Injured Bro For Life

Hi My Name Is Joseph Ramirez I Was Just A Normal 13 Year Old Until That Horrible Accident happened. Then My Life Changed.


12. Sleeping Over

Biancas P.O.V

At the end of the day we started cleaning up and I was to tired to go home so I asked Nialler if I sleep over and he said "Sure Every one can stay" but I didn't have pajamas so I asked jennifer for some pajamas she gave me a pink blouse with pink shorts I liked them . So I put them on and went to the living room I plopped onto the couch I flipped the channel to watch the vow then I seen joseph sit down right next to me. I was cold so I snuggled up into his arms. We watched the vow while everyone else was asleep . Halfway through the movie I fell asleep on Joseph's chest

Joseph's P.O.V

Bianca fell asleep on my chest and I was drowsy so I fell asleep with the tv on. I woke up a few hours later to find Eleanor making breakfast. I heard moaning so I turned my head and saw bianca waking up so I said "Morning Cutie" and she got up and said "Morning Got to go to the potty".and she left I got up and grabbed 2 plates of Eleanor's breakfast and placed them down on the table and I started eating then Bianca came in and joined in. When we both finished we got up and got dressed to go for a walk.we took chippy with us I didn't really like chippy I felt like selling the little mutt but I'll deal with that another day .while we were on the walk I heard ~I want I want I want but that's crazy ~ it was Liam's ringtone I picked it up and heard Liam say "Joseph watch out for paparazzi they know about you and Niall being cousin's ""Ok I'm going to keep an eye out" I said I spoke to soon I heard cameras clicking lights flashing and I picked up chippy and grabbed bianca and started running I ran like they was a cereal killer chasing me . We got to the house bust the door down and slam the door shut then I seen the boys and Eleanor pop up and ask what happen and I said "PAPARAZZI that's what happened". So I put chippy down and plopped down on the couch and turned the news on and I seen a photo of me and bianca "What do they want with us " Bianca said. Idk I answered back then I said "I'm niall's cousin that's what" ever since I posted that tweet about me and Niall be cousin's paparazzi has been wanting the new scoop on my life.
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