Cupids Fall: Harry

Beautiful Irish, Diamond Brown, 19, struggling with her life after her losts. She then met Harry and the other four lads. Love growing between them. Harry lost her after someone came in his life althought he doesn't love that person as much and he loves Diamond. Dramas start, heart broken into pieces and tears never stop. Guess what, the memories their shared together, never ended. What if love was right there in front of them and they just couldn't see it? *I kept making people crying reading this and watching the trailer* xx


37. Baby Girl Lucy.


Diamond’s P.O.V

     “So, Dad, what are your plans for the day? Are you busy?”, Summer asked her dad, mr. Conway. A forkful of sausage, egg, bacon, pudding, mushroom and tomato stops on its way into Mr. Conway’s mouth. Amused eyes peer out at her daughter from under his wildly wiry eyebrows. “Plans, you say?” well, let’s see, Summer, while I go through the ol’ schedule of events for the day. I was thinking of spending sometimes with my lovely daughter and my son-in-law. Then, I’d have another cuppa tea. Then, while I’m drinking me tea I might sit down in the chair in my hotel room, or maybe on the bed, the exact venue is TBD, as my schedule would say before I go back home”, Mr. Conway said in his thick irish accent. He finally shovels the food into his mouth and egg drips down his chin. He doesn’t notice and leaves it there. Summer laugh, “That’s great, dad. Thank you”.

     “Good morning, Diamond”, I looked up to see Eleanor and Louis taking their places infront of me and Harry at the same table as Zayn, Perrie, Ciara and Niall were sit. Liam, Danielle, Ed, Summer, Andrew and Summer’s dad were next to our table. This café is perfect. Even though there were the famous boyband One Direction in it, the people just make it simple and do their own things. Perfection for the boys, I though. Having breakfast in a peaceful café. I sat inbetween Harry and Niall. Harry was on my right and Niall on my left. Then, Zayn next to Niall. Perrie sat infront of her boyfriend and next to her was Ciara. Then, Eleanor took place next to her and Louis sat by the ended of the table, in front of Harry. “Morning, El, Lou”, I said, smiled. We all then continued and enjoyed our breakfast in silence. “The Book of Kells”, Andrew broke the silence, he blurt out of nowhere, though that is nothing odd these days.

     “What are you talking about?”, Summer stops hugging her dad and resumes eating. “Let’s go into town today. Do a tour of the city, go to Trinity College and look at the Book of Kells. I’m very sure that you’ll love it, Ed”, he explained to us. I looked at Harry and others. Niall made an O mouth. Summer stared at her husband and munches. I’m not sure what she’s thinking. She’s probably thinking the same of him. “You want to go to Trinity College. The boy who never wanted to set foot near the place for either studies or excursions with me and your brother, suddenly out of the blue wants to go…”, Summer started to nag but then she was cutted off by Ruby who was running into the café. “Guys! Anna!”, she yelled. All the people in the café started to stare at us immediately. “Wow, calm down, Ruru!”, Louis said. “Anna? What’s going on with her?”, Perrie asked. Ruby took a deep breath. Now, all the eyes were on her. “Anna.. she’s on her way to give birth!”, Ruby said. “Ohh…”, we all said together and though that nothing happened but then we was froze. “What?!”, Eleanor shouted. We all looked at each other before we knew everyone is getting up and run for Anna.


Anna’s P.O.V

     It’s very hurt… my water had broke. I waited for Ruby to come back. She said that she wanted to call the boys and girls to help me out. “Arghhhhh! Help!”, I yelled in pain. Then, I heard footsteps running towards my room. And I looked up to see Diamond at the doorway then Harry came up then the others. “Help me…”, I said. They all quickly came to me and was shocked to see me. Louis and Harry helped me to get up and Liam held the door for us. Harry then took me in his arms and quickly walked to the lift. Diamond run for the car. As we reached the lobby, Liam was already there with her car. Liam opened the door for me. Louis and Harry then helped me to get in. “Babe, let me drive”, Harry said to Diamond and she nodded quickly handed him the keys. “Who’s following us?”, Liam asked. “I’m in”, Danielle raised her hand up so did Diamond. “Okay, quickly. We need to hurry!”, Harry yelled from the driver seat. Diamond hopped into the passenger’s seat. Whislt Danielle on my left and Liam on my right at the back. “We’ll be there soon!”, I heard Louis yelled as I saw the others started to run back into the lobby and get ready.

     It took five minutes to reach the hospital. Well, it was exactly because Harry drove very fast. He did go through the red lights when there’s no car. Liam quickly hopped out from the car and yelled for some help from the nurses. They then came out with a trailer bed. Liam and Harry helped me to get on there and they pushed me inside. I realized they took me to the emergency room. “Who do you want to be with you for the birth?”, one of the nurse asked me. “Diamond and Danielle!”, I yelled because I couldn’t take the pain anymore. After a few minutes, a doctor came in with Diamond and Danielle. Diamond walked to my right and Danielle to my left.

     “Oh, it’s already open for more than 7cm now. It’s time for giving birth!”, the doctor said. he then told Diamond and Danielle to hold my hands and asked me to push my best after he counted, “1…2…3… Push!”, I yelled in pain as I tried my best to push. “One more time… 1,2,3…” “Arghhhhhh!”, sweats dripping all over my face. “You can do this, Anna”, Diamond whispered. “1…2…3… Push!”, I tried my best again for the third time then fourth then fifth until I heard a baby’s cried. “It’s a girl!”Danielle said happily. “Thank God, you and you’re baby are safe now!”, the doctor said happily and took my baby and handed her to one of the nurse. “You need to rest, Anna”, the doctor said. the nurse then came out with my baby in her arms. Her body and head was wrapped in a pink napkin and all I could see was her cutie face. The nurse laid my baby down to my chest. I didn’t realized that tears already streaming down my face. “Here’s your baby, miss Hennessey”, she said before she left. “Aww, she’s cute!”, Diamond said. I nodded and smiled. I give her a long kiss on her forehead. She got Mike’s brown eyes and dimples. “I would like to give her name, Lucy. Lucy Alison Hennessey”.

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