Cupids Fall: Harry

Beautiful Irish, Diamond Brown, 19, struggling with her life after her losts. She then met Harry and the other four lads. Love growing between them. Harry lost her after someone came in his life althought he doesn't love that person as much and he loves Diamond. Dramas start, heart broken into pieces and tears never stop. Guess what, the memories their shared together, never ended. What if love was right there in front of them and they just couldn't see it? *I kept making people crying reading this and watching the trailer* xx


38. Anticipation on Christmas (Long and last chapter)


A month later…

Diamond’s P.O.V

     “Ok, where do you want me to put it?”, Max panted, dragging the Christmas tree into the living room. A trail of pine needles led all the way out of the living-room door, down the hall, out the front door and into his car. I sighed, this is the uncountable years I did celebrated Christmas with Max. But he always asked the same question every year and everytime when we bought the tree. Ciara and I would have to vacuum the house again today to get rid of this mess and me, Alex and Ciara stared at the tree with disgust. They smelled so fresh but, damn, were they messy. Mum and aunty Emma stared at them with an excitement looks. Dad and uncle Peter went out for some fresh air and man to man talks. And Tom, he went to sleep Charlie upstairs. “Aunty Rose! Mum!”, Max repeated, and the two women jumped from their thoughts to face him. “You were like a talking tree, Max”, Alex giggled. Yes, she’s right. All we could see were his little brown shoes sticking out from underneath the tree. We all burst into laughed. “Alex”, he grunted, losing his balance slightly under the weight. “Oh, sorry”, she said, suddenly realizing that he was about to fall over. “Just by the window”, aunty Emma said. I bit my lip and winced as he sent lamps, photo frames and candles from the fireplace crashing around him while he made his way over to the window.

     “There now”, he said, wiping his hands and stepping back to take a look at his work. I frowned, “It looks a little bit bare, don’t you think?”. “Well, we have to decorate it, of course”, Ciara replied, smiled to me. “I know that, Ciara. But I was referring to the fact that it only has about seven branches left. It’s got bald patches”, I moaned. “I told your mum to buy a tree earlier, Diamond, not leave it until Christmas Eve. Anyway, that was the best of bad”, Max said. I sighed. “I suppose”, mum frowned. I hadn’t wanted to get a Christmas tree at all this year for my house. I wasn’t in the mood to celebrate and it wasn’t as if I had any children in the house to please by putting up decorations. So, I decided to go to my parents’ house and celebrate this Christmas with them. Ruby and Anna with her new baby, Lucy were at mine. They will come up tonight for the dinner. The boys went back to their home for Christmas but it just for a few days before they have to get back to London again and they will starting for their new album ‘Take Me Home’ recordings at the studio.

     They were already make it for  MSG a few weeks ago and I was proud of them. Well, me and Harry already had our first monthiversarry as now we’re been together for 48 days. Hahah it’s cute okay, Im counting the days ;-) Eleanor probably celebrate her Christmas with Louis and his family this year. Perrie did too, she decided to celebrate this Christmas with Zayn and his family in Bradfort. Danielle and Liam, well, I heard that they didn’t longer together anymore. I asked Harry for that, and he said yes that they had already broke up for some reasons that even the boys didn’t know why and how it could happen because Payzer is such a cute and amazing couple. I hope that they will find their way to get back together. Niall currently in Mullingar since yesterday because he had called me exactly when he arrived at the airport then asked me to get some coffee at my favourite coffee shop last night. Ciara joined us too and Niall told us about their new album. He said that all the songs in the album were written by themselves. They wrote for their girlfriends. And I wonder if that so, then to whom did Niall wrote the songs for? So, that night, I phoned Louis and singing him the ‘Happy Birthday’ song and wishing him for a great health. After that, I talked to Eleanor for a few minutes then we have to end the call because she have works to do. I couldn’t believe it was Christmas Eve already. I had spent the past few weeks with the boys and girls and buying some new clothes and get prepared for my new job that will start a few days away. I still hadn’t spoke to Daniel since the day we met at Summer’s wedding. I had ignored all of his calls, had avoided Hogan’s like the plague, and had ordered Ciara or Alex to tell him I was busy if he called the house. He actually called the house nearly every day. I didn’t inted to be rude but I needed more time to think things through since I’m dating Harry Styles right now. Our relationship have been spread out all over the world by Harry’s tweet: @Harry_Styles: I’m currently dating @Diamond_Brown and today is our first monthiversarry. Happy one month, baby. I love you .xx” on our first month together day. And starting from that, the paps were being so crazy than before, I felt like I didn’t get any privacy space for me. Like, I miss being the normal me. My normal life that I could go anywhere and doing things I like without getting attention by the people. How could the famous people getting used to this?

     “Sorry, what?” “I said would you like to help Max and Ciara decorate the tree?”, Alex repetead. I nodded. She then smiled and opened a bottle of red wine. “Here for you”, she handed me a glass of wine and then walked to the sofas. “Well, me and Emma going to bake some cakes and cookies in the kitchen. So, good luck then”, mum said as she and aunty Emma walked arms to arms to the kitchen. I sat in the living room staring at the tree and listening to Christmas songs as Ciara pressed play on the CD player. Bing Crosby’s ‘White Christmas’ played softly in the background. Max returned with a black sack slung over his shoulder and a dusty santa hat on, “Ho ho ho!” I giggled and Ciara did too. “Let’s take some pictures and post it on our instagram!”, Ciara said. we all nodded. Max handed me the santa hat and help me to wear it on my head. Ciara hold her glass of wine up to her chin. “I’ll take it for you!”, Alex said as she grabbed our iphones. First snap, we just stood next to the tree. Ciara was on the right whilst me and Max on the left and we just smiled. “Gotcha! Okay, next!”, Alex yelled as she snap a picture from Ciara’s then she grabbed Max’s phone. We made some goofy faces. Then, it was my phone’s turn. We exchanged place. We all stood infront of the tree and held each other arms by arms and smiled. “Done!”, Alex said as she click the snap button. We all thanked her for that. I giggled as I stared at the picture. I was in the middle. Max on my right and Ciara on my left. I quickly post it on my instagram with a caption ‘Can’t wait to decorate the tree with @thegoodMax @Princess_Ciara while listening to Bing Crosby’s ‘White Christmas! Xx’.


Harry’s P.O.V

     I’m getting worried about Diamond. Well, the rumours about me and Taylor were all over the screen now. She did asked me about that yesterday, “What’s up with you and Taylor with the Haylor’s stories all over the twitter and so on” and I’m just answered that “Oh, we’re just friends, love. Trust me”. And thank God she did believe me but then the boys gave me a rang last night, “I just don’t want you to hurt Diamond. If you hurt her, you hurt me!”, Niall said in anger. “Think twice before you do anything, Hazza. I don’t want you to ruin yours and Diamond’s relationship. Come on, mate!”, Louis said that. “Harry, are you kidding me?! You’re with Diamond now, how could you have the same necklace with Taylor?”, Zayn said that. “You’re no longer my friend anymore and I don’t wanna talk with you if you hurt Diamond. Just, I’m done with you”, and Liam said that. Yes, I do love Diamond with all my heart. But with our long distance relationship makes me feel lonely. And about Taylor. Well, she does make my eyes on her. Taylor Swift, she honestly couldn’t be a sweeter person. She’s genuinely nice and extremely talented, and she deserves everything she has. But don’t get me wrong. I’m just love to be friends with her. She’s a great friend. “Harry!” I sighed as I heard Taylor calling me from downstairs. She’s decided to celebrate her Christmas with my family so, as long as my mum didn’t bother bout that, I could say yes. “Yes, Taylor. I’m coming!”, I yelled back and walked to the door. I stopped when I walked past my wooden bookcase. I turned my body to face it and I couldn’t help but smile when I stared a picture of me and Diamond hugging each other in this lovely photo frame Gemma has bought for me when she travelled to Spain two years ago. I miss her. I couldn’t believe myself cheating on her. Wait, did I really cheated?


Diamond’s P.O.V

     I wore a long black dress for that night and put my hair into a messy bun. “Happy Christmas, love!”, Max opened the door to a shivering Ruby standing on the doorstep. Behind her was Anna having Lucy sleeping in her arms. “Happy Christmas, baby”, she smiled as give Max a long kiss on the lips. I sighed and went to greet Anna and invite her to come in. “Happy Christmas, Diamond. I love you”, she said and give me kisses on  the cheeks. “Happy Christmas too, Anna. I love you too”, I replied, smiled. she then went to Alex. I walked to my dad, “Happy Christmas, dad”, I smiled, and gave him a big bear hug. The beautiful smell of pine mixed with wine and Christmas dinner cooking in the kitchen filled my nostrils, and I was hit with a pang of loneliness.

     Christmas reminded me of Edward. Edward was Christmas. It was our special time together where we could hide from the stresses of things and just relax in between the entertaining our friends and family and enjoy our time alone. I missed him so much. It gave me a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. I had visited the graveyard that morning and wish him a happy Christmas. It was the first time I had been there since the funeral; I had avoided visiting the grave since then as I found it too painful. It had been an upsetting morning. No parcel under the tree for me, no breakfast in the bed, no noise, no nothing. Edward had wanted to be cremated, which meant that I had to stand in front of a wall that had his name engraved on it. And I really did feel that I was talking to a wall. However, I told him about my year and what my plans were for the day, had told him Summer and Andrew already married and I was maid of honour at their wedding. I also told him about Harry and the boys. And about Anna and Ruby and Lucy too, ofcourse. I explained what their were like because Edward had never met them, and I talked about my new job, modeling. I didn’t mention about Daniel or Joe. I had felt peculiar standing there talking to myself. I wanted to get some deep spiritual feeling that he was there with me and listening to my voice, but I really just felt like I was talking to a drab grey wall. My situation was no extraordinary sight on Christmas day. The graveyard had been packed with visitors, families bringing their aged mothers and fathers to visit their departed spouses, young women like me wandering alone, young men…

     I had watched as a young mother broke down over a gravestone while her two startled children watched, not knowing what to do. The younger child could only have been three years old. The woman had quickly dried her eyes to protect her children. I was thankful that I could afford to be selfish and only have to worry about myself. How on earth that woman could find the strength to carry on through the day with two infants to worry about had cropped up in my head regularly since then. I then pulled out my iphone from my pocket and go on twitter and post some new tweets:

@Diamond_Brown: Merry Christmas all! Xx, ‘@Diamond_Brown: All in all it hadn’t been a good day’ ‘Happy Christmas. Thank you for following me till now. I love you. Xx’ ‘Once again I had lost my appetite :-(‘  I then decided to check my mentions and there’s a lot I received. I then scroll down, read all mentions and I saw the boys and girls’ tweet mention me.

‘Real_Liam_Payne: Happy Christmas @Diamond_Brown I miss you pretty!’ ‘@NiallOfficial: Just wanna say Happy Christmas to my lovely good friend @Diamond_Brown I miss you’ ‘@Louis_Tomlinson: Happy Christmas @Diamond_Brown from me and @EleanorJCalder, we miss you! Xx’ ‘@zaynmalik: Hey how are you @Diamond_Brown? Happy Christmas and I miss you! Xx’ ‘@EleanorJCalder: Happy Christmas @Diamond_Brown! I miss you! Hugs and kisses, El. Xx’ ‘@Harry_Styles: Happy Christmas baby @Diamond_Brown please know that I love you, ok? Take care, love! I miss you so much .xx’ I smiled when I saw their tweets. Yeah, I miss all of them too. I then replied to all of them saying that I miss them too and wish a very happy Christmas for them. I also replied some of the mentions I got and just retweet and favourite the others.

     “Oh, happy Christmas, dear!”, mum announced, walking out of the kitchen with her arms held open to embrace me. I started to cry. I felt like the young child at the graveyard. She still needed her mammy too. Mum’s face was flushed from the heat of the kitchen, and the warmth of her body warmed my heart. “I’m sorry”, I wiped my face, “I didn’t want to do that”. “Hush”, mum said soothingly, hugging me even tighter. I didn’t even need to say anything more; she just being there was enough. Mum, not usually the baking kind of cake for the following week. Her face was powdered with patches of flour, the sleeves of her sweater rolled up to her elbows, bits of flour gathered in her hair. The kitchen counter was covered in stray raisins, sultanas and cherries. Flour, pastry, baking trays and tin foil cluttered the surfaces. The kitchen was decorated in colourful glittery decorations and that wonderful festive smell filled the air.


Rose’s P.O.V

     The moment I had laid my eyes on my daughter, I knew that I could sense there was something wrong. We had sat in the kitchen table that was overflowing with red and green Christmas serviettes with picture prints of Santa, reindeers and Christmas tree. There were boxes and boxes of Christmas crackers for the family to get competitive over, chocolate biscuits, beer and wine, the whole lot… me, Emma, Peter and Gerry had stocked up well for the Brown family. “What’s on your mind, love?”, I had asked, pushing a plate of chocolate biscuits towards her. Diamond’s stomach had rumbled. “I couldn’t stomach any food. Once again she had lost her appetite. She had taken a deep breath then and explained to me what had happened that morning when she’s went out earlier in the morning. She went to visit Edward at the graveyard. And the other thing is about…. Harry. “Wow”, thas all I could said when she told me about him rumoured dating Taylor Swift. “So how do you feel about that? I mean, do you really believe that they were really dating? I don’t think so, love because he’s now with you”, I said, studying her face. She had shrugged helplessly. “I don’t know, mum. I love Harry, I really do, but… what if… about them… dating is true?”, she replied, she had shrugged again and trailed off.

      “Is it because you don’t feel ready just yet for your relationship with him?”, I had asked her gently. She had rubbed her forehead roughly, “Oh, I don’t know, mum. I don’t feel like I know anything any more. Harry is the best thing that had come in my life after Edward’s. He is always there for me. Always makes me laugh and smile back then. He is always there for me. Always…”, she then had picked up a biscuit and began to pick away at the crumbs. “But I don’t know if I’ll ever feel ready for going the next stage. Maybe I will, maybe I won’t. Maybe this is as ready as I’ll ever feel. I’m just 19, mum”, she had paused to think about that feeling, “I don’t know…, mum”, she had smiled sadly at me. “Well, it’s important not to rush things, Diamond. I know you know that, but all I want is for you to be happy. You deserve it, dear. I just want to see you grow up old and just want to see you happy. You know that, I love you, you’re the one and only my daughter”, I said gently and felt like crying too.


Diamond’s P.O.V

     “Well, it’s important not to rush things, Diamond. I know you know that, but all I want is for you to be happy. You deserve it, dear. I just want to see you grow up old and just want to see you happy. You know that, I love you, you’re the one and only my daughter”, mum said that. I was happy to hear that. Liam once had said the same things like that to me. He just wants me to be happy and said that I deserve it. Oh, this make me realized how much I miss him and the others especially Eleanor. “Thanks, mum”, I had smiled weakly and rested my head on her shoulder. “I just don’t know which of those things will do that for me”. As comforting as my mother had been to me that day, I was no closer to making my decisions. First I had to get through Christmas day without Edward.

     The rest of my family- plus Anna, Ruby and Lucy- reunited in the living room, and one by one greeted each other with warm hugs and kisses. We gathered around the tree and exchanged gifts, and I allowed the tears to flow throughout. I hadn’t the energy to hide them, I hadn’t the energy to care. But tears were a strange mixture of happiness and sadness. A peculiar sensation of feeling alone yet loved. I sneaked away from my family so I could have a moment to myself to think, my head was a jumble of thoughts that needed to be sorted and filed. I found myself in my old bedroom, staring out the window into the dark blustery day. The sea was fierce and threatening and I shuddered at its power.

     “So this is where you were hiding”. I turned to see Max watching me from the bedroom door. I smiled weakly and turned to face the sea again, uninterested in my cousin and his recent lack of support. I listened to the waves and watched the black water swallow the sleet that had begun to fall. I heard Max sigh loudly and felt his arms around my shoulder. “Sorry”, he said softly. I raised my eyebrows, unimpressed and continued to stare ahead. He nodded to himself slowly, “You’re right to treat me like this, Didi. I’ve been acting like a complete idiot lately. And I’m so sorry”. I turned to face him and my eyes glistened. “You let me down, Max”, I said. He closed his eyes slowly as though the very thought of that pained him, “I know, I’m so sorry”, he said even more softly then before, “I just didn’t handle the whole situation well, Didi. I found it so hard to deal with Edward… you know” “Dying”, I finished for him. “Yeah”, he clenched and unclenched his jaw and looked as though he had finally accepted it. “It wasn’t exactly easy for me, you know, Max”, a silence then fell between us. “But you helped me pack away all his things. You went through his belongings with me and made the whole thing so much easier”, I said, feeling confused, “You were there with me for that, why did you suddenly disappear?” “God, that was a so tough to do”, he shook his head sadly, “You were strong, Didi…. You are strong”, he corrected himself, “Getting rid of his things just tore me up, being in the house and him not being there just… got to me. And then I noticed you were getting closer to the boys before I knew about your dating with Harry right now so I figured it would be OK for me to take a step back because you had them and him…”, he blushes at the ridiculousness of finally explained his feeling. “You fool, Max”, I said, thumping him playfully in the stomach, “As if any one of them could ever take your place”, I said. he smiled, “Oh, I don’t know…”. I became serious again, “Harry and the boys so do the girls has been very supportive over the past year- and, believe me, people haven’t failed to surprise me at all during this whole experience”, I added politely, “I want to give Harry a chance, Max”. He stared out to the sea and nodded slowly, digesting this, “I’m sorry, Didi”. I wrapped my arms around him and felt the familiar hug of my cousin. “I know. So am I. I’m sorry that all of this had to happen. But I need you, you know”. “I know, Didi”, he said, hugging me even tighter, “And I’m here for you now. I’m going to stop being so selfish and take care of my little cousin” “Hey, your little cousin is doing just fine on her own, thank you very much”, I said sadly as I watched the sea crash violently against the rocks, its spray kissing the moon.


Harry’s P.O.V

     We sat down for our meal and my mouth watered at the spread of food before me. “I got an email from John today”, Gemma announced. She was talking about her boyfriend that was in Australia right now because he lived there. “He sent this picture of him”, she passed around the photograph she had printed off. I smiled at the sight of my sister’s boyfriend lying on the beach eating barbecued Christmas dinner with some of his friends. His hair was blonde and his skin was tanned. Mum stared at the picture for a while, feeling proud that Gemma had found her place in the world with John. After travelling around the world searching and searching, Gemma had finally found contentment, I hoped that would happen to me eventually. I passed the photo on to Taylor, and she smiled as she studied it. “He saying it might snow today”, Gemma announced, taking a second helping of dinner. I looked up to see Taylor had already undone the top button on her trousers, but it was Christmas after all, the time of giving and… er eating. “No, it won’t snow”, Taylor said, sucking on a bone, “It’s too cold for that”. I frowned, “Taylor, how could it be too cold to snow?, Gemma asked. Taylor licked her fingers and wiped them on her napkin that was tucked into shirt, and I tried not to laugh at her black woolly jumper with a big picture of a Christmas tree emblazoned across the front. “It needs to get milder before it can snow”, she explained. “Taylor, it’s about minus a million in the Antartic and it snows there. That’s hardly mild”, Gemma said. “That’s the way it works”, Taylor said matter-of-factly. “Whatever you say”, Gemma rolled her eyes.

     “She’s right actually”, I added after a while, and Gemma stopped chewing to stare at me. That was not a phrase she often heard from me. I went on to explain how snow worked and Taylor helped me out on the scientific parts. We both smiled at each other and seemed satisfied we were Mr and Mrs Know-it-alls. Mum raised her eyebrows at Gemma and they shared a look of shock. “You want some vegetables with your gravy, Taylor?”, I asked seriously, offering her a bowl of broccoli. Gemma and Anne looked at Taylor’s plate and laughed. Once it again it was a sea of gravy. “Ha-ha”, Taylor said, taking the bowl from me. “Oh my God!”, Gemma exclaimed, excitedly jumping out of her chair. “It’s snowing!” “So much for that theory, then”, I said to Taylor, and we both laughed as we watched the white flasks sparkling down the sky. Everyone deserted the dinner table and threw on our coats to run outside like excited children. I glanced down into the gardens lining the street and spotted the families of every house standing outside staring up into the sky. Taylor wrapped her arms around me and squeeze me tight. “It was great to meet your mum and sister, Harry. Like, I’m the happiest person in the world”, she whisper. I smiled and nodded. I glanced up at the snowflakes glistening down from the black star-filled sky in the moonlight. The moment felt so magical; there and then I made my final decision.



     I can’t sleep that night. I turned to face Taylor on my left so that we could talk but the sound of her soft snores ended all thought of communication between us. It was two o’clock in the morning. I sighed and looked around the room. I then decided to go on twitter so I grabbed my iphone and went to twitter. I saw some tweets from the lads, my friends and Diamond. She post some photos of her and her family on Christmas’ dinner. I smiled to see her face. I missed her so much. Then, I saw Diamond’s in replied my mention about seven hours ago. ‘Diamond_Brown: @Harry_Styles Happy Christmas too baby. I missed you so much and I love you always! Xx’ I then favourite her tweet and post some new tweets, ‘@Harry_Styles: I was now unable to sleep .x’ ‘@Harry_Styles: What’s are you guys up too? :) xx’ within any seconds, I received a million of feedback from the fans. Then, until I saw someone mention me with a photo of me, Taylor, Gemma and mum outside the house. Taylor’s arms was around mine. I was panic then. But I tried to keep calm. Then, I felt my way across the bedcovers in the dark for the remote control and flicked on the television. Commercial presentations adorned the screen.

     Then, after all the commercial presentations were finished, I was watching the The Ellen Show. My heart beat widly to see Diamond was coming from the back to the stage to be with Ellen. I decided to sat on the end of the bed. “Hi, how are you, Ellen? Thanks for inviting me to come”, Diamond said as she reached the stage and hugged Ellen. “I’m fine, thank you. How about you? You look even more beautiful and amazing”, Ellen said and they sat down on the couch that was opposite to each other. “I’m great. Thank you for your compliment”, I smiled to see Diamond spoke. I missed to see her. “This is the first time you had attent for my show. So, what’s new? I mean, you’re now a super hot amazing model”, Ellen said. Diamond was blushing. How cute. “Wow, that’s too much, thank you. I’m doing great, like… well, my schedule is pack so… yeah, a little bit busy, you know”, she answered. Right, she’s too busy right now. And that’s why she couldn’t attent for the MSG. I was sad with that, that she couldn’t make it but I understand why because she had a lot of works to do. It didn’t mind me as long as she don’t stop loving me like I do. I really loved her. “Yeah, I see that you’re too busy until you haven’t met your boyfriend, One Direction’s Harry Styles for a month!”, Ellen said laughing and the audience started to cheer loudly when the screen started to show photos of me and her. “Uhm, yeah, I didn’t met him for about a month because we both are busy, so… but we’ll try to work things out, Ellen”, Diamond said, smilling.

     I nodded, agreed with her because we had that on the day that she told me she cannot make things out for MSG with me and the lads. “Awww, you know what, you guys are really cute and suite to each other. How long have you two been together now?” “It’s about 40 days now and it was sad to not see him on our first monthiversarry but we still could talked to each other in the late night at 3 am something like that”. I watched that show until the end, then I looked up to see the clock. It was almost 3 in the morning but I was still unable to sleep. I decided to make some coffee for myself. I then walked down stairs and make my way to the kitchen. I was shocked to see mum sitting on the dinner chair whilst sipping her tea as I walked in. “Mum?”, I could tell that she was shocked to see me too. “Oh, baby, why you still awake?”, mum asked. “I couldn’t sleep, mum. May I join you?”, I replied. She nodded and smiled. I then walked and sat next to her. “Well, why are you here? You should be asleep right now, mum”, I said. “I was unable to sleep too, my dear”, she said. I then nodded. “Uhm Harry, can I ask you something?” I looked up to face my mum, “Sure, mum” “What’s are you and Taylor up too? I mean, are you two dating?”, she asked seriously. “I… I don’t know, mum. I was confused”, I said. “No, you have to know. Listen to me, Harry, if you love Diamond then leave Taylor. And if you love Taylor, then leave Diamond. I didn’t want you to make a wrong decision” “No, mum. I really don’t know. I do love Taylor but its not as much as I love Diamond. I love Diamond. I really do love her. She’s my everything, and I don’t think I can live without her”, I explained. “Then, you have to choose, my son. The girl you love for now or the girl you love the most”, she said softly. I then froze to hear that from my mum. Yes, she’s right. “In the end, you’ll know which girl really love you. They’re the ones who see you for who you are and no matter what, always find a way to be at your side”, she added. I hugged her. It’s like I’ve only been here in an hour because tomorrow me and Taylor have to be back in London already.


Diamond’s P.O.V

A week later…

     It’s been a week now after Christmas. “We’re two will be going to London for only a day for signing up the contracts before we fly to Korea and stay there for about a month?!”, Alex explained to mum and Emma who was standing outside the house. Tom and Max helped us to put our suitcases in the boot. Tom had offered to drive us to the airport but he was fast regretting it. Summer and Andrew were here too to see me and Alex before we go. I’ll be starting my new job as a modeler, I guess. I felt really excited for this that I can finally meet Harry and the lads back then when we arrived in London. I wasn’t going to tell them that I will be flying there. I wanted to surprise them! I couldn’t remember the last time I had felt so truly excited! My bag was packed with sweets, chocolate and magazines. Our flight wasn’t until 9 pm so we wouldn’t arrived at our accommodation until the early hours of the morning. Alex give everyone a big bear hugs and kisses on the cheeks. And I did too. “Take care, babe. Don’t forget to ring me once you got there”, Summer as we both pulled away from our hug. I nodded and smiled before I hopped into the car. Alex was in the passenger’s seat. So I went to the back seat of the car. We arrived at the airport and piled out of the car while Tom lifted our suitcases from the door. I stood back from the car and waited for Alex, who was saying goodbyes to her husband.

     “You’ll be careful, now, wont you?”, he asked her worriedly, “Don’t be doing anything stupid over there”. “Tom, of course I’ll be careful”, Alex said. Tom wasn’t listening to a word she said, “Because it’s one thing messing around over here but you can’t act like that in another country, you know” “Tom”, Alex said, wrapping her arms around his neck, “I’m just going for my fashion line, you don’t need to worry about me”. Tom then whispered something into her ear and she nodded. “I know, I know” They gave each other a long goodbye kiss and I watched them embrace. “Didi, take care of my wonderful wife for me? Will you?”, Tom asked, breaking into my toughts. “I will, Tom. We’re only going for a month, you know”, I laughed, and gave him a hug. “I know but I’m just a little worried”, he smiled, “Anyways, good luck in your fashion line, babe”, he said and kissed Alex on her forehead. “Thanks, Tom. And don’t forget, take care of Charlie while I’m not here”, Alex said seriously. Tom nodded. “And you, Didi, I hope you enjoy yourself, Didi. You deserve the rest”, he added. I nodded and smiled. Then we waved to Tom as he watched us dragged our luggage across the road and into the airport. I paused as I entered and took a deep breath. I loved airports. I loved the smell, the noise, the whole atmosphere as people walked around happily tugging their luggage, looking forward to going on their holidays or heading back home. I loved to see people arriving and being greet with a big cheer by their families, and I loved to watch them all giving each other emotional hugs. It was a perfect place for people spotting. The airport always gave me a feeling of anticipation in the pit of my stomach as though I was about to do something amazing. Queing at the boarding gate felt like waiting to go on a roller coaster ride at a theme park, like an excited little child. I followed Alex and we joined the other people who were queing up too halfway down the extremely long check-in queue. “I told you we should have come earlier”, I moaned. “Well, the we would be waiting at the boarding gate for just the same amount of time, Didi”, reasoned Alex. After thirty minutes, of queing we finally checked in and Alex ran around the shop like a mad woman, buying a lifetime’s supply of cigarettes. “Why is that girl staring at us?”, Alex said through gritted teeth, eyeing up the woman at the end of the bar. “Probably because you’re staring at her, Alex”, I said, I don’t think people would recognize me. I wore a red plain shirt and a black legging with a pairs of brown ankle boots, a black beanie with a long black on my neck. I also had Harry’s oversized hoodie, “Uhm, well, only fifteen minutes more”, I added, checking my watch.

     “No, honestly, Didi” Alex turned back round to face them, “I’m not being paranoid here. She is definitely staring at us”. “Well, then why don’t you go over to her and ask her if she wants to take it outside”, I joked and smirked. “Oh, here she comes”, Alex said, and turned her back to me.  I looked up and saw a skinny blonde-haired girl with a big smile on her face heading towards us. “Hi, there!”, the girl squeaked. “Hello!”, I said, trying not to laugh. “I didn’t mean to be rude by staring but I just had to come over and see if it was really you!”, she explained, and pulled out a small bag from her purse. “It’s me all right”, I said, smilling. “Oh, I just knew it!”, the girl squealed, and jumped up and down with excitement. “My friends kept telling me I was wrong but I knew it was you! That’s them over them”, she turned around and pointed to the end of the bar, and the other four spice girls twinkled their fingers back, “My name’s Cindy… and I’m just the biggest fan of you, Diamond!”, she squealed excitedly. “I just love that you and Harry are together. And that hoodie is really help out. Because I knew it was Harry’s, am I right?”, she said. I smiled and nodded, “Thank you, Cindy”. “By the way can I get a picture with you please?”, she asked as the four of her friend walked toward us. I nodded. Cindy passed her camera to Alex and went to stand next to me. So did her friends. They wrapped her arms around me and we’re smile at the camera. “Thank you, Diamond! Nice to meet you”, one of Cindy’s friend said. I smiled. “Well, alright Diamond we have to go now otherwise we’ll be late!”, Alex said seriously. I nodded and was about to take my suitcase but Cindy paused me, “Can we atleast get a hug from our favourite beautiful lady?”. I laughed and nodded. I gave them a big bear hugged to each other and they all said ‘thank you’ to me before I headed over to the boarding gate with Alex and I looked back to see them when I heard my name’s been calling out, I waved back to them as they did. As we made our way to our seats on the plane, my heart sunk once again and I immediately dived onto the seat on the far side of the aisle. Alex sat down next to me. “Wake me up when we finally arrived, okay!”, I said as I drove to sleep. I couldn’t wait to meet my lovely boyfriend!



     Six hours later the plane glided over the sea and landed at Heathrow airport. Everyone cheered and applauded and no one on the plane was more relieved than Alex. “Oh, I have the biggest headache”, she complained to me as we made our way to the luggage reclaim. We beat our way through the rabble so we had a good view of the luggage. Everybody thought it would be great idea to lean forward so that nobody beside could see what was coming. We stood there for almost a half an hour before the conveyer belt even started moving and a further half an hour later we were still standing there waiting for our bags while the majority of the crowd had headed outside their coaches. Finally, I got our suitcases. “You feel better now?”, I asked Alex. “Not until I have a cigarette”, she replied, but she still managed to smile. “Diamond and Alex Brown?”, a woman said in a thick London accent. We nodded. “Hi, I’m Victoria and I’m your rep from the fashion line management for the day”, she winked cheekily at me and Alex.

     It was six in the evening, and yet a cold breeze greet us as we stepped outside. We finally reached at the parking lot and there was a silver limo with a man waiting for us. “Hi, I’m Kevin, will be your driver for today until tomorrow”, he said, greeted us with a huge smile on his face. “Woo-hoo”, Alex sang over as she hopped into the car. Victoria helped Kevin lifted in our suitcases into the boot. I then get in the car after Alex did. Forty-five minutes later, we reached at a 5 stars hotel and the excitement once again returned to my stomach. There was a long driveway in and tall palm trees lined the centre of the drive. A large fountain was lit up with blue lights outside the main entrance. We then pulled up outside. The management had booked into a big suit for us that was a nice neat size, containing five bedrooms with queen-size beds in each rooms, a kitchen and living area with a sofa bed, a bathroom in each rooms and so balcony. “Alright, we’re all sharing this suit together. I mean, right on the end of the left will be your room, Alex. And your room will be on the middle, Diamond”, Victoria started to point out her finger at the long hallway which make our way to the bedrooms. “Oh, thank you, but who else will be here?”, Alex said. “Cara, Roo and Rob from the Burberry models”, she said, “And exactly at 8, we’ll be going for the contracts signing!”, she added as she walked into the kitchen. “Alright, I want to get some rest”, Alex said as she grabbed her suitcases and dragged them into her room. I sighed and was about to grabbed my suitcases too.

     “Hello?”, I turned to see a man standing behind me. “Oh, hi”, I replied. “So, I guess you are that beautiful lady that everyone’s talking about, am I right?”, he said, smiled cheekily. Oh Lord, he reminds me a lot of Edward! “Yes, I’m Diamond. And you?” “I’m Roo”, he said as he walked closer and gave me a big bear hug. “Well, I guess maybe you need some help?” he asked. “No, not really. I can do it”, I said, blushing as I started to pick my suitcases back until I realized he was faster than me. He had two of my suitcases and I had the another one. I then sighed and walked into my room and he followed. “It’s great that we’ll be a working partner?”, he asked as he set down my suitcases on the bed. “Yes. Anyway, thank you, Roo”, I said. “You’re welcome. Okay. See you later”, he said, smiled and make his way out of the room.



Niall’s P.O.V

     I sat down on the bar next to Harry and Taylor. Liam was on my right. “Don’t tell me you’re back for more!”, Harry laughed as he saw me. “I just came down for a glass of water”, I said to the barman. “Oh my God, Niall”, I heard Taylor wailed. “There you go”, the barman said, placing a glass of water on a beer mat in front of me. “Thanks”, I said. I was annoyed to hear Harry’s laugh. I looked up to see Taylor dipped her finger into her glass and rubbed it on Harry’s lips. “Don’t tell me that they’re drunk?”, I asked Liam as I turned to face Liam. “Uhm, it seems like they are…”, Liam replied in a sad look. I sighed. “I miss Diamond”, I mumbled. They I felt like someone was staring at me. “What did you said just now, Nialler?”, a deep husky voice asked me. Right, Harry. “I said that I miss Diamond. Is there a problem with you?”, I responded angrily to see Taylor wrapped her arms around Harry’s whilst gave me a death glare. “Are you kidding me?! You’re trying to steal her from me?!”, he began to raised his voice. “Wow, easy mate”, Liam interrupted us. “What’s the delay here?”, another deep voice enquired. It was Zayn. Louis then walked in. “Why don’t you sit down there, Taylor, and I’ll bring the drinks over?”, Harry said. I smiled when I heard she sighed. “Alright, don’t be late, baby”, she said, gave Harry a quick peck on the lips before she walked out. I watched her hips working furiously- boom, boom, boom- from side to side as she walked. She walked like a model or something, I decided. “What the hell is that, Niall?”,  Harry asked, looking angrily. “Definetely worth to lose Diamond”, I said that. Right, Niall. “Anyway, good night, everyone. I’m leaving now”, I said as I stood up and began to walk. “I’m coming with you!”, Liam said and followed me.  Harry really don’t deserves someone like Diamond. How could he cheating behind that beautiful lady? Harry should be appreciate and loved her as she gave him the opportunity. I cant believe this have to be happen! Like when I watched Diamond in the Ellen Show two weeks ago, I felt sorry for her. She said that she loved Harry. It really tears my world apart. I loved Diamond as much as Harry loved her, I though but the difference is, I really meant it, and Harry?


Diamond’s P.O.V

     I woke up the next morning at 8. I yawned as I sat up. I was really tired. The meeting with the fashion line management ended at 10 and before that I decided to go have some visit at Harry’s but I couldn’t make it because I am really tired last night. But all of it, it was a great night that I have to meet Cara Delegvine(is that how the spell of her name? :/) , Rob Pryor, George Craig and Roo Panes. I then took a shower and ended it with a white jumper with a letters ‘Diamond’ on the front of it and a dark blue jeans. I put on my long boots and took a long scarf and wrapped it around my neck. I put on my beanie and a black sunglasses. I decide to get some tea then went to Harry’s. I have a another meeting with the management crews at 3 before we exactly leaving to Korea. After I got in the coffee shop in the streets, I could felt like the paps recognize me as I heard there were sounds of cameras clicking and flashes something like that. I just ignored them and began to order my coffee. A few minutes later, after I got my tea I took a cab. It tooks me about 10 minutes ride and we finally reached infront of Harry’s apartment. I quickly paid him and I was excitedly to see them. I pulled up outside and walked into the lobby.

      “Hey, how are you? I haven’t seen you in ages”, I turned to see Paul smilling at me. “Eh, Paul? Yeah, me too. I came here for some signing for the fashion line last night and right after at 8 we’ll be heading to Korea for a month!”, I explained after I pulled away from the hug. “Alright. Good luck then”, he said. “Does the boys here?”, I asked before I pressed the elevator’s button. He nodded and then went to the other side of the lobby. I pressed ‘20’ as I get in the elevator. I quickly ran out from the elevator as I reached the level. I was now standing right outside Harry’s doorway. I smiled as I began to knock the door. “Coming!”, I heard a thick Irish accent yelled as he’s coming for the door. I know it was Niall. “Yes h-”, he stopped as the door fully opened and he was shocked to see me. “Oh, I missed you so much!”, he half yelled happily and grabbed my wrist to come in. I hugged him back as I got in. “How are you, Niall?”, I asked. He smiled, “I’m good. And you? What are you doing here?”, he replied. “I’m fine too. I have a signing contracts with the fashion management before I could go to Korea. Where’s everyone?”, I said. “Come on”, he said as he pulled my hand and walked to the living room. There were Liam and Zayn laying on the sofa watching the telly. They didn’t realize us. I cleared my throat. Zayn was still watching the telly, ignored me. Liam looked up and then back to the telly and then he looked up again at me. I grinned. “Is that really you? Oh God, I missed you!”, Liam said and quickly stood ran to me and gave me a big bear hug. Zayn did that too as he saw me. We all then hugged each other. Like I was in the middle and being hugged by three of them at the same time. “By the way, where’s Lou and Harry?”, I asked happily. But suddenly the smile on their faces all fade. I frowned. “Is there anything happen?”, I asked. I was stunned to see Zayn sighed and walked to the balcony. I then looked at Niall and Liam. “Lou is in his room, sleeping”, Liam said. “Oh, and Harry?”, I asked again as they didn’t tell me anything about Harry. They’re still in silence. “Uhm, Harry… he’s in room”, Niall said shakingly. “Oh, let me see him”, I said as I was about to make my way to Harry’s room and I felt someone grabbed my arms. I turned to see Zayn. “No, just no. you can’t, Diamond”, he whispered. I was shocked to hear that. “Why wouldn’t I cant? He’s my boyfriend”, I said. Zayn finally let go of my arms.

      “Mate, just… let… just let her. She… She needed to know the truth”, Liam finally said. Zayn sighed and turned his back. Like he didn’t want to look at me. “Is there something happen and you guys have been hiding something from me?”, I asked softly. Right then I saw tears streaming down Niall’s face and he quickly wiped it. I frowned even more. What the hell is going on? I was about to say something but then I didn’t make it when I heard someone’s voice laughing from Harry’s room. I could heard that, that was a girl’s voice. I looked back to Liam, then Niall and Zayn and back then to the door. My heart started to race. What was all this about? I then quickly walked to Harry’s door, and without knocking I twisted the doorknob and opened the door.

     And that moment I saw Harry was making out with a blonde girl on his bed, my eyes widened, my body froze as tears started to stream down my face. Harry was shocked to see me at his doorway and he stopped kissing that girl. And I recognize who she was. “What?”, she asked Harry and turned to see me. Right. Taylor Swift. My boyfriend is making out with Taylor Swift. I couldn’t hold it anymore. “Right, Harry, I was wrong. I thought that you loved me”, I said softly in tears. Harry quickly stood up and walked towards me. He is now on only in his boxers. He tried to hug me but then I pushed him away “Don’t touch me!”, I yelled. “Let me explain”, he said. I shooked my head. I’m on my knees now. I wrapped my arms around my knees and leaned at the walls. “How long have you done this?”, I asked him, angrily. “hey, what’s ha-”, Louis stopped as he opened his door room and was shocked to see me in front of him crying like hell. “Diamond?”, he said. I then quickly stood up. “Right. Diamond. You guys knew about this earlier too right? How could no one of you tell me about this? I couldn’t believe you!”, I said. “I’m-, I’m sorry, Diamond”, Zayn whispered as his tears started to fall. “Don’t say you’re sorry to me!”, I yelled at the bottom of my lungs out. “Diamond, I’m sorry. I didn’t want to see you hurt”, Niall said as he came closer and I pushed him. “You! You say that you do love me but why you didn’t tell me anything? Is that what you’re mean by loving me?”, I asked. Madly. He silence. I then took a deep breath. “You know what, Harry. I was truly happy and excited when I knew that I have to come here to signing some contract with the management so I could have some times to spend with you and the boys but… it didn’t make it”, I said, sadly. Before I knew, Harry already had the tears on his cheeks. “Don’t worry. I’m not going to stress over you anymore. It isn’t worth it. I tried to work something out but you just ignored the chances I gave to you! I’m not saying that I didn’t want you because I definitely do. All I’m saying is I’m done”, I said. “No, Diamond. Don’t leave. I love you”, he said, shooking his head and tried to hold me. I took a step back from him. “Thank you for everything, Harry Styles. I regret everything I had for you”, I said and walked for the door. Niall chased me. “Are you sure you want to leave? I’ll be missing you”, he whispered. I turned to hug him and cried on his shoulder. Liam and Zayn then came up. “We’re sorry”, Zayn said as I hugged him. “Never mind. You guys take care, okay. I’ll be missing all of you”, I said as I pulled away. Liam then hugged me tigther than I ever hugged him before. “I don’t want to lose a sister like you, Diamond. I’ll be missing you again after this”, he said. I nodded as I buried my head on his chest. Crying. I then let go of him. I looked up to see Louis and Harry wasn’t there. I then hugged Louis. “I’m sorry, Diamond”, is all he could say.

     I nodded then quickly walked out. I walked out then from the elevator and was shocked to see there were many paps there outside the apartment. They saw me and went to snap pictures of me. “Are you okay?”, Paul asked me. I nodded and smiled. I then gave him a hug. “They saw you came here”, he said as he pulled away and pointed at the crowded people. “Diamond, why are you crying?!” “Are you okay?” is all I could heard. “I have to go”, I said to Paul and he nodded. “Wait!”, I stopped as I heard a deep husky voice called out from my behind before I knew, his arms wrapped around me from my behind. The crowded started to cheer as they watched us. “What do you think you’re doing, Harry?”, I asked and tried my best to let go from him. The crowded started to silent and the clicking of camera and flashes went crazy. “We’re done”, I whispered and began to cry again. He did too. His nose and eyes were red. He shooked his head. “I love you, Diamond”, he said as he pulled me into his embrace. This time, I didn’t pushed him. I hugged him back because I missed him and this will be our last hug. “I have to go”, I said as I pulled away but he didn’t. After he did, he kissed my lips for about a minute and then he grabbed my hands and started to kiss them. “Just remember, I will always love you. Forever. And I missed you so much”, he said and kissed my forehead. I closed my eyes. “I don’t want to see you anymore, Harry. I just couldn’t make it. I’m sorry if I have to forget you. Good bye”, I said and walked quickly to the exit. The crowd started to surround me as I walked out then I saw Paul and two other bodyguards came and helped me to walk until I got a cab. I cried my eyes out in the cab ride back to my hotel. I just broke up with Harry. I am an idiot girl. Edward, I need you. I missed you.

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