Cupids Fall: Harry

Beautiful Irish, Diamond Brown, 19, struggling with her life after her losts. She then met Harry and the other four lads. Love growing between them. Harry lost her after someone came in his life althought he doesn't love that person as much and he loves Diamond. Dramas start, heart broken into pieces and tears never stop. Guess what, the memories their shared together, never ended. What if love was right there in front of them and they just couldn't see it? *I kept making people crying reading this and watching the trailer* xx


22. Breakfast with Harry.


A few days later…

Diamond’s P.O.V

     I woke up next morning with a smile on my face. Eleanor was still sleeping, so did Louis and… wait, where’s Harry? Maybe he already woke up, I thought. Today is the last day for me, Andrew and Summer being here at Doncaster. I admitted that I was enjoyed with this Summer holiday with the boys and girls, and Mary too. We all had so much fun together. Yeah, kinda spent this whole summer with them. We went to Hogan’s last night and having some fun. But I doesn’t have so much fun actually. I just don’t like being at the club too long with the noise, loud music, I don’t like it.

     Talked about the club, I met Daniel again. He was about to leave and fly back to Dublin. Actually it was a little strange that he want to fly back there. I mean, after years he didn’t came back there. In Dublin, my family and I lived at Portmarnock, whilst him at Phibsboro. He left Dublin to London after we had break up, and after a month, he and his family had move to London. So, I didn’t seen him anymore after that and we didn’t keep in touch as he changed his phone number. Ugh, if he doesn’t, I am not going to text or give him a call.

     I slowly got up from bed and walked in to bathroom. Having a quick shower. After that, I put on a floral tank top and a old navy women’s denim lace up shorts. I brushed my hair and make it a messy bun. I went downstairs, there’s no one in the living room, I looked at my watch, it was 7 early in the morning. I smiled, then headed to the kitchen. I was surprise to see that Harry was there too. Making pancakes. I felt nervous. I don’t know why, after the day he told me about his feelings, I’d always felt nervous when I was with him, especially when it’s just the two of us. Alone.

     He noticed me and turned to looked at me, “Hi, morning. You look beautiful today”, he said in his husky voice.

     “Uhm, morning. Woah, you woke up earlier than me!”, I replied, tried to keep cool. I walked next to him, watching him making the pancakes.

     “Yeah, actually I have some works to do. My sister, Gemma will pick me up on 8”, he explained, “You want some? I’ll make another one”

     “Uhm, no no! I don’t eat breakfast. I hate breakfast. I’ll make some tea. Want some?”, I quickly replied, then walked to the opposite counter and took two cups from the dishware shelf and started making the tea when Harry said, “Yeah, sure”.

     There was silence between us. I put the two cups of hot tea on the table and sat on one of the empty stool. Harry then walked to the table with a plate of pancakes on his hand and sat opposite me.

     “Uhm, it smells good”, I smiled.

     “Want some?”, he asked, and started to pour some syrup on it. I shooked my head, “Oh, come on, Diamond. You’ll sure love it. In fact, you haven’t eat my hand cooked”, he said, disappointedly.

     I sighed and slowly opened my mouth, he gently fed me spoonful of pancakes. It was my first time to try Harry’s hand cooked. Then, I remember what Liam had told me on the past day we had our breakfast together, that Harry was good at making breakfast and lunch. Yes, he really was. Even it was just a pancakes, it taste so… yummy.

     “Uhm, your pancakes are yummy. You’re really good at making breakfast”, I said, smiled as I chew the food in my mouth.

     Harry chuckle, “No, I’m not really that. I just learnt all this from my mum. She loves cooking”, he explained.

     “Oh, you’re mum did? Well, I used too. But, I won’t anymore. Well, you know, depends on my mood”, I sighed, “You know, sometimes I hate my life after Edward’s gone. All I could say was, I’ve changed. I’ve become more sensitive. Uhm, I hate myself”, I told him. He then looked at me. I looked away, don’t want to stare at his eyes. I. Just. Can’t.

     “Hey, don’t be. Life can become very tough sometimes, but well that’s life. We have to live our life”, he said, softly.

     I felt…. calm. I smiled, “Thank you, Harry. You always ear me”, I said.

     He smiled back, “Sure. I’m all ears for you. I’ll always be there”, he said, “Hey, want some more? You know, you should eat breakfast, it’ll give you some energy for your daily life”

     I shooked my head, “No, I’m not. I don’t like breakfast”

      “Come on. The last one”, he said, husky voice, I love to hear it. I sighed. Took a deep breath. I slowly opened my mouth again and he fed me the pancakes. We spent our time chatting about his job, I mean, the live tour, concert and everything about 30 minutes later, we heard a belt ring at the front door.

     “Oh, that must be my sister. I’ll got to go now”, he said, finished up his tea and wear his brown jacket that he has putted on the stool beside him.

     “Oh, I’ll sent you to the front door”, I said, he nodded and we quickly walked away out from the kitchen and headed to the front door.

     Harry opened the door, and there was a girl wearing a cute animal pattern baby tank top and a blue skinny jeans. She was smiling as Harry give her a hug and kiss on cheeks.

     “Hey. Let me introduce you, Gemma. This is beautiful is Diamond. And Diamond, this lovely is my sister, Gemma”, Harry said after he let go of Gemma.

     Gemma nodded and smiled to me, “Hi there”, she said and walked in to hug me.

     “Hi, Gemma. Nice to meet you”, I said as we broke the hugged.

     “Yeah nice to meet you too. Harry has told me a lot about you”, Gemma said, grinned whilst Harry was blushing and give a you-know-you-will-be-death-after-this look to her sister.

     “Oh, really?”, I laughed. Gemma and me was about to have a chit chat more until Harry had interrupt us.

     “Excuse me, my lovely sister. We’ll be late. So, we need to go now. Mum must be waiting for us”, Harry said, with a serious tone.

     Gemma tapped her forehead as she forgot about that and said, “Uhm, I almost forgot”, she sighed.

     “Nevermind, Gemma. We’ll meet again next time, and I promise that we’ll have a long chit chat together”, I said, smiling. She smiled happily.

     “Really? Yay great, I can meet you again! I’ll ask Harry for your phone number. Okay, till we meet again. Good bye”, she said, giving a hug and kiss on the cheeks again and walked away.

     “Tell others that I’d be going out for a while. I’ll be back at 5”, he said, smiling and walked away, hoping in to her sister’s car.

     I love having conversation with her sister, Gemma. She was really friendly. I know we two can be good friends, you know. I love to talk to people who have loads in common with me. I closed the front door backed when they disappear from my sight. Then, headed back to the kitchen and clean up the plate and cups on the table.


Gemma’s P.O.V

     Diamond. That girl was such a nice, lovely, beautiful and friendly person. I love to talk to her. I can’t wait to meet her again. Having some girly time with her.

      “I like that girl”, I said, as I drove the car. Harry sat next to me, on the passanger’s seat.

      “Ha-ha! Told ya”, he replied, “She was perfect”

     I laughed and nodded, “Yes. And my brother was fallen for her, and unfortuanately, she didn’t”, I said, sarcastically.

      Actually, I was really surprised when on the day Harry told Diamond that he loved her, he phoned me that night, told about everything that had happened between him and Diamond. Me and mum were really surprised when Harry told us that he had been rejected by Diamond. At first, I felt annoyed. But now, after I met her by myself staring at her, I can understand why Diamond was right (she rejected my brother). She was perfect. Whilst Harry, my brother was such a playboy. He slept with many womens. Awh, such an awful life. Hahaha. But it doesn’t matter, Harry already told us about everything. Actually, he always phoned us when he had time and told almost about everything. Well, we’re his family right, so he doesn’t minded to share everything with us.

     “Oh, you shut up!”, he kinda pissed off. I laughed. We then arrived home. Mum was waiting for us at the front door, she looked very happy to see me and Harry hoping out from the car.


Liam's P.O.V


      After taking my shower, I put on some sweatshirt and sweatpants. Niall, Zayn and Perrie was still sleeping. And the worst thing is, Niall’s snore was the loud. I smiled when I remember what had happened last night when we all got home from the Hogan’s. Zayn and Perrie were drunk and so they’d slept early. Niall too. But you know, I don’t drink. So, ten minutes after we got home, Danielle called me and we were talking on the phone about two hours. We talked about everything. She’s few years from me. She’s a dancer. She’s hot. I don’t bite, with her brunette and curly hair. Woah.

      I went downstair and the living room was really silence then I heard some noise from the kitchen. I walked there and I saw Diamond was cleaning up the table. She noticed me and smiled. I smiled back to her.

     “Good morning, daddy Liam”, she said, with her cute voice. I chuckles.

     “Morning, Diamond”, I replied, “So, you woke up early?”

     She nodded, “Yeah. I woke at almost 7. But Harry woke more earlier than me, OK”, she said.

     I frowned as I opened the fridge to take some juice, “What do you mean?”, I took a cartoon of orange juice and walked to the counter. I grabbed a glass and pour the juice until half of the glass.

     “Well, he have some works. He’ll be back at 5, he said”, she explained.

     I nodded and started to drink my juice, “So, how was it you with Harry?”

     “Ha-ha! Nothing was up. We’re still just friends. I don’t want to be more than that”, she said, honestly. That’s one of the reason why I liked the kind of girl like her, I mean as my sister, not more than that, I already had a hot girlfriend. Diamond was being like my sister.

     “I know. But, you probably will…. Just wait, trust me. One fine day. It will”, I said, smiled. Yeah, I had that feeling told that; She will fall for Harry like he did towards her. She will, one fine day, someday.

     “Ha-ha! That’s really funny, Liam”, she replied, sarcastically.

     “Well, I was saying the truth”, I said and grabbed an apple from the bowl on the counter and walked to the table.

     “Uhm, so…”, she paused, tried to change the subject, haha I love this girl, “How was it going with you and Dani?”

     “Well, we’re fine. She’s hot, you know”, I said, smiled.

     “Yeah, the dancers always looked hot, isn’t them?”, she replied and began to put all the things that were on the table in the dishwasher.

     “Uhm, not really, actually. You, Perrie, Summer and El looked hot too even though any one of you girls not a dancer”, I said, started to bite the apple.

     “Uhm, excuse me”, Diamond put her hands up to the air, “I am a dancer”

     I was surprised to hear that. Diamond was a dancer too? Woah. Is there anything more I missed about her? She didn’t mention that she was a dancer too. And I know, she never does that.

     “But I’m not a dancer like Dani, that dance for some event. I’m just love to spent my time dancing at the studio with my friends. But it has been ages I haven’t dance after Edward’s gone. Everything has changed”, she explained, sighed.

     I felt sorry for her. Actually, it has been said that time heals all wounds, but I do not agree. The wounds remain. In time, the mind, protecting its sanity, covers them with scar tissue and the pain lessens, but is never gone. Diamond doesn’t need time to make her life colourful back. She just need someone to loved her. But she hardly push it away, her heart is not opened for anyone already. I think she needed some space, I though.

     “You know how to dance? That’s cool”, I heard Perrie’s voice as she walked in to the kitchen. She still on her dress last night she wore to Hogan’s. She tied her hair in a high ponytail style.

      “Yes, but I’m not a good dancer”, Diamond replied, winked.

     Perrie smiled and opened the fridge, “Where’s Zayn?”, I asked.

     “Uhm, he was still asleep”, she replied with disappointment in her voice as she pour some milk in to the glass.

      “Oh, for your information, your boyfriend was such a sleepy head”, I said, laughed. Diamond nodded and laughed too.

     “Yeah yeah, I know that already”, she mumbled before drink her milk.

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