn't see it? *I kept making people crying reading this and watching the trailer* xx


13. Pity my Hazza.


Diamond’s amond'P.O.V

     I felt almost human when I came back downstairs. I was dressed in a blue shorts and a baby-white T-shirt and allowed my long blonde hair to fall down on my shoulders. All the windows downstairs were wide open and the pool breeze rushed through my head. It felt as though it was eliminating all my bad thoughts and fears. I snapped out of my trance and gasped as I looked around the house.

     “Mary. I can’t believe you did all this. I mean you had tidied and polished, vacuumed and plumped, washed and sprayed air freshener in every room. The counters were gleaming, the chrome taps and draining board sparkling. Your house….. perfect!”, I said, smilling.

     Mary laughed before she giving me a hug.

     “Thank you, sweetie. Okay, so I just bought some vegetables and fruit, there’s cheese and yogurts in there, and milk, of course. Oh, and there’s a few microwave dinners in the freezer”, she said.

     “Uhm, I’m not hungry”, I replied.

     “But the looks of you it’ll last you the year, Diamond. How much weight have you lost?”, Summer interrupts.

     I looked down at my body. My shorts was sagging at the bum and the waist tie was pulled to its tightest, yet still dropped to my hips. I hadn’t notice the weight loss at all. I was brought back to reality by Summer’s voice again, “There’s a few biscuits there to go with your tea. Jammie Dodgers, your favourite”

     That did it. This was all too much for me. The jammie dodgers were the icing on the cake. I felt the tears run down my face.

     “Oh, Summer”, I wailed, “Thank you so much. You’ve been so good to me and I’ve been such a horrible, horrible bitch of a friend”

     I sat on the couch and grabbed Summer’s hand, “I don’t know what I’d do without you”, Summer sat next to me in silence, allowing me to continue.

     I hate it when I started to cry in front of someone. This is what I had been dreading, breaking down in front of people at every possible occasion. But I didn’t feel embarrassed. Summer was just patiently sipping her tea and holding my hand like it was normal. Eventually the tears stopped falling.

     “Thanks”, I said.

     “I’m your best friend, Diamond. If I don’t help you then who will?”, Summer said, squeezing my hand and giving me an encourage smile.

     “Suppose I should be helping myself”, I said.

     “Pah!”, Summer spat, waving her hand dismissively, “Whenever you’re ready. Don’t mind all those people who say that you should be back to normal in a month. Grieving is all part of helping yourself, anyways”

     She always said the right things.

     “Yeah, well, I’ve been doing a lot of that. I’m all grieved out”

     “You can’t be!”, said Summer, mock disgusted, “And only a month after your boyfriend is cold in his grave”

     “Oh, stop! There’ll be plenty of that from people, though, won’t there?”

     “Probably, but screw them. There are worse sins in the world than learning to be happy again.


     “Promise me you’ll eat”, she asked, smilling.

     I sighed and said, “Uhm…. Promise”




     I sat at the kitchen table nervously drumming my fingers on the wood. I gulped back my third cup of tea and uncrossed my legs. I tapped my feet under the table with no particular rhythm, and then crossed my legs again. It was 11:30 still in the morning. I had the envelope on the table in front of me, Summer and  Andrew. Louis and Zayn were gone out to the airport to pick Eleanor and Perrie, Niall and Harry were gone out to somewhere and Liam  is helping Mary cleaning the pool at the backyard.

     “Woah”, was all Summer and Andrew could say as the three of us sat around the kitchen table in silence.

     I told them about Edward’s letters. Conversation between us had been minimal for the last few minutes as we all tried to decide how we felt. It had gone something like this;

     “But how he manage to….?”

     “But how didn’t we notice him… well…? God”

     “When do you think he….? Well, I suppose he was on his own sometimes”

     Summer and I just sat looking at each other while Andrew stuttered and stammed his way through trying to figure out just when, where and how his terminally ill best friend had manage to carry out this idea all alone without anyone finding out.

     Well, Edward is Andrew’s best friend. Me is Summer’s best friend. So, when Summer and Andrew have become couples, Summer had invited me to join her and Andrew at starbucks cafe. And I don’t  know about their plans to consolidate me with Edward. And from that is where we met. In a starbucks café. We are constantly keep  in touch, until one fine and lovely day, he expressed his feelings to me and I was approached to be his girl friend. And every time when we hang out together, Summer with Andrew while I was with Edward.

     “Woah”, he eventually repeated after coming to the conclusion that Edward had done just that. He had carried it out alone.

     “I know”, I agreed, “So, the two of you had absolutely no idea then?”

     “Well, I don’t know about you, Diamond, but it’s pretty clear to me that Andrew was the mastermind behind all of this”, Summer said sarcastically.

     “Ha-ha!”, Andrew replied drily, “He kept his word, anyways, didn’t he?”, Andrew looked to  both of us with a smile on his face.

    “Yeah, he sure did”, I said quietly. Yes I still remembered on the night we had a little fight about who’s going to switch off the light. He said ‘Fat chance of that happening, my dear. I'll have to leave a message on the light switch for you before I go, just so you'll remember’. Yes, he really kept his word. Oh, I miss him so bad. I need him right now.

     “Are you okay, Diamond? I mean, how do you feel about all this? It must be…. Weird”, asked Summer again, clearly concerned.

      “Uhm… I feel fine. I feel safe. I feel strong”, I was thoughtfull, “Actually, I think it’s the best thing that could have happened right now! It’s funny, though, how amazed we all are, considering how much we went on about this letters, you know. I mean, I should have been expecting it”, I said.

     “Yeah, but we never expected any of us to ever do it!”, Andrew said.

     “But why not?”, I questioned, “This was the whole reason for it in the first place! To be able to help your loved ones after you go!”

     “I think Edward was the only one who took it really seriously”

     “Summer, Edward is the only one of us who is gone. Who knows how seriously anyone else would  have taken  it?”

     There was a silence.

     “Well, let’s study this more closely then”, perked up Andrew, suddenly starting to enjoy himself, “There’s how many envelopes?”

     “Uhm, there’s five”, counted Summer, joining in with the spirit of their new task.

      “Okay. So what dated are there?”. Andrew asked.

     I sorted through the pile.

      “There’s on 3rd April, which is one I’ve already opened, 15th April, 13th May, 20th June and 20th December”

     “So there’s a message for every date left in the year”, Summer said quietly.


Louis’ P.O.V

     I watched as the airport got smaller and smaller in my mirror until it disappeared when I reached the end of the mile-long  road.

     “So, tell me something about them”, Perrie said.

     “Well, what do you want to know, babe?”, Zayn asked.

     Eleanor  sat next to me on the passanger seat while Zayn and Perrie at the back.

      “Anything. Yesterday, I saw Harry retweeted a picture of you  guys at Starbucks café on his twitter. So, tell me about them”, said Eleanor.

     “Well, you know how Andrew looks like. His girl friend, Summer. And their best friend, Diamond”, I explained.

     “Which one is Diamond? Is it the girl  who sat next to Harry in the picture?”, Perrie asked.

     Zayn nodded and replied, “Yes. The one had blonde hair”

     “She’s pretty”, Eleanor said, smilling.

     “Yeah and Harry likes her, you know”, I said with a grinned on my face.

      Zayn put a hand on his mouth.

     “How do you know that, mate?”, he asked.

     “Oh, come on, mate! Can’t you see the way he looked  at her. The way he talked to her. I know he is now falling for Diamond. I know my Hazza well, don’t you?”, I explained.

     “Woah, I can’t wait to meet her then!”, Perrie said.

     “Me too!”, Eleanor replied.

     There’s a silence.

     “Hey, tonight you can sleep with me”, Zayn said quietly to Perrie. But I still could heard them.

     “Of course, babe”, Perrie replied and they started kissing on the lips. Passionately.

     “Babe, wouldn’t you mind sleep with me tonight? Well, but what I mean by is, there’s another two persons in the room where we’re sleeping at. There’s no more spare room at my aunt’s.  Really sorry for that”, I explained.

     “No. don’t say sorry, darling. I’ll be fine with it”, she said and slowly rubbed my cheek softly, “Who they were?”

      I smiled and answered her question, “Harry and Diamond”

     “Harry and Diamond are sharing room with us? Woah, unbelievable! Harry had  sleep with her?”, she replied.

     “No, I don’t think so, babe. Because she seems don’t like Harry back. She had someone special already. I saw someone’s name on her twitter’s bio”, I said.

      I decided to go through my twitter in the morning before me and Zayn leave to airport. And followed Summer and Diamond back. When I opened up her twitter’s profile, I saw someone’s name on her bio; I’ll always love you, Edward. Then, I go through to see her photos. There are about seven to ten (I guess so) pictures of her with someone that reminds me a lot of Harry. That boy had brown curly hair just like Harry.  He had strapping body just like Harry. What differentiates them  is Harry have dimple on both cheeks while that boy  didn’t have any. Hahaha I told you, my Hazza is the most sexy boy in the world.

     “Uhm , I see. That’s hurt, you know. I’d already know bout it, mate. Liam and Nialler told me yesterday. After all of us went in to our spare room, Liam opened his laptop and go through his twitter”, Zayn explained.

     “Pity my Hazza”, I said, sadly.

     “Well, that’s life. Sometimes we have to fight for what we love and care about, but sometimes we have to find the strength to let it go”, Eleanor said, smilling.

     Yes, what my love said was right. Sometimes we have to fight for what we love and care about, but sometimes we have to find the strength to let it go. We meet people for a reason. Either they’re blessing or a lesson. That’s life.x

     But, I don’t know why or when or where these feelings that; One fine day, Diamond will fall in love with Harry too, they’ll be madly in love, they’ll be happily ever after come. But who knows? What ifs?

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