Injured Bro For Life

Hi My Name Is Joseph Ramirez I Was Just A Normal 13 Year Old Until That Horrible Accident happened. Then My Life Changed.


8. WoW!!!!!

Niall's P.O.V
So we pulled up into the driveway and I got out the car and opened the door for Joseph because his leg was still we all walked up to the door and I inserted the keys and turned it and I pushed the door open and I saw everyone's jaw drop except for Joseph's because he been here before. I started laughing and so did Joseph so I decided to give the twins and Erin a tour while Joseph made breakfast which was eggs, bacon, and pancakes. When I finished the tour Joseph screamed "Breaakfeeest" and we all ran downstairs because we were all hungry. "So erin wanna nove in " I said and she screamed "Oh do I" so we started out planning who sleeps where. So we all decided the twins and Erin share a room and me and Joseph share a room so obviously its boys in a room and girls in a room.After we decided that we all went to the park to walk chippy while we were walking chippy we seen Louis and Eleanor on a park bench and all I heard was "Tommo!!!!!" And louis turned and screamed "Jojobear".

Joseph's P.O.V
I seen Louis so I screamed "Tommo" and he turned and screamed "Jojobear" We did the slow motion running in the meadow seen but instead I hopped. We gave each other a bear hug then I heard Eleanor say "who's this??" And Louis said "This is my friend I met 2 Days ago." And I wavedvto her and said "Joseph Ramirez" and then we started chatting for hours in the park them we all decided to go to Niall's place.
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