Injured Bro For Life

Hi My Name Is Joseph Ramirez I Was Just A Normal 13 Year Old Until That Horrible Accident happened. Then My Life Changed.


11. Shocking Discovery

Joseph's P.O.V
After I finished texting bianca I went into Niall's and my room I switched into my pajamas and went back into the living room and Louis and Eleanor decided to leave so I screamed "BYE TOMMO BYE EL EL".and Louis and Eleanor said "See you tomorrow Jojobear". Tomorrow I thought what's going to happen tomorrow then I remembered August 15th Bianca's birthday.when I remembered that I started planning it but I forgot I had no money so I went up to Niall with my puppy and said "hey Nialler" in a sad voice and he replied "What happened Jojo" "oh nothing I said" I said and then he got an idea of what was wrong and he said "Is it about tomorrow?? Do you need money ?? Jojo you don't need to worry about money I'll pay for it ". So I got up and hugged him and ran to the room to start planning when I came across this scrapbook of photos and I started flipping through the pages and something caught my eye I seen my uncle danny and I wondered what was he doing in this picture so I yelled "Niall" and he came running into the room.

Niall's P.O.V
I ran to the room and seen Joseph on the bed with the scrapbook and he asked "Who is this guy toyto you" and I replied "My moms half brother why do you ask". "WHAT YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME OMG OMG OMG " he said "what happened Joseph" I said and he replied "Your moms half brother is my uncle!!". "And???" I said and he started yelling " YOUR MOMS HALF BROTHER IS MY UNCLE WHICH MEANS THAT'S MY MOMS BROTHER WHICH ALSO MEANS YOUR MOM IS MY MOMS SISTER ". "So that means were cousin's " "YESSSSSSSSS" he screamed

Bianca's P.O.V
Today was the big day the day I turned 13 I was so happy so I texted Joseph.

To JoeBoyFriend * Hey Boo. Wyd and do you have plans for today*
From JoeBoyFriend *Hey Nun watching tv and No. Why ?? *
To JoeBoyFriend * Nothing just asking so you ready for school in 2 weeks*
From JoeBoyFriend *Yea because I'm going to be with you. Oh and later wanna come over and meet the Boys*
To JoeBoyFriend * I would love to and awww TTYL*
From JoeBoyFriend *Okay Bye See You later *

I was so happy I was going to meet the one and only ONE DIRECTION. So I hopped into the shower and when I finished I started Flat ironing my hair I had on a limegreen dress with pink I was about to call a cab but then joseph called ~Hey Bianca go in front of your house whatever yousee get inside okay bye~. So I walkef outside and I seen a white limousine so I got indide and Eleanor was in there so I screamed "Eeepppp" and Eleanor said "hi you must be Joseph's girlfriend Bianca I just wanted to meet you before the boys did so how did you snd Joseph meet " "we meet in sixth grade and we've been friends ever since and I was texting him on a school night (8th grade) and he decided to ask me out" I replied "Awww how cute Oh were here " she said .we walked out the limo and I seen a big flat it was Niall horan's. Me and Eleanor walked up to the dooradoor and Eleanor said "Go ahead open the door " so I opened it and all I heard was SURPRISE and I seen Joseph, One direction, Jennifer and Christina and Erin. I had a big smile on my face. I ran to Joseph and whispered in his ear "You remembered" and he ssid "Of course your many girlfriend" . After that joseph tapped on a glass cup to silence everyone and he said "HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIANCA Oh and I have some news". Everyone said " What's wrong"
And bye screamed "NIALL HORAN IS MY COUSIN" Everyone gasped and then congratulated them. Then Joseph came up to Me and said "Wanna meet my cousin and his bandmates " "Oh do I" so he escorted me to the boys and started introducing them"Tommo Bianca, Bianca Tommo"."Nialler Bianca, Bianca Nialler". "Daddy Direction Bianca, Bianca Daddy Direction" "Hazza Bianca, Bianca Hazza" "DjMalik Bianca , Bianca DjMalik" I was so excited I hugged all of them and they sll said "Welcome to the family Bianca" so I ran up to Joseph and said "Thank You" and he said "C'Mon C'Mon lets open your presents. So I followed him to a big table stacked with presents.

Present List

Joseph- Bianca Necklace
Harry- A baby Kitten
Zayn- One peice
Liam- Liam doll
Niall- Nando's Black card
Louis- A pair of Lime green flats
Eleanor - Silky Pink dress
Jennifer- Sexy Limegreen Skinny jeans
Christina - hot pink top

I loved all the presents I got after that we all started partying and eating cake

*AN* I Did this long chapter to make up for not updating the whole last week hope you Directioners like it, share it , comment on it , favorite it , and follow me on Twitter Joseph_91512
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