Cupids Fall: Harry

Beautiful Irish, Diamond Brown, 19, struggling with her life after her losts. She then met Harry and the other four lads. Love growing between them. Harry lost her after someone came in his life althought he doesn't love that person as much and he loves Diamond. Dramas start, heart broken into pieces and tears never stop. Guess what, the memories their shared together, never ended. What if love was right there in front of them and they just couldn't see it? *I kept making people crying reading this and watching the trailer* xx


23. Let's just be friends.

Diamond’s P.O.V

     I started to pack all my things up. We’re going home to Dublin tomorrow  and our flight will be at 12 in the afternoon. Eleanor and Perrie will fly back to their home too but we weren’t be in the same flight. I had so much fun spent this lovely summer with the boys and the girls. I’m really glad to know about them.

     Zayn always chilled all the time, he loves the mirror, he’s a secret bad boy, he’s the Mary Poppins of the group, he is a loyal and faithful boyfriend, his perfect girl can’t be too clingy and someone who acts cool, like Perrie, she such a lovely girl. Niall was being cute all the time, he always made me laughed everytime he said “I’m hungry”, he had told be before that he’d rather lick a fat man’s armpit than drown in a sea of mayanonnaise and he had a crush on Cheryl Cole, he is a loyal and faithful boyfriend if he likes them, he’s a closet chav, he loves to fart and he can clear the room in seconds with the foul smell. Hahaha. Next, Liam, he’s the daddy of the group (daddy direction), I was surprised that he told me he only has one kidney, he owns a pain of pink hair straighteners and he had a crush on Leona Lewis, Liam was the most mature and caring one in the group. I love him, I mean, he was like my brother. After that, Louis, he’s a cool and a bit of a joker, he is a very loyal boyfriend. He’s perfect girl, El is someone who is loyal and has a sense of humour, and is kind-hearted too, yeah El is a lovely girl and a good friend. Mary, she was a super cool woman. She always keep to make sure that her house is always clean. And lastly, Harry… He was so hot with his curly hair, one direction’s name was his idea, Louis had told me that Harry’s always getting naked, Harry told me that he might slept with many women, he told me that he loves me. He’s a good listener and a good friend, I appreciate that he always make me feel safe whenever he was with me. Well, that’s him.

     While I busy packing my things, my phone rang; We Are Young by Fun as my ringtone. I quickly grabbed it on my dresser. It was Harry.

     “Hello?”, I said as I slide to answer.

     “Hello, Diamond?”, Harry’s husky voice on the line.

     “Yes, I am. What’s up?”

     “Uhm, what are you doing?”, he asked.

     I sat on the bed, “Well,  packing my things, you know”

     “Well, then, uhm, I was wondering… uhm, if you would like to go dinner with me tonight?”

     I frowned and bit my lower lips, “Yeah, sure. I would like to”

     “Great. My mum and Gemma will be there too. I’ll pick you up at 6”, he explained.

     “Oh, okay then”

     After that, he hung up. Oh, great. Now I have to think what I have to wear tonight. I stared at the clock on the wall. It was 2.16pm. And suddenly. Eleanor come in to the room.

     “Thank God! El, I really really really need your help!”, I said, grabbed her hands to the bed. And we both sat on the end of the bed.

     Eleanor frowned, “What is it, babe?”, she asked.

      I told her about everything that Harry asked me to go dinner with her mum and sister. And my problem is I have no idea what I should wear for tonight. She nodded as she understand what I’ve told her. She then smiled.

     “Oh, don’t worry. I’ll help you”, she said, “Uhm, do you have any dress?”

     I sadly shooked my head.

     “Uhm”, she nodded, “Nevermind. You just continue packing. I’ll be back”, she said and walked away out of the room. I just nodded and continue packing. I took about one hour to finish my packing. Then, I sat on the end of the queen size bed. With nobody around, it has forced me to think about my life. I will turn nineteen in May. I know that the 3rd letter from Edward was about my birthday wish for sure. My birthday was only two weeks and five days away. I can’t wait to open the new letter from Edward.

     I heard someone clearing throat, “Thinking about what?”, I was back to reality when I heard that voice, I knew it was Summer for sure, my best friend. I turned to looked at her at the doorway, but she’s not alone, she were with Eleanor and Perrie too. I noticed that El was holding a dress on her hand. Then, they walked in to the room. Summer and Perrie sat on the bed.

     “Here I got a beautiful dress for you,” El said, handed me the dress. Eleanor had chosen a beautiful short lilac-coloured lace dress for me.

     I frowned and looked at her, “Where did you girls got this?”. I asked.

     “Well, actually Zayn had told me that Lou was here in Doncaster too with Tom and Lux. So, we called her. She had bought this dress from an online shopping website”, Perrie said.

     I frowned. Who’s Lou? And who’s Tom and Lux? I was wondering, that did they ever mentioned that names to me?

     Perrie and Eleanor laughed, “Lou is the boys’ hair stylish. She and Tom has a daughter named Lux. And the boys are Lux’s godfathers”, Summer explained.

     “Oh”, I replied, “Wait, how much did I have to pay back for this dress? This must be an expensive dress”, I asked.

     Eleanor and Perrie shocked their heads.

     “No, you don’t need to pay back. We bought this for you. Consider it as a gift from me and Perrie”, El said.

     “But-”. I tried to protest them but suddenly Perrie cut me, “There’s no but’s. Go change!”, then Summer gently pushed me away in to the bathroom.


Harry’s P.O.V

     I put on a white plain t-shirt and a pair of black skinny jeans. I grabbed my jacket and sprayed some perfume on my neck and chest. Then, I went downstairs. Mum was there waiting for me and Gemma. She was still upstairs. Mum wore a simple blue dress, she smiled when she saw me.

      “You looked beautiful, mum”, I said, and went to kiss her on the cheeks.

     Mum laughed and shooked her head, she pulled back and smiled, “Thank you, sweetie. But I’m not as beautiful as your Diamond”

     I blushed, “Yes, but her heart is not opened for me. Should I stay, mum? Uhm, I mean, should I keep waiting for her?”, I asked.

     Mum sighed, and grabbed my hand, “Sweetheart, listen here. Based on a psychological study, a crush only lasts for a maximum of 4 months. If it exceeds, means you are already in love. But, what if you just try to move on? If it isn’t work, stay with Diamond. You don’t know if you can if you don’t try. If you truly love them you would wait for as long as it took for them to be comfortable. Loving someone should have no end. You don't have to date them. You just have to be there and show your love. That's all you can do”, she explained, “That depends on you. I have been with my ex husband, I mean your father, ten years and he is still not ready for the marriage even we already got your sister and you. No but that's real. I married him because I love and in hopes to get him there. He is still doing what he does but not as much anymore. Then, we both decided to slipt up. But that is me and what I can handle. Everyone is different, dear”

     I nodded. Now I understand, “Thanks mum, I love you”, I said and giving her a hug.

     She rubbed my back, “You’re welcome, sweetheart. I will always be there, support you from your back, even you have decided the bad decisions you have to make, I’ll always support you. Remember that, I love you more”, she said, softly in my ears.

     I smiled, and nodded. That’s why I love this woman so much. I’d really be nothing without her.

     “Okay, I’m ready!”, I heard Gemma yelled from upstairs, and then she ran downstairs, “Okay, let’s go! Wait, have you rang Diamond about the dinner tonight?”

     “Yes, and she would like to come”, I said, she had a big grinned on her face. Oh, stupid grin Gemma! She wore a long baby pink dress, and had her hair in a low pony tail style, same like mum.

     “Oh, yay! I can’t wait to meet that beautiful girl!”, she replied excitedly and walked out to the front door.

     Mum shooked her head and we both walked away out to the front door. Gemma was already get into her own car. I hopped in to my Range Rover. Mum went to lock the front door. I grabbed my phone out from my pocket skinny jeans, and texted Diamond. I said that I was on my way to pick her. And then, I started my engine before had drove my way to Mary’s. Gemma and I had decide to meet at the restaurant.


Diamond’s P.O.V

     I looked up at myself on the mirror. El had my make up. Perrie had my hair. Summer just watching us. El has been doing a great job, she made a simple and soft make up on my face. Woah, I never wear any make up except for the lip balm as I live my life. This was the first time. So, I had asked El to do not an over-doing make up and Perrie had suggested her to do the simple and soft make up that took only an half hour. For my blonde hair, Perrie had made a messy bun to my hair. Yes, they both have talent! They just doing a nice job.

     “You looked so beautiful”, Summer said, put a hand over her mouth. Eleanor and Perrie nodded and smiled.

     “Well, it’s me and Perrie’s hard work”, El said, proudly. Summer then handed me a gorgeous black purse to me and a white silk shawl.

     I told them that before they doing my make up and hair, Harry had texted me that he was on his way here. We then talked about little things about our holiday planning to Venice, Italy that will be only two months away. After then, I heard belt ring.

      Seconds later, “Diamond, Harry is here, love!”, Louis yelled from the downstairs.

      I quickly stood and took a deep breath. Summer rubbed my back and smiled. I nodded. But I’m just nervous. They then sent me downstairs.


Harry’s P.O.V

     I came to pick Diamond up at 6. I had my car this time, after Louis opened the door, he smiled and went to give me a big bear hugged.

     “Diamond, Harry is here, love!”, he yelled after we pulled away.

     And the minute I saw Diamond in the new dress, I whistled. It was a delicately  beautiful short lilac-coloured lace dress that showed off her shoulders, and she was wearing a white silk shawl. And she had simple and soft make up, and I’m really sure that must be El’s job.

     “Hey, you looked even more beautiful”, I said, smiled, and went to grab her hands and kissed them. She was blushed.

     Louis clearing his throat and the girls were smiled. Liam and Andrew then showed up behind the girls.

     “Please, don’t come back late. And please, take care of my best friend”, Summer said, seriously, but then she smiled.

     I chuckles, “Yeah, sure”, I said. We then hopped in to my Range Rover and I drove away to the restaurant.


Diamond's P.O.V


     We got to the elegant restaurant at seven-thirty, and were shown to a quiet corner table. It felt so excited to be out, and to have dinner with Harry and his mum and Gemma. But, I felt nervous too. Uhm, I don’t know why. My heart started beating like crazy everything I looked into Harry’s eyes.

     Hey, Diamond!”, Gemma called happily and went to give me a hug and kissed on my cheecks. Oh, she’s so lovely!

     “Hi, Gemma”, I said, smiled.

      Harry clearing his throat, “Uhm, Diamond. Meet this lovely woman, my mum”, he introduce me to her mother.

     “Hello Diamond. Just call me, Anne”, she said and went to did the same as Gemma.

     “Hello, Anne. How are you?”, I asked, smiled after we pulled away.

     “I’m fine, thank you. How about you? Harry had told me everything about you”, she replied, smiled.

     I started to blush, so did Harry too, “Really? Well, I’m fine”, I said.

     We went to sat down. I sat next to Gemma, and Harry sat opposite me and Anne was next to him. I took off my shawl over my shoulders. The waiter asked us if we’re like a cocktail, and I nervously declined. My mother had warned me not to have too much to drink, except some wine. It wouldn’t make a good impression, my mum said that to me, if I got drunk at the dinner. I had laughed to the prospect and told her not to worry. Harry ordered some scotch and soda, which startled me. I had never seen him drink hard liquor before, and wondered if he was nervous too, thought I couldn’t imagine why, since we were such a good friends.

     “Would you like some champagne?”, Anne offered when her drinks came.

     “No, I’m fine”, and the I giggled, “My mother told me not to get drunk”, Harry and Anne laughed. We then having our dinner, we all ordered the restaurant’s famous Lobster Newburg, and Baked Alaska for dessert. We discussed a thousand topics of interest, and we had a lovely dinner with each other. I mean, Anne was a really cool and lovely mum. Gemma was a friendly and lovely too. And with dessert, Harry ordered champagne for us. The waiter brought the bottle to the table and opened it for them, and I smiled as I took a sip. I had only two glass of wine with dinner, so my mother’s warning had stood me in good stead.


Harry's P.O.V


     After had a wonderful time together with Diamond and mum and Gemma, we all say our good bye-s to each other and giving a hug and kisses on the cheeks. Gemma has drove mum way back to home. Diamond and I hopped in to my car. I started the engine, she went to buckle on seat belt. I did the same too.

     “So, do you mind if we’re not heading home now because I wanna take you to a place that I really sure, you’ll love it”, I asked her.

     She frowned, “Where to, Harry?”, she asked.

     “Uhm, somewhere. It’s secret”, I winked.

     She laughed, and I drove my car to the place I wanted to go. I wanted to leave as soon as possible, because on the time me and Diamond had arrived the restaurant, actually I already saw  some paps outhere but I decided not to tell anyone because I don’t want to spoi our dinner, I want everyone felt comfortable, especially Diamond.


Diamond’s P.O.V

     We arrived at a place where there was a lake. We hopped out from the car. I stared at the beautiful lakeside and watch the view. Harry then stood next to me.

     “You love it?”, he asked. I quickly nodded happily, and smiled, “Well, I told ya that you’ll love it”, he said then stepped back. I don’t know what was he doing, but then after a few seconds, I heard a soft music. I quicly turned away to him and saw that Harry was held his iPhone 5. The music came from his phone. He then putted his phone down on the front of his Range Rover but the music still on. He walked to me and held out his hand, “Would you mind dance with me”, he asked me, romantically.

     I frowned, “Oh, sure”, I said, he then gently put his hands on my waist and I nervously wrapped my hands around his neck. And our body getting closer now as I can smell his perfume. This was the first time I had such a lovely night. Neither Edward or Daniel had done this to me.

      “Diamond, I know your heart is not opened for me”, he whispered, softly, “But, I’ll wait for you because I don’t want anyone else. Like I told you before”, I was silence, tried to give him talked, “I hate it when I wake up in the morning thinking about you. I hate myself for falling so hard when I know you will never be mine. I like you, yeah I really do. I don’t ask you to reciprocate the feeling. All I ask you is to respect what I feel. Because falling for you was never something I planned, Diamond. You’re beautiful and perfect to me. And I’m here and I love you. I have always love you, and I will always love you. I was thinking of you, seeing your face in my mind, every second that I was away”

     After that, there was a silence between us.

     “Uhm, Harry. First thing, I am really really sorry that I have to break your heart because I’m not feeling the same”, I began but we’re still danced, “Edward was the only one in my heart from now even he’s gone and would never come back to this world. But I didn’t ready for any relationship. Let’s just be friends. I know you can be a really good friend and I would glad to be your good friend. We’ll better if we be like that. I’m sorry, Harry”, I explained.

     “Shhhh, it’s okay, love”, he replied and shooked his head, “I’ll respect your decision. Uhm, we’ll be a good friend if that was the best for us as long as I can be by your side. To protect you. To wipe your tears and be a good listener for you. I am always here for you”, he said. I nodded.

     “Thank you so much Harry for understanding me. You’re such a nice guy. I love it to be your good friend”, I said, then we both stopped dancing, I went to give him a hug. We both hugged tightly and I felt like didn’t want to release his arms from wrapping me. We hugged for about 5 minutes in silence. That such a peacefull thing I ever had. We then decided to relax under a shady tree that was nearly down to the lakeside. Harry leaned against the tree, and he asked me to lean on his body. Before I leaned against him, he took off his jacket and wrapped it over my body, while my white silk shawl was placed on mine and he’s legs. I put my head on his chest, and he wrapped his arms around me. Harry, thank you. Harry then  rested his chin on top of my head. I felt so very mega huge massively comfortable and safe when you’re wrapping your arms around me. We talked about everything that we would like to until I felt asleep.


Summer’s P.O.V

     It was 2 in the morning. But Harry and Diamond still didn’t showed up. I started to worry about them, especially my best friend. We all tried to call Harry and Diamond but there were no answers. I walked back and forth in the living room. Everyone was there too.

     “Where they had gone?”, I asked.

     “Uhm, I hope that they’re fine”, Liam said, worriedly.

     “Yeah. I hope Harry won’t do anything stupid to her since we know that he had feelings for her but been rejected”, suddenly that things came out from Niall’s.

     We all surprisely and stared at him. He quickly put his hand over his mouth. Zayn then hitted Niall’s arm, “Hey mate, watch out your words! Harry won’t do that”, he said, seriously.

     “Yes. I trusted him”, Eleanor said after that, she was sitting on Louis’ lap then she looked at Louis, “Hazza won’t do that. He will keep Diamond safe, I know him well, mate. We all the lads know him well”, Louis replied.

     “Niall, you talked like you was newly became his friend, like you don’t know him. What is wrong with you?”, Liam said then.

     Niall looked down, “Sorry. I didn’t mean to”, he said.

     I sighed, “It’s okay. Now it’s the time to blame anyone”, Mary said.

     We all nodded. She was right.

     “Now, I think, what if we just go to sleep, and when we wake up tomorrow, if they didn’t came back, I think we should go make the police report”, Andrew suggested.

     “I agreed!”, Zayn said as he raised his hand up. Followed by Liam, Niall, Louis, El, Perrie, Zayn and Mary. Now, everyone was staring at me. I sighed, and slowly raised my hand up, “Yeah, I agreed"


Harry's P.O.V


     Diamond and I are talking about everything that crossed on our mind. Then suddenly there was silence. I slowly looked down to her, she was asleep. Again on my chest. I stared at her beautiful face. And I was about to wake her up but she looked tired on her face. So, I didn’t want to wake her up. So, I’ve decided to just leaning there with her plus tonight was the last night for me to spent time with her before she got home tomorrow. I slowly pulled out my phone and texted Louis.

To: Louis; Hey mate, I just wanna let you know that Diamond was safe with me. We were at the lake. We’ll be home tomorrow morning. Trust me, I’ll take care of her .xx

     Then, I put it back into my pocket. And looked around us if there were anything that I should beware of. But there’s nothing, it’s just us two. Me and the girl I loved. I wrapped my arms around her more tightly and she was really close to me, so that if there’s anything happened to her, I would noticed. Then, I started humming. I don’t know what song I just humming. And I slowly closed my eyes.


Diamond's P.O.V


     I woke up next morning by the alarm that I’ve set on my phone. I surprisely awake and confusedly looking around me. Where am I? Just then, I noticed that I was slept in Harry’s arms. Last night, we went here. Then, I felt like someone kissed the top of my head, “Morning, beautiful”, Harry said in his sexy husky morning voice. He must be awake by my alarm too. I had prepared to set an alarm yesterday for this morning. It was 7 now. And it was already bright. I looked up at Harry, “Are we two slept here last night?”

     Harry nodded, “I think so”, he said. then, we both laughed.

     “Uhm, sorry if I made you felt uncomfortable to sleep last night”, I said, and tried to sat up. Then, my eyes accidently dropped on the bushes and I saw that there were something hiding behind it.

     Harry noticed what I was looking about, and that’s it.  There were three paps there out to show theirself while holding their camera. “Wow”, I made an ‘O’ shape mouth when I saw them.

     “How they know we were here?”, I asked him.

     “I don’t know. Don’t you underestimate the paps and directioners”, he said, chuckles, and he quickly get up. He held my hand, and when I take it, he pulled me up. He was such a romantic guy. I like him, actually. But… yes, the but is the problem. We ran and hopped in to Harry’s Range Rover, and he started the engine. The paps went crazy when they all walked in to us, they were recording or snapping our pictures from the outside of the car before Harry started drove us back to Mary’s.





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