Cupids Fall: Harry

Beautiful Irish, Diamond Brown, 19, struggling with her life after her losts. She then met Harry and the other four lads. Love growing between them. Harry lost her after someone came in his life althought he doesn't love that person as much and he loves Diamond. Dramas start, heart broken into pieces and tears never stop. Guess what, the memories their shared together, never ended. What if love was right there in front of them and they just couldn't see it? *I kept making people crying reading this and watching the trailer* xx


32. A great family dinner.


Diamond’s P.O.V

We’re now on the plane heading back home to Dublin, Ireland. I had so much fun for a week spending with the boys and girls in Venice. They’re now like my best friend. Well, Anna now was being so nice to me lately after the incident. But sometimes the others didn’t put fulled trust on her and asked me to be careful with her especially Harry and Zayn. “Didi, have you call your mum that we will be back home soon?”, Ciara asked me. I turned my head back to see her, “Yes. I already done this morning”, I said. She then smiled and nodded and continued talking with Niall who was sitting next to her. I sat with Harry as usual. He smells so good. I can’t take my eyes off him. I felt something when I looked into his eyes. Well, actually yesterday Simon has called them, said that the making of their music video for Little Things has to be postponed due to technical problems. So, the boys have another one more week break. Then, Ciara and Summer suggested them to go to Ireland. Niall was the first to agree because he can visit his family again. Then after all, they were all agreed to fly with us to Ireland. I’ve bought a lot of goodie for my family and some friends. Well, Venice is a city in the northeast Italy sited on a group of 118 small islands separated by canals and linked by bridges. It is located in the marshy Venetian Lagoon which stretches along the shoreline between the mouths of the Po and the Piave rivers. Venice is like no other city in the world. Established more than 1,000 years ago by seafarers and Roman refugees, this magnificent city continues to be the heart of Italian culture for hopeless romantic. “Flight BR898 to Dublin is now boarding”, the announcer said. “Oh, I’m so sleepy!”, Zayn whined. I looked up to see Zayn that was next to me. Perrie then was next to him, she sat in the window seat. “Babe, we’re on the plane for eight hours and fifteen minutes. You’ll have so much plenty of time to sleep”, Perrie replied. “Okay, I know”, Zayn mumbled. He then smiled to her and me. “Diamond”, Harry called me. I turned to see his face. “Yes?” “Well, where do you and your family lived in Dublin?”, he asked. “Uhm, we lived in Portmarnock”, I answered, smiled. He then asked me some questions about them. And I’m so happy that he asked questions about my parents and family. I mean, isn’t he so sweet. We then talked about everything about in thirty minutes later the flight began to silence so do me and Harry before I knew that I has asleep on his shoulder. I woke up when I felt someone touched me for so many times. “Hey, wake you sleepy head!”, Zayn yelled whist Harry, “Wake up you sleeping beauty”, he said softly. “Hahaha Zayn you’re so bad in waking people up!”, Perrie joked. Then, they laughed. I slowly opened my eyes. I was sleeping on Harry’s shoulder. I quickly lifted my head. “Sorry if I made your shoulder pain or uncomfortable”, I said quietly. He then shooked his head, and smiled “No problem, beautiful. I’m okay”. “We’re now arriving in Dublin”, Ciara said as the plane landed on the ground. Cheers came from all around the plane as we buckled our seat belts. Louis’ voice was the most loud between us. We then got our bags and headed for the exit of the plane. I had asked Max and Andrew had asked James to pick us up. But only the girls. The boys will be staying at Niall’s. Once we all got to the conveyor belt to pick up our bigger luggage and bags, we all stretched and I could see Zayn has yawned. Wow, he need so much sleep, I though. He really loves to sleep. We then got our bags and luggage and we all went to the arrival room. The girls and I joked around as we waited for Max and James to come whilst the boys were surrounded by the fans for some pictures and signatures. Then, a few girls came toward us, “Hey there Diamond, I was wondering if you and Harry can get back together because you two are suit to each other”, she said. Me and the girls were stunned to hear that. “No, sweetie. I don’t ever dating him. How could we can get back together?”, I asked and laughed. “Whatever it is, we always support you and Harry’s relationship! Well, can we get a hug from you, El, Perrie and Dani?”, another girl asked. I looked at Eleanor. She, Perrie and Danielle nodded. “Of course, then”, I said. They went to hug us one by one. After that, James has arrived. Summer, Anna, Ruby and Andrew go with him. While me, Ciara, Danielle, Perrie and Eleanor will go with Max. “This is my keys. See you three there, okay”, I said as I handed my keys house to Summer. She nodded and went to give me a hug then hopped into the car and James drove them out from the airport. “Well, we’ll be coming to Dublin tomorrow morning”, Niall said as he walked toward us with the boys. I nodded. “I want to buy some magazines at the store”, Eleanor said as she pointed her finger to the book store near us. “I’ll come with you”, Louis said. Then, the two love birds walked to the store together hand-in-hand. I walked toward a long bench near me, Ciara, Liam and Danielle already there. So I went to sit next to Liam. Then, Harry came and sat next to me followed by Niall. He sat next to Harry. Perrie and Zayn made a sad faces to us as there was no more space for them to sit. “Awh, you two really suit to each other on making some that stuff faces”, Niall joked. We laughed then a few girls came to us. “Hey, can we get some pictures?”, one of the girls asked, smiled. The boys nodded and stood. They snapped some pictures together until when they were finished, Liam sat back in between me and Danielle. Niall did too, but Harry was being stopped by the girls. “Uhm, Harry, can I get some pictures with you and Diamond?”, she asked then looked at me, smiling. I was stunned. “Sure. Do you mind babe?”, Harry said and looked at me. “Just go, Diamond”, I saw Perrie mouthed. Liam and Niall then gently pushed me to get up. “Alright”, I said and walked towards them. The girl handed her phone to one of her friends and stood between me and Harry. She wrapped her arms on Harry and my’s waist. “Okay, thank you Diamond. You are so beautiful, I love you so much!”, she yelled happily and tears streaming down on her cheeks. Harry smiled. I was stunned to see her cried then gently wiped her tears. “Why are you crying?”, I asked. “Because I was so happy that I finally met a girl who was so perfect and she always made my idol smile”, she said. I was froze, Harry happily smiled to me and winked. “Well, can I get a hug?”, she asked. I then nodded and went to give her a hug, she then hugged Harry. Followed by her friends. “Can you guys get back together?”, the last girl hugged me asked that. Harry heard that too. I sighed and looked at Harry. “Well, we’re just best friend. But it wouldn’t last. One fine day, she will be more than just a best friend to me”, Harry explained and winked at me. I made an ‘O’ mouth. The girls cheered and walked away. “Harry!”, I called and hit his arm. He laughed. “Wow, did I missed something?”, Louis interrupted us. He and Eleanor then sat on the long bench. “Nothing. Seriously, there’s nothing happened!”, I quickly said and gave Harry a death glanced before I went to walk toward Zayn and Perrie.


Niall’s P.O.V

I finally arrived home in Mullingar with the lads. We took a cab from the airport after It’s good to be home. “Hi mom”, I yelled to give my mom a huge hug as she stood at the front door, waiting for us. “How are you? Me and the lads will be staying here for a few days”, I said. “Yeah I’m fine, of course you can, dear”, she said, smiled. The lads then went to hug her. “Come in, you guys must be so tired”, we then walked in the house. “Where’s dad, mom?” “Oh, he’ll be home at 5. Don’t you worry, dear”, she said, “Well, you can show them the room. I’ll make some hot drinks for you guys okay. Anything, just search me in the kitchen”, she said and headed to the kitchen. Me and the lads then ran upstairs. I showed them some spare rooms. Zayn and Harry shared a room, Liam and Louis shared a room and me alone in my room. Well, I used to be alone all the time, I though. I then decided that I needed to talk with Harry about Diamond. I unpacked my things, then went to shower. I just put on my sweatpants and walked out from the room. I knocked the spare room than Harry and Zayn’s shared. A few seconds later, Zayn opened the door. “Vas happenin, mate?”, he asked and let me walked in the room. He continued unpacked his things, Harry was on the phone at the balcony room. I sat on the end of the bed. “Zayn, you know right about how I feeling to Diamond?”, I asked Zayn. He then looked to face me, he nodded and raised his eyebrows, “Why mate? Do you have any problems? Tell me then”, he said and looked down back at his luggage. “Well, definitely yes. Uhm, I’m just couldn’t stand to see Diamond with Harry. It makes me felt so… jealous, you know. Emotionally I’m done. Mentally I’m drained. Spiritually I’m dead. Physically I smile, Zayn”, I explained as he looked up at me. He felt sorry for me. He then stood and went to sit next to me. “Well, I know how that feeling of jealousy. You know me well right mate that I am the most jealous boy in the world”, he said, chuckles. “Zayn, I need your help. I mean, should I tell her about this feeling?”, I asked and put my hand on my chest. He sighed, “It’s up to you”, he said. then, Harry walked in. “Well, I think I needed to see Liam. I’ll be back”, Zayn said and quickly ran to the door. I know that he wanted to give me and Harry some time to talk.


Harry’s P.O.V

I called my mum and told her that I was in Mullingar, Niall’s home. We were giving another one week for break from Simon. She asked me how I am doing, I then told her about everything had happened in Venice between me, Diamond and Anna. She was so shocked to hear that but she still happy to hear about Diamond. She said, she already loved Diamond as her own daughter. After that, I hung up and walked inside the room back. Niall was there too. He sat on the end of the bed with Zayn. “Well, I think I needed to see Liam. I’ll be back”, Zayn suddenly spoke and ran to the door as I walked in to the room. “This house was huge. I love it”, I said and went to grab my bag to unpack my things. He smiled, “Well, Harry actually I needed to talk to you”, he said. I frowned, “What is it, mate?” “It’s about Diamond”, he said. I looked up at him. Diamond? I sat next to him. “You know right how I’m feeling to her?”, he asked. I sighed and nodded. Niall loved Diamond too as much as I love her. “Uhm, I just wanted to be honest, that I couldn’t stand anymore to see you with her. I mean, you both looked so close and all the fans though that you two were dating but in reality, you guys didn’t”, he explained. I was silence. Giving him some time to talk more. “But Harry, to see her was to love her, love but her, and love her forever. She’s perfect. I love her so much but she didn’t know. And I wanted to tell her so bad about this feeling. But I’m afraid. I’m afraid that I will lost her because I already knew that she will not loved me back”, he said. I frowned, “Niall, well you and I had fallen for the same girl, but trust me,mate. Diamond and I will be best friends forever because that’s what she wanted for. She didn’t love me either. So, you don’t have to worry about that. I don’t want our friendship ruined because of this little things, we’re like brothers, you know”, I said. He then sighed, “Well, me too”, he said and went to give me a huge big brotherly hug. “Is everything OK here?”, I could heard someone asked. I pulled away and looked at the doorway. It was Liam, Zayn and Louis. “Oh, we already heard you guys”, Louis said. They then walked in.


Diamond’s P.O.V

I laid on my bed. Feeling so good to be home. Since my house only have three spare rooms and one master bedroom, so we have to share the room. Ciara will be sleeping with me in this room. Summer and Danielle decided to share the room together since they seemed to be close now. Perrie with Eleanor and Anna with Ruby. I then grabbed my phone and went to call my mum. “Hello sweetie. So, are you home?” “Hello. Yes, I am, mum. The girls stayed with me” “Oh, it’s good to hear that. So, you didn’t have to be alone, right” “Yes, mum. So, how’s everyone? Max told me that Alex and Tom were flying back to Australia last night with Charlie too” “Yes, they are. Tom has to attend some important meeting with his clients”, mum said. “Okay, I understand now, mum” “Okay, sweetheart, so where’s the boys?” “Well, uhm they staying at Niall’s in Mullingar. But we will meet them again tomorrow morning as they wanted to come here”, I explained. “Well, great because I was about thinking to have dinner for us. I mean, dinner with your friends” “Oh, mum, you don’t have to do that. I didn’t want to burden you” “No no no, sweetie. I want you to invite them over for dinner tomorrow night. Emma and I will preparing the dinner. So you don’t have you worry”, she said. “Alright mum. I’ll let them know. Okay, take care, I love you” “I love you more, my daughter” I then hung up. I went to my twitter then and posted some new tweets.

@Diamond_Dcruz: Feeling so good to be homeeeeeee xx

@Diamond_Dcruz: What we will have for dinner @Summer_Rebecca94 ? Xx

@Diamond_Dcruz: Hello @NiallOfficial @Harry_Styles @Real_Liam_Payne @zaynmalik @Louis_Tomlinson see you guys tomorrow xx

@Diamond_Dcruz: I love the way you look into your eyes ;-)

I then tapped my mentions and went to read each of the tweet slowly because there were a lot of tweets came in.

@shirashahirot: Wow why you’re so perfect @Diamond_Dcruz ?! xoxo / then I replied the tweet, @Diamond_Dcruz: Well, thanks @shirashahirot but I’m not perfect tho xx

@Angeline123: Harmond all the time! @Harry_Styles and @Diamond_Dcruz / then I replied the tweet, @Diamond_Dcruz: @Angeline123 wow that’s a cute name but I don’t think so that Harmond is exist right @Harry_Styles ? ;-)

@I_love_1D: @Diamond_Dcruz hey you beautiful, please noticed me once! :-( / then I replied the tweet, @Diamond_Dcruz: Heyyy @I_love_1D I’ve noticed you now, love ;-) xx

I replied some more tweets but then I couldn’t help anymore but just favourite or retweet some of them because there were too many interactions I got. Wow. Then, I noticed a tweet from Harry. He exactly replied the tweet from one of the tweet I had replied, @Harry_Styles: @Angeline123 Harmond will be exist someday okay @Diamond_Dcruz ;) xxxx

I couldn’t help but smile. After that, the girl replied us back, @Angeline123: You guys replied my tweet @Harry_Styles @Diamond_Dcruz !! Yes I pray for Harmond!! Xx / I then replied back the tweet, @Diamond_Dcruz: @Harry_Styles @Angeline123 ok Styles, you made me stunned .xx

I then noticed another tweet from Harry, @Harry_Styles: @Diamond_Dcruz asked Summer to make some pancakes. I know you missed my pancakes :P xx / I replied the tweet: @Diamond_Dcruz: Oh, you’re funny enough @Harry_Styles

I then decided to get up and went to shower. After I finished my shower, I put on some sweatshirt and shorts. I walked down stairs and to see Anna and Ciara are watching movie, “Where’s the others?”, I asked them. “Well, Summer and Ruby were in the kitchen”, Ciara said. “Making dinner”, Anna replied. “El was sleeping. Perrie and Eleanor was at their room.” I headed to the kitchen. Summer was making some soup whilst Ruby was cutting the vegetables, making salads I though. “Wow you two making dinner?”, I asked and stood next to Summer. Watching her cooked. “Yes. I’ll make some soup and Ruby make salads.”, Summer said. “Well, my mum invited you guys for dinner at my parents’ tomorrow night”, I said. “Oh, that will be great. I love it”, Ruby said, “Yeah”, Summer replied. “Okay, I’ll tell the boys”, I said and pulled out my phone and went to text all the boys. I told them about my mum’s invitation for the dinner. Then a few minutes later, I received the texts back from the boys.

Harry: Ok, love. I can’t wait to meet your parents ;-) xx

Louis: Sure we will coming!

Liam: Your mum is a kind woman, like her daughter :)

Andrew: Okay, Diamond. Thanks. X

Zayn: Vas happeninnnnnn said thanks to your mum. We’ll come tomorrow xx

Niall: Yay mashed potatoes, roast potatoes, bake potatoes! I love your mum.

I laughed so hard when I read Niall’s text. All potatoes. He’s really funny. He really love food. That’s cute.



I drove Eleanor, Anna, Perrie and Danielle and I asked for Max’s helped to drive Ciara, Summer and Ruby to my parents’ house in the afternoon after we the girls having our lunch. Once I got back to the house, I hugged Rose because I really mise my mum then I hugged Gerry, Peter, Emma and lastly Max. “Meet my friends, Eleanor, Perrie, Anna, Ruby and Danielle”, I introduced the girls to my parents, Emma, Peter and Max. They went to hug each other. “Well, me and Emma will be at the kitchen of you need anything”, mum said and they walked to the kitchen. “Well, I’ll go upstairs. Who’s coming with me?”, I asked. “Me me me!”, Perrie yelled. “Me too!”, Eleanor said. “Me three!”, Summer said. “I’ll come with you girls”, Danielle said. "Okay”, Anna said. “I’ll help mum and Rose in the kitchen”, Ciara said. We then looked at Ruby who was talking with Max, “Well, I’m not coming. I’ll be here”, she said. Me and the girls then ran upstairs, headed to my bedroom. Anna and Summer sat on my bed. Eleanor, Perrie and Danielle sat on the floor. “Well, let’s have some girls time then!”, Eleanor suggested. We all agreed. Perrie went to the dressing table and worked on something on her hair. Summer helped Anna coloured her nails. Eleanor was reading a magazine, well I noticed that she loves magazine. Danielle helped me coloured my nails. “Girls, I was thinking of having some tattoos on my body. What do you think?”, Summer spoke. “I have no idea about that”, Eleanor said. “Well, Zayn asked me to have tattoos too”, Perrie said. “I would never wanting to have tattoo!”, Danielle replied. “Asked Ciara”, I said. “Ciara? She has tattoos?”, Eleanor asked. “Oh, yes! There were many tattoos on her body. You girls just didn’t see them. A tattoo for each country that she has travelled”, I explained. “I think I wanted to go to the tattoo shop tomorrow”, Summer said. “I’m coming”, Anna said. “Me too. I want to have a tattoo on my tighs” Perrie said. “Uhm, I’ll stay at home”, Danielle said. “Well, Dani I’m with you”, Eleanor said, smiling. “How bout you, Diamond?”, Anna asked. “Well, uhm, I think I will follow you three”, I said. Summer smiled, “You wanted to have them too?”, she asked. “Not really but… yes”, I said. We then prepared ourselves for the dinner. We had brought our dress to wear for tonight. I wore a red dress that went to my knees. Summer wore a tight short black dress. Eleanor wore a black lacey top with a short skirt. Danielle wore a yellow long sleeve top and black shorts. Anna wore a pregnant dress since her tummy growing a little. Ruby wore a fishtale dress. Perrie wore a black long dress. Ciara wore a sleeveless peplum top and shorts.



I sat between Anna and Harry on the table. Mum and dad were happy to see the boys and the girls. We all are having our great dinner. We talked about everything. I was talking to Zayn and Perrie who sat opposite me. “So Harry, you like my cousin huh?”, Max asked. At this point, I heard them. I looked at Max. “I wanted to kill you, Max”, I said. He, Harry, Emma and Eleanor who heard us laughed. “Uhm, yes. She’s beautiful and perfect. I hope that’s ok?”, Harry winked at me. I blushed. “Oh, someone is getting blushing!”, Gerry joked. I looked at my dad. “Well, Harry, if you likes my daughter, please take care of her”, Rose said. “Mummm!”, I called. I  couldn’t be anymore embarrassed! “We’re just good friends, mum”, I said. “We’ll see that, love”, Louis said. And everyone cheered, agreed with him. I then noticed that Niall was quite, eating his food. “Harry, uhm, what’s wrong with Niall?”, I whispered into Harry’s ears. Harry then looked up at Niall and he sighed. “Well, nothing, he was always like that, that’s mean he is enjoying his food, I thought”, Harry whispered back into my ears. I then nodded. “Oh, can’t you see the two love birds!”, Louis yelled. “Yeah, whispering into each other”, Andrew and Max said at the same time. “Okay guys, stop it, I wanted to have my dinner in a peaceful moment”, I said. It’s looked like my parents was so interested in Harry. We then used to joke around about me meeting him and wasn’t dating him now. Dad asked a bunch of questions for him about his career life, his family, the band and many more. “Oh, dad, please”, I moaned. Overall the dinner went extremely great well! They were so nice and friendly. We talked about everything! “Uhm, I wanted to take some pictures with you guys. And..”, my mum paused. “Diamond my dear, I wanted to take some pictures of you and Harry too. Just the two of you”, she said softly. “Woohooo”, Louis cheered. Eleanor laughed and hit him on the arm.


Harry’s P.O.V

“Smileeee!”, my mum said as Max snaps a picture of me and Diamond on his camera and my phone. “Awh, cute! My cousin is dating Harry”, Max joked. Diamond punch his arm. He moaned in pain. “I’m not!”, she said. “Well, Didi you can put the picture once we film it on the album photo that Summer has bought to you”, Andrew said to Diamond. Well, I am so happy that finally I could met her family. Her family were so nice. I like them. “Well guys, I have an announcement to make!”, Andrew suddenly yelled. He then walked to Summer and wrapped his arms around Summer’s shoulders. Everyone stared at them. “Actually, me and Andrew are getting married!”, she squealed and Diamond’s hands flew up to her mouth in shock. “Oh, Summer!”, she gasped and ran to her best friend, and hugged her and Andrew. “That’s a wonderful news! Congratulations!”, Eleanor said and went to hug them too. “Congratulations! I can’t wait to see your baby, cousin!”, Louis yelled happily and hugged Andrew and Summer. We all happy for Summer and Andrew. I hope that this will happened in my life too, me and Diamond, someday, one fine day. If we were meant to be together, it will.

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