Years on

Liz is a normal lucky teenager she is going out with louis from one direction and she is prond of it what will happen if she see's something on the tv that will change everything


1. Chapter 1

Liz's POV

Today was quiet normal just i haven't seen my boobear in what it feels like forever but tomorrow is the day he come home yay and also today is the one and only annual slumber party with Rikki,Cleo and Emma we have so much fun with these party's  and a least the party goes for a good four days 1. Rikki's house the first night 2. my house the second night 3. Cleo's house the third night 4. Emma's house the fourth night and the reason why im on the secound night is because thats when my boobear comes home so he can spend the night here with me before he goes to his house while i have the sleepover we were watching tv when Louis popped up on screen with a diffrent girl and kissing her and everything i started to tear up and i just ran out of the house to call him " Louis i'm just calling to say don't bother coming around to my house tomorrow i will be out all day in LA so look there " i sent him the voice message i went back inside and Louis was standing there how did he get there the girls were telling him off but i had to barge in " Louis how could you you cheated on me " i said with a broken heart " no Liz it's not true it's only a friend " he explained " no i see whats going on your just over me so wanted another girlfriend better than me so don't try and fool me louis and don't blame it on her sorry but not sorry at the sametime we are over so get out of Rikki's house and leave for another woman two timer " i said while grabbing my things and heading ou the door and going home i ruined the slumber party and everything with it even messed with Louis's heart i really don't feel for him anymore just put on a fake sad face and play alone with his stuiped jokes Louis was running after me ' TRYING ' to explain what has happened and all other things " LIZ just listen please " Louis begged " NO! Why don't you wonder back and fuck the hell of that girl there " i said and got in my car and drove off to the airport don't worrie im loaded with cash and will be staying at my house i have over in Australia while im in Australia i will vist mum in N.S.W. and dad in Perth while im here and vist old school friends and plus my best friend since kindy Harry he's my best friend he was always there for me. I was walking to front desk and asked for a plane ticket to Australia and said thank you to the lady or male couldn't see what type yicks. i was walking over to board the plane i handed my ticket and took my seat i took out my phone and texted harry ( Harrison Kotz ) with ' hay i'm coming back into town wonna catch up?' i sent the text message than i looked back i sent the message to the wronge harry i sent it to Styles oh no i went thu my contacts and found the right harry and sent the message that i was coming back in town. he texted me back ' sure what about coffee shop? 12:00? this arvo?' ' sure i would love to ' i repiled back ' just asking why your are coming back into town?' ' well let's just say i don't want to be around someone ther' ' does the girls know?' ' well no let's just say an uninvited guest came so i went said a few rude words and went' ' i will meet you off the plane for ya you have had alot of stress lately?' yeah i have and thank you ' ' no worries are you coming to the house you brought with me ?' ' yeah ' ' have you gotten into contact with cassie and that yet?' ' nope its gonna be a suprise ' ' well deffrnly a suprise ' ' so how are you and kate going ' ' well really bad we broke up ' ' omg thats so sad :( ' i texted him " exuse me passengers the plane is about to land seatbelts on please " the announment said ' plane is about to land ' ' okay '

                                             * when landed p.s still Liz's POV *

" HARRY!" i yelled

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