Injured Bro For Life

Hi My Name Is Joseph Ramirez I Was Just A Normal 13 Year Old Until That Horrible Accident happened. Then My Life Changed.


17. Wow, what a double date

Jason's P.O.V: I was ready. I was wearing a blue checkerd top, and black pants. I waited in my aunts porché counting the seconds... 5 minutes, 24 seconds, 5 minutes 23 seconds... I waited and waited... I was already there, I couldn't wait. I was so nervous I really liked Erin. I don't no, I thought she was really interesting and stuff but when I met her I knew none of it was lie, I was really scared when I asked her out to dinner and when she said yes I went home and celebrated! I was so happy, I didn't even mind that her best friend had to come along, nothing personal to him of corse, he sounded like a really cool dude, but I wanted time alone with Erin, but it doesn't really matter anymore... 3 minutes 58 seconds...

Erin's P.O.V: I was almost ready, there was 3 minutes till 8:00 and I got a text from Jason ~J- Hey u ready yet? E- almost J- what bout Joseph and Bianca E- uhm ill check J- k, text me when u no~

'Oi, Jojo, Bianca' I screamed, trying not to wake up Zayn, who was sleeping over at Niall's cause his girlie friend was on your, while 1D weren't. 'Yo' Jojo replied to me, 'you ready?' I screamed back as a tired Zayn came walking in, 'wow u look good, like very different to whenever I've been here, u chilling in shorts and a tank top' Zayn said. 'Thanks.' I said. 'We are both ready, Eri' Jojo yelled back, I hated it when he called me Eri. So I walked into the bathroom and grabbed my phone and put that in my bag, I was wearing the purple dress el el bought me. I also had a purple wallet bag thingy. I heard a car horn beep, and then the door bell, oh no, Jason is here.... Breathe Erin, don't panic, don't hyperventilate... I went to answer the door.

General P.O.V: Erin went to answer the door, she was feeling really scared. E- Hey Jason J- Hey Erin *Jason Kissed Erin on the cheek* *Erin blushes* *Jojo and Bianca come down* Jojo- Ready to go J - Yup, oh I almost forgot, Erin these are for you *pulls out some purple flowers* E- Oh, Thankyou, they are lovely *erin gives the flowers a delicate sniff* B- Shall we leave? Jojo, E, J - ok

Joseph's P.O.V In the car on the way to the restaurant I was really anxious. I don't know why, I really don't. I sat next to Bianca, in the back seat of the wonderful porché which happened to be a convertible, it was sweet car! Erin sat in the front next to Jason, he gave her flowers, she really liked him. I could tell, I knew that when she was this much of a princess when we met, I sighed. I wish I knew her better, she was my best friend. More like my Long Lost Sister. It was like watching my sister, grow up. It was really sad but wonderful at the same time. We arrived at the restaurant and it looked really fancy. Wow. Who on earth was going to pay?
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