Another of my songs :)


1. Lyrics

Verse 1

You must be outta your mind
All my friends say to me
As I tell them who I like

I say I like his hair, his laugh and his smile
It's been a while
Since I last met someone like him
He's so genuinely beautiful


Three years ago
I wrote in my diary
That nobody liked me
That I was all alone
There were no smiles
Only tears that I cried
all the time

Verse 2

A while ago when I first realized
You don't need a guy to live
I was on the grass singing to myself
And I still don't need one now
When I flower inside
The time will be the right time
Not too early like it was before
I fixed my broken heart
And it's stronger than its ever been


Three years ago
I wrote in my diary
That I was stronger now
That nothing could hold me down
From being who I wanted to be
And that I will still smile
Even when I'm alone


People throw me around
like a broken ragdoll
Treat me like I'm nothing but someone to fall back on when they're alone
Stop treating me like I'm dirt


Three years from now
She'll write in her diary
That nobody likes me
This life is so lonely
I wonder why
They all abandoned me for her
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