Cupids Fall: Harry

Beautiful Irish, Diamond Brown, 19, struggling with her life after her losts. She then met Harry and the other four lads. Love growing between them. Harry lost her after someone came in his life althought he doesn't love that person as much and he loves Diamond. Dramas start, heart broken into pieces and tears never stop. Guess what, the memories their shared together, never ended. What if love was right there in front of them and they just couldn't see it? *I kept making people crying reading this and watching the trailer* xx


27. Happy birthday, Diamond!


Diamond’s P.O.V

John picked us up at 5 and drove us to the arena. Well, I wore a black fishtale dress that went on my kees, a black high heels, a black purse and I set my hair went free through my shoulders. Summer wore a lilac top and some short. Andrew was on jeans and t-shirt and Ciara wore her orange evening dress. We went inside the arena that was started to fill up with crowds. Paul give us a very comfortable sit that were in the four seats in the middle on the row 10. We all take our seats. Then, a few girls walked towards me and asked for some pictures. I forced myself to do it. After that, I went to my seat back. An hour later, the boys came out to the stage and Niall started giving some speech followed by Louis and Harry. I looked up at Harry. He doesn’t looked happy. I can see it in his eyes. They started sang the songs; Gotta Be You, Save You Tonight, Live While We’re Young, Whats Make You Beautiful and then the next song, Zayn was giving a speech but then he mentioned my name, “I’m so happy for you guys to come over to our concert today. Well, as we all know that today is our best friend’s birthday. So, Diamond can you please stand up and come over here on the stage?”, he asked. And suddenly the white light showed up to my seat and everyone started clapping. I was blushed. Ciara gently pushed me to stand. I then shyly walked my way to the stage. Everyone was staring at me. “Wow, isn’t she looked beautiful”, Louis said as I walked on the staircase. I walked towards them that were in the middle of the stage. The crowds started to cheer. I stood between Niall and Liam. Louis came with a big rainbow cake on his hand. I started to blush when Liam asked the audience to sing the birthday song. Tears started to fill in my eyes as they sang that song. Zayn holded his mic near to my mouth, “Thank you very much. I’m so happy. thanks”, I said happily and Niall asked me to make a wish and blow the candles. Tears started to stream down on my face. “Aww”, Lous said and he went to give a hug and wished a happy birthday to me for one more time followed by Zayn, Niall and Liam. I was froze when Harry just stood there. He was froze too and looked down. The crowds started to cheer back and then they all got along with, “Come on Harry. It’s your turn. Come one Harry. It’s your turn”, the crowds started to yelled and cheered. I saw Louis whispered something to his ears, then Harry looked up to face him. “Just do it, Hazza”, Louis said while he nodded. Harry nodded and slowly walked to me. The crowds went crazy. They all started to cheer loudly. Harry stood right in front of me and he stared in to my eyes. His eyes were already filled with tears. I slowly curved a smiled on my face. He smiled weakly at me and went to give me a hug. I hugged back and he pulled me even closer. Not wanting to let me go. “Happy birthday, Diamond. I wish for your happiness. And please always remember that, I will always loved you. I’ve missed you so much, love”, he whispered. I buried my face in to his neck as he whispered that to me. I forgot for while that we were on the stage. I forgot for while that Harry was Anna’s boyfriend. And I forgot for while that I had forgot Edward while I hugged him. “Back together! Harry Diamond back together!”, I heard the crowds yelled and it brings me back to reality. I quickly broke the hug. “Thank you”, I said. He then sighed and nodded. I looked up to face Zayn, Niall, Liam and Louis. They were all looked a little bit stunned and their faces changed. Especially Niall. I went to my seat back. And after that, Liam announced that they will be singing for their new song called ‘Little Things’, “And this is also for you, Diamond. Happy birthday!”, Niall said. Everyone started to make a sound “Aww”, including Ciara, Summer and Andrew. The music started to play. Well, Zayn started singing his part. Then Liam. After that, Louis. And I was stunned to heard the lyrics. Now I’ve noticed that they all sang this for the ones they loved when he touched about tea, well El really loved tea. Zayn sang it for Perrie for sure. And Liam for Danielle, I thought because I haven’t meet her. After Louis finished his part, it was Harry’s. I don’t know why I hoped that he sang it for me even I know he might sang that for Anna or anyone else. “I know you never love the sound of your voice on tape you never want to know how much you weight. You still loved to squeeze into your jeans but you’re perfect to me”, Harry sang in his husky voice. I was very very very stunned. It was about me and Diamond had noticed that too. Well, best friend knows everything. My tears started to fall down. Harry sang it for me… then Niall’s part, “You never loved yourself half first much as I love you…”, I looked at Harry. He was looked down and suddenly I saw he wiped his tears. What happened to him? He was being quiet all the way. I needed to know what happened.


Harry’s P.O.V

Now it’s my turn. I took a deep breath and started to sing while I closed my eyes. In the dark, I saw Diamond staring at me. She was wearing a white gown and smiling at me. She looked so beautiful. After I finished my part, I slowly opened my eyes back. It wasn’t real. I couldn’t stand anymore. Tears started to fall down and I quickly wiped them. Liam noticed me as he sat next to me. “Are you okay, mate?”, he asked. I nodded and quickly to focused on my part. It was really hurt.


Liam’s P.O.V

Harry was having his hard time. I could see it. He was being so quiet lately. After he told us about Anna’s pregnancy. And I know, he’d missed Diamond so much as I could see the way she hugged her just now. I felt bad and sorry for Harry because I was ignored him when the time he needs someone. I felt bad for myself too. Harry needed me.


Diamond’s P.O.V

The concert ended at nearly 10pm. Then, Niall texted me to wait outside for them. While me, Summer, Andrew and Ciara stood outside the arena waited for them, the audience that passed in front of us stared at me and smiled until one of them asked, “Diamond. You are so perfect. Please, back together with Harry. I know he still loved you” I was stunned to hear that. Summer too. “Yeah, we all can see it by the way he hugged you. And that’s why we were all shouted ‘back together’ for you guys”, the other girl said. I shooked my head and smiled, “Sorry, but I didn’t dating him”, I said. they’re all shooked their head, “But we ship you and Harry more that the slut”, the same girl said. My eyes widened. So did Ciara, Summer and Andrew. They called Anna as a slut. After that, they asked me for pictures, “Sure”, I said. Ciara and Summer walked away to other side as they let me having pictures with me. Andrew helped to snap the pictures. After the girls went off, Liam and Zayn showed up followed by Niall and Louis. Then a seconds later, Harry…. And Anna. We went to the Italian restaurant at  the town. And I really enjoyed the late dinner. And when we arrived home, I was about to went sleep after arrived at Harry’s but then Louis stop me and said, “It’s the present time, love”, he said. I sighed and went back to the living room. Ciara patted some space for me on the sofa. Then she continued talking with Liam. Andrew sat on the armchair opposite me and Summer was on his lap. Louis stood next to me. Zayn and Niall sat on the floor facing me. But where’s Harry? “Open mine first!”, Summer yelled happily and handed  me a present that was wrapped beautifully. “It was beautiful. Thank you Summer”, I said, holding the sterling silver-covered photo album. “For your new memories”, she said quietly and went to give me a hug. Next, Ciara. She handed me a bag that fulled with blouse and dresses and some shorts she bought at Australia. Then, Louis handed me a box, “It was from me and El. She says sorry because couldn’t come here”, he explained. I nodded. Yes, El and Perrie had called me before we went to the concert. I opened up the box, it was a mug. It had the words ‘To Diamond, Happy birthday. Hugs from, El and Lou’ on the mug’s body. It was dark blue mug. I smiled. “Thank you very much, Lou”, I said and went to give him a huge hug. Zayn kneeled in front of me and handed me a small box. “It was from me and Perrie”, he said. I nodded and opened the box. It was a bracelet from Manchester. I thanked Zayn and he give me a hug. And last but not least, Liam handed me a box. He winked at me before I opened up the box, it was a beautiful red purse from Gucci for me. I give him a huge hug. Well, then I thanked Niall for the dinner treat as my present. He said he didn’t know what things he should bought for me. I sat there for about ten minutes but then Harry didn’t showed up. I then went to shower and bed.


Harry’s P.O.V

I couldn’t sleep that night. Diamond came across my mind. I then turned to see Anna who was slept on my right. I was thirsty so I decided to get some drinks at the kitchen. I slowly get up and put on some sweatshirt and sweatpants. Suddenly, my eyes landed on the small box that I putted on the drawer. I supposed to give it to Diamond but Anna didn’t let me. I sighed and took the box and putted it on my pocket and went out to the kitchen. While I was having my tea in the living room, I decided to check my twitter. I saw a bunch of mentions from the fans tweeted about the concert but they didn’t tweeted anything about the lads or our songs, they tweeted about I hugged Diamond. Many of them asked me to get back with Diamond. And there were some of the girls wondering to whom I sang the Little Things song for. I was about to close my twitter but then I saw some tweets from Diamond.

@Diamond_Dcruz: The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be left in the heart.

@Diamond_Dcruz: Thank you so much guys for today, I was so happy. And thanks for those who has wished me. I really appreciate that xx

@Diamond_Dcruz: I was stunned when I heard the song. Is it really was for me?


Diamond’s P.O.V

I woke up by Ciara’s snore. Then I tried to sleep back but couldn’t. So I decided to went to twitter and I gained many more followers. From nearly 30k to 80k. then I received more than 20k mentions. I’m not in the mood to read or replied them so I just posted some new tweets. In just a seconds, I got 7k retweets and 6k favourites. Woah. I went off and slowly got up. I decided to watch a movie. I walked out of the room and walked in to the living room and I was really shocked to see Harry was there too. He saw me and he froze. “Why you still awake?”, he asked. I shooked my head, “I woke up by Ciara’s snoring and I couldn’t sleep back”, I said and walked towards him. He patted and I sat next to him. He was watching ‘Love Actually’ movie. He suddenly handed me a small box. I looked up at him. “I used to give you on the present time but you know, Anna didn’t let me”, he said. I nodded and slowly unwrapped and opened the box. It was a necklace. It was an airplane chain. I looked up to face him, he was smiled, I can see his dimples, “Thank you. This is lovely”, I said. He nodded and picked the necklace out from the box and started to put it on my neck. We then watched the movie together and the movie was about to end but then we both were very tired so we slept on the couch. Harry wrapped his arms around me and my head was on his chest when we're sleeping. It makes me forgot everything. I felt safe. The next morning Harry and I woke up by the sound of someone yelling Harry’s name. I quickly stood when I noticed what had happened. It was Anna. Harry rubbed his eyes, “Why the hell are you shouting?”, he asked, kinda pissed off. “You bitch, what the hell are you doing with him?!”, she ignored Harry’s question and turned to face me. I stunned. “You don’t have any right to call her bitch. She’s not a bitch!”, Harry suddenly started to yell. Then, I saw Zayn behind Anna. “Anna, calm down. You shouldn’t yelled at Harry. He and Diamond they’ve missed each other”, Louis apparently showed up and said that. I was stunned and froze. Anna looked at me with anger. Harry was froze to hear that from Louis too.


Zayn's P.O.V

I woke up at 7 earlier in the morning. Liam was still sleeping so I slowly went off to shower then I put some sweatshirt and sweatpants and walked out of the room headed to the kitchen. By the time as I walked passed the living room, I saw Harry and Diamond were sleeping on the couch. Harry held Diamond in his arms. I walked towards them, then I saw the happinest on Harry's face. Suddenly I felt sorry for him. I admitted that only Diamond can makes him happy. Last night, when Harry hugged her, I know he'd missed her like crazy. I smiled and slowly rubbed Diamond's hair and kissed her on the forehead. I decided to let them slept. I was having my breakfast when Louis went in and told me about Harry and Diamond. He looked shocked to see them too. But he told me the same that he can saw happiness on Harry's face. I told him that Harry missed Diamond but suddenly we both heard someone yelled at the living room. Louis and I quickly ran in to the living room. It was Anna.

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