Years on

Liz is a normal lucky teenager she is going out with louis from one direction and she is prond of it what will happen if she see's something on the tv that will change everything


2. Chapter 2


Liz's POV

Wow i can't belive it has been a year since I dumped Louis's sorry ass and i have met up with some of my best of friends like Luke well let's say me and Luke have been dating for 5 months now we have had a blast well up to date now tomorrow i am adutioning for the X-Factor Australia i am so exited.

                                                 * next day *

" Please welcome our next contestant " the host said as i walked on stage " Hello there what might be your name?" Guy asked " My ame is Liz Rain White " i said into the mic " well hello liz what are you singing for us today?" Mel b asked " I Cry by flo rida " i said into the mic again " well off you go " Mel b asked again

                               * skip song *

"OMG!!" Mel B yelled " you are a born natrual young lady you we're the last to perform out of Australia correct?" " correct " i answerd back " well you we're the best we have had on the X-Factor even better than One direction " mel explained wow!! i was i am better than scrummie boys " so liz you have WON THE X-FACTOR!!!! AUSTRALIA " the Judges yelled in agreement well me in the other hand just stading there with shock " and with that liz you get to meet one direction boys come on " mel yelled " NO please i don't need that much of a fuss please NO! one direction " i said " too late liz nice to meet you again " iturn and see louis there staring " Louis i havn't forgiven you i still mad at you and i have gotten over you i already got a boyfriend " i said while walking off stage " Liz here is your record label will you please sing here?" a sony person said "okay" i said while signing the paper

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