Years on

Liz is a normal lucky teenager she is going out with louis from one direction and she is prond of it what will happen if she see's something on the tv that will change everything


4. Chapter 3


Its been two years since i went on the x-factor and won its been two years since i signed those papers its been two years since I've last heard the name or word that goes by ' ONE DIRECTION ' nor Louis or i have seen each other  and its been two  years when me and Luke have been dating and getting swarmed by paps every where we go and now im about to go on stage to perform my songs and im at my concert with luke 


                                       A/N sorry its soooooo  short actually i want your thoughts about this i dont know if i should delete my movellas cause i have no time to write im always busy i would like to know what you cupcakes think?  

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