Cupids Fall: Harry

Beautiful Irish, Diamond Brown, 19, struggling with her life after her losts. She then met Harry and the other four lads. Love growing between them. Harry lost her after someone came in his life althought he doesn't love that person as much and he loves Diamond. Dramas start, heart broken into pieces and tears never stop. Guess what, the memories their shared together, never ended. What if love was right there in front of them and they just couldn't see it? *I kept making people crying reading this and watching the trailer* xx


11. Hello Boys.

Diamond’s P.O.V

     I felt something. I don’t know what it is but I still feel something when Harry hugged me. The way he hugged, reminds me to someone… Someone who I used to get a hug from. Someone who has gone and would never come back. And I miss that hug. When Harry huggedme, I felt like never wanting to let go his hands from me. And I could feel his warm cheeks on my neck.

     “Let’s go and get some coffee”, Mary said.

     “Sure! I need something hot to drink!”, Louis replied.

     “That’s cool”, Andrew replied.

     “Let’s go to Starbucks”, Louis said.

     “Oh my god! I just can’t believe I am meeting you guys!”, Summer yelled.

     They were all laughed but not me.

     “Calm down, love. We’re just normal people”, Harry replied.

Harry’s P.O.V

     Mary parked the car in front of the Starbucks café. Just then, Louis opened the car door and hopping out. Followed by Andrew, Summer, Diamond and I.

     “Oh my god! Harry and Louis are here!”, a group of girls yelled. “Harry, you’re awesome!” “Harry, can I have you?” “Louis, I love you!”

     Louis and I waved to them. We walked in to Starbucks café.

     “What do you guys want to drink?”, Mary asked.

     “Hazelnut latte”, Summer said.

     “Hot chocolate”, Andrew said.

     “I want hot chocolate too!”, Louis replied.

     “Uhm, cappuccino please”, Diamond said.

     I smiled. I choose to get a cappuccino too. Mary took everyone else orders and walked up to the counter.

     I looked around the café nervously. There weren’t that too many people here as the time now is 11.48 pm which was good, but I didn’t want us to be swarmed by the paparazzi around here. Oh come on, I had enough of that. I’m just too tired with that. All I just wanted is a relaxing summer.

     I looked over at Diamond. She had long blonde hair and was stunning. She was amazing. The way she flipped her hairs. The way she talked. The way she laughed. Even the way she walked. She’s perfect.

     “I liked starbucks”, Louis said. He was in conversation with Diamond.

     “That’s cute. I liked starbucks too”, she replied smilling.

     “So how long you guys will stayhere?”, Louis asked Andrew. He raised his eyebrows.

     I sat down with the others. Diamond quickly averted her gaze when I sat down next to her and try to figure out to what was going on in the conversation.

     “Well, about two weeks”, Andrew said.

     Mary handed over the coffees and two slices of cheesecake for us.

     “So, what are you guys doing tomorrow?”, Summer asked.

     “Nothing, I guess”, Louis answered.

     “Okay, let’s go shopping!”, I said.

     Summer smiled and said, “Oh, you’re really understand what I want, Harry!”

     “Oh, no way. I’ll not join you guys”, Diamond said.

     I turned to her. So, I can only see her side face.

     “Well, if you guys really want to go shopping, what if we wait for the girls, I mean El and Perrie. They’ll be here tomorrow”, Louis said, smilling.

     Summer put her hand over her mouth.

      “What?! You mean by, Eleanor, your girl friend and Perrie, Zayn’s girlfriend? Oh sure why not! I love it!”, Summer replied excitedly.

     All of us laughed.

     “Oh, you dear! I’m glad to see you’re too happy with that!”, Mary said. Shocked with Summer’s reaction.

     Summer blushing, “Hmph,  is it alright if I want to take a picture with you guys?”, she asked.

     “Oh, sure. Mary can you take it for us?”, Louis asked.

     Mary nodded and smiled.

     “Cool. Come here!”, I said. Louis came and sat next to me and Summer sat next to Diamond while Andrew just stood there behind us. The distance between me and Diamond are too close until our shoulders in contact.



Louis’ P.O.V

     Diamond. I liked this girl. She was so nice, beautiful and friendly. And I can see something from Harry. I think, my Hazza is probably fallen for her. Oh, they will be cute if they’re be together. I need to do something. First, I have to sat next to him. And slowly pushed him close to Diamond. And that’s great when Summer sat next too Diamond too.

     “Okay guys, smile!!”, Mary said as she snaps a picture of us on Summer’s phone. “Awh, you guys are so cute!” she handed Summer’s phone to her back.

     “Yes, thanks Mary. Hmph, is it  alright if I post this picture of us on instagram and twitter?”, she asked.

     I looked at Harry whowas looking me back.

     “Sure. But there’s a thing you need to go over. Can you?”, Harry said.

     “Oh what is it?”, she replied.

     “You can’t tell them where we are now. We don’t want to be swarmed by the paps. We just wanted to have a relaxing summer, you know”, I explained.

     “Okay. I know. I will not do that. Don’t worry”, she said.

     About an hour later, we’ve finished our drinks and hopped in back  to the car and going back to Mary’s.


Diamond’s  P.O.V

     We were back in the car, Mary drove us around Doncaster. It was beautiful place. Beautiful houses. Beautiful scenery. I think, Summer was right. I just need a beautiful place to clean my mind.

     “Here we are. Welcome to my house!”, Mary said to us as she stopped the car. I turned my head. This house was perfect. Harry helped me carry on my bags. We walked in to the drive way and knocked.


Harry’s P.O.V

     We walked in to the drive way and knocked on the door. Liam answered the door, “Oh, hiya!”, he said smilling.

     We walked in to the house. Zayn and Niall were waiting for Liam to come back to resume their game of X-box. They then walked to see us.

     “Hello there!”, Zayn said.

     Summer jumped happily and went to hug them one by one. Followed by Andrew but not Diamond. She just stood here beside me shyly. Awh, she was so cute!

     “Meet this lovely girl, Summer. My girl friend”, Andrew said.

      “Hi Summer. Nice to meet you then!”, Liam said smilling.

     “Yeah nice to meet you”, Niall said.

     “And this beautiful girl is Diamond”, I introduced her to them. I can see her blushing.

     “Hi, Diamond. It’s good to see you”, Liam said and walked to give a big bear hugged to her.

     “Thank you, Liam. It’s good to see you too”, she replied.

     “Hey Diamond. So, on this summer I think we can have a chit chat while going somewhere like having our lunch or dinner together. You know”, Niall said after give a big hug to her.

     She laughed, “Yeah sure, Nialler”, she said.

     “Hi, nice to meet you”, Zayn said before give a hug to her.

     “Okay. Now we have a problem. There is only a spare room left. So-”, Mary said and Andrew cut her, “Then, we’ll book a hotel”

     “It’s too expensive, love”, Summer said.

     “We’ll share a room”, Andrew replied.

     “It’s okay. You guys two can share a room. I’ll sleep here, on the couch”, Diamond said.

     All our eyes were on Diamond.

     “Diamond, if you don’t mind-”, I said and she cut off, “No, it’s okay Harry. It’s good to have some time to be alone, you know”

     Hmph, yeah. It’s good but not now, beautiful.

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