Injured Bro For Life

Hi My Name Is Joseph Ramirez I Was Just A Normal 13 Year Old Until That Horrible Accident happened. Then My Life Changed.


5. The Horrible tragedy

So I changed into the pajamas and I was about to go to sleep on the couch but niall insisted that I sleep on his bed and he'll take a pull out bed and sleep in the same room just in case I needed I hoped onto the queen size bed and fell asleep.~2hours later~ I felt my phone vibrating so I picked it up and seen I had a text so I checked and it was from Christina (other sister) *From Christina* Jojo come to the hospital quick mom got stabbed hurry .*To Christina* Okay be there in ten . So I sat up and screamed "NIALL" and he got up frightened and said "what happened jo" and I said "drive me to the hospital now I'll explain later".so he got up grabbed his keys and carried me downstairs and put me into the car ~10 mins later ~ we arrived and niall got my crutches (my arm healed) and went inside and I seen Jennifer and Christina sitting in the waiting room so I ran up to them and comforted them.They looked up and seen niall and they both grabbed me and pulled me away for a quick second and they both said What Is Niall James Horan Doing here with you????".and I said explain later then I seen docter rush through the doors with a defribulater machine(the machine the use and shout clear) and I followed behind them and it was for my mom they told me I couldn't go inside so I waited with niall and the twins. ~5 mins later ~ the docter came out and said "Jocelyn Ramirez" and I stood up and he said "I'm so sorry for your lose" when I heard that I shot down on the floor and started crying and so did the twins . We cried for like 10 mins and got up and I said "where are we going to live??" The docter said "Don't you have aunts and uncles or your father" and I started crying and said "my father died from cancer" and niall got up and said to the docter "Smart move" and chased me then I stop running and niall said"I'm so sorry" and gave me a famous niall horan hug and then we both went back to the waiting room and told the docter that my mom was an only child.then niall said Why not move in with me "al and I said "niall that's to much to ask for" and he said "its no problem and your good company and your sister may be too " and so I told niall I needed to pick my stuff up from the house and my Chihuahua and he said "you have a Chihuahua" and I said yes and we left to move our stuff into nialls flat
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