Cupids Fall: Harry

Beautiful Irish, Diamond Brown, 19, struggling with her life after her losts. She then met Harry and the other four lads. Love growing between them. Harry lost her after someone came in his life althought he doesn't love that person as much and he loves Diamond. Dramas start, heart broken into pieces and tears never stop. Guess what, the memories their shared together, never ended. What if love was right there in front of them and they just couldn't see it? *I kept making people crying reading this and watching the trailer* xx


28. Girls time.


Diamond’s P.O.V

I felt happy enough to head back to Dublin, relaxed, distressed and brown. Just what the doctor ordered. That didn’t stop me from groaning when the plane landed in Dublin airport to heavy rain. This time the passengers didn’t applaud and cheer, and the airport seemed a very different place from the one I had left last week. Once again I was the last person to receive my luggage and an hour later we trudged gloomily out to James, who was waiting in the car. I had so much fun at London for the past few days which is for the first time in my life, I have the best birthday celebration. Yeah the boys were being very nice to me. After the morning that Anna was mad because she saw me slept with Harry on the couch, there were a big squabble had happened between Louis, Zayn, Anna and Harry. Well, actually Harry didn’t be Anna’s side but he was with Zayn and Louis. Anna was stunned when Harry yelled so hard to her. Then she left the house and she didn’t came back until we wanted to leave London. Harry said that she was at her friend’s called Ruby. The lads drove us to the Heathrow airport and we went to give each other a hug. Harry hugged me tightly as I did the same like we never want to let go until Summer and the lads clearing their throat. I can see Harry’s tears but he quickly wiped them as I walked to Liam and went to give him a huge hug. He asked me to take care of myself. Liam was a caring brother I’ve ever had. Then I went to Niall, he said that he can’t wait to meet me again at Venice. Zayn and Louis said the same too. “Well, I’ll call you later, babe”, Summer said to Andrew as we arrived at my home. She gave him a quick kiss on the lips. I gave Andrew and James a big hug and kiss on the cheek and made my way into my quiet empty house. Summer decided to join me and Ciara sleep at mine. There was a horibble musty inside, and I made my way to the kitchen patio doors to let the fresh air circulate.


Zayn’s P.O.V

Niall and I was playing FIFA in his room. It was 2 in the morning. We took a break for while. Niall went to kitchen and me walked out to the balcony and lit up a cigarette. And started to dial Perrie’s number. Our timezone was different. She was having her lunch with Eleanor and some of their friends. I hung up and went back to the room and saw Niall was already sat on the floor while eating some snacks. I went sat next to him and we continued our FIFA. A few minutes later, someone knocked the door. “Come in!”, Niall yelled. And the door swung open. It was Liam. He walked towards the bed and sat at the end of it. “What’s up Leeyum?”, I asked. Niall laughed after I called Liam with ‘Leeyum’. “Well, I’m here to talk about Harry and Anna”, he said. I lost my smile. I looked up at Niall who was still focused on the screen. “What is it?”, I asked and continued to focused back. Liam clearing his throat, “Uhm can you guys give me some attention while I’m talking? I need your attention”, he said seriously. Niall sighed and pasued the game. He then turned his body to face Liam. So did me too. Liam looked stress. “You know, Harry asked me if he can take Anna with her friend, Ruby with us too”, he began. I frowned. “Wait, you mean they following us to Venice?”, Niall asked. Liam slowly nodded. Niall sighed. “Woah”, it came from my mouth. I sighed. What the heck is going on? Oh great now there was one more slut on our vacation. I never liked them. “But why? Can’t her stayed here?”, I asked. Liam shooked his head, “Harry already told her about this, but you know how’s Anna was, she was being so stubborn”, he said. I sighed. Niall was no longer with us, I mean his body was here but I could see his mind wasn’t here. I tapped his shoulder. He was shocked. “What’s wrong, mate?”, Liam asked. Niall sighed and made a sad face, “Well, I just imaging how it will going to be if they with us too. I mean, Anna didn’t like Diamond and the other girls. So, I just wondering that if she had any bad plans with her friend. Who knows?”, Niall explained. My mind blowed as I heard that from Niall’s. Liam looked shocked. Maybe Niall was right? Who knows?


Diamond’s P.O.V

I had sat out in the sun, reveling in the new brightness of life and nervously yet reread again Edward’s letter. I loved the feel of the card and the bumps of Edward’s handwriting under my finger as it ran over the dried ink. Inside, his neat script had listed the items that belonged to him that remained in the house, and beside each of his possessions he explained what he wanted me to do with them and where he wished for them to sent. Well, that had been difficult for me to come to terms with. I almost wished he would ask me to do karaoke again. I would have jumped from an aeroplane for him; run a thousand miles, anything except empty out his wardrobes and rid myself of his presence in the house. But he was right and I knew it. I couldn’t hang on to his things for ever. I couldn’t pretend to myself that he was coming back to collect them. The physical Edward was gone; he didn’t need his clothes. I tell you, it was an emotionally draining experience. It took me hours to complete. Luckily, Ciara and Summer was here to help me. I relived a million memories with every garment and piece of paper I bagged. I held each item near to me before saying goodbye to a part of Edward all over again. It was difficult; so difficult- and at times too difficult. I informed Edward’s parents and my family of what I was about to do and although Summer and Ciara offered their assistance and support time and again, I knew I had to do this alone. I needed to take my time; say a proper goodbye because I wouldn’t be getting anything back. Just like Edward, his things couldn’t return. Summer and Ciara went out after cleaning the house, they wanted to give me some times to be alone. They really understand me. Despite my wishes of wanting to be alone, Max had called around a few times to offer some brotherly support and I had appreciate it but I just need to be alone. Every item had a history and I would talk and laugh about the memories surrounding. A few hours later, I finally clapped my hands, riding my skin of dust that remained. It was a difficult job, but one that needed to be done. And one, that was made easier by Edward’s big decisions, Edward had already made them for me. Edward was helping me and, for once, I felt as though I was helping him too. I laughed as I bagged the old, dusty cassttes of his favourite rock band from his schooldays. So many objects, so many memories. Each were labeled and packed away in bags just as they were in my mind. To be stored in an area that would sometimes be called upon to reach and help in the future. Objects that were once so full of life and importance but that now lay limp on the floor. Without him they were just things. Edward’s wedding tuxedo that he should wear on our wedding, his suits, shirts and ties that he would moan about having to wear every morning before going to work. A snorkel from our first time scuba-diving, a shell that he had picked up off the ocean floor a few months ago, his collection of beer mats from every country we had visited. Letters and birthday cards from friends and family sent over the years. Valentine’s Day cards from me. Records of bills, his golf clubs for Andrew, books for Summer, memories, tears and laugther for me. His and mine memories bundled away into my mind. Each item unearthed dust, tears, laugther and memories. I bagged the items, cleared the dust, wiped my eyes and filed away the memories for safe-keeping. My mobile began to ring, distrupting my thoughts, and I dropped the laundry basket onto the grass under the washing line and ran through the patio doors into the kitchen to answer the phone. It was Perrie. “Hello?” “Hello, Diamond! How are you, babe?” “I’m okay, thanks. How about you and El?” “Oh, we’re good here. Anyways, I wanted to ask if El and I can come over to Ireland and stay at yours then we can have some girls time together before we going to Venice. Are you okay with that?”, she asked. I chuckles, “Woah, sure! I’m so happy that you and El want to come here. You two are very welcome to stay at my house”, I said. I could heard Perrie happy hysterically on the other end.



Eleanor’s P.O.V

Now May had gone and June had arrived, bringing bright long evenings and beautiful mornings. And along with these sunny days June also brought clarity. Perrie and I arrived at the airport and I called Louis to tell him that I was arrived the airport with Perrie. He and the boys knew about me and Perrie staying fly to Dublin, Ireland to have some girls time with Diamond and Summer. Louis told me to take care of myself and said his hi to the girls. After a long journey flight, from Perth to Dublin, we arrived at the Dublin airport the next morning. After took our luggages that were for a two weeks (Dublin and Venice) we went to the arrival room. Then, I saw Diamond with Summer and one girl that I haven’t meet her yet. They went to give us a hug. Then Diamond introduced us to her cousin, Ciara. We decided to go breakfast. And we stopped for while when there were some girls asked for Diamond, Perrie and me pictures. I already take it easy since I’m dating Louis a year ago. Even we’re not a famous people, but it’s weird when their fans wanted to take pictures with us too.


Diamond’s P.O.V

I drove my car to starbucks and we went for some breakfast. Then, we talked about everything. About the boys, our vacation and many more. “Eh I saw their concert at London on your birthday on youtube”, Perrie said. “Yeah, recording by the fans”, Eleanor continued. I laughed. “Well, the most awkward when some of them yelled for me and Harry to back together. I’m not dating Harry”, I said emotionally. They all laughed. “But seriously babe, if we don’t know you and Harry, we would probably asked you two to because you guys are suit each other”, Eleanor said. I was stunned. “Well, but Harry was dating Anna tho”, Summer said. We then finished our breakfast and I decided to drive them around Dublin for the day since Perrie and Eleanor had never been here before. We went shopping at the mall and have lunch at the Chinese restaurant. Yesterday, Niall texted me. He said, tonight he will be home at Mullingar. He said that the boys get three days ealier break from Simon before we go to our vacation, Venice. So the boys decided to go back home and having some time and chilling with their family. Zayn went to Bradfort, Louis stayed at London as his home was already there at Doncaster, Liam went to Wolverhampton and Harry went back to Holmes Chapel with Anna, I thought. The next day, we went to have spa and get some coffee at Starbucks. I asked Niall to join us. We having a great time together. We took many pictures together and posted some of it on our Instagram and twitter. Well, then after we were about to leave there were a bunch of girls came towards us and asked for some pictures. After that, we all headed to my house as Niall and Andrew slept over there so we all can go to the airport together the next morning.

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