Injured Bro For Life

Hi My Name Is Joseph Ramirez I Was Just A Normal 13 Year Old Until That Horrible Accident happened. Then My Life Changed.


4. Scary Movie Time

Joseph P.O.V
"Lets vote paranormal activity 4 raise your hand" Niall, Liam and I raised our hands and said "haha 3 to 2 LOSERS!!!".

Niall's P.O.V
We won so I got up and popped paranormal activity 4 in.Before the movie started I ran to my room and grabbed a couple of blankets. When we reached the middle of the movie I told the boys "boys you can stay over if you want".we were all still in our dress clothes so I ran into the room and got pj's for all the boys including Joseph. I know he staying over because its 2 in the morning.

Joseph's P.O.V
I knew I was going to stay it was already late so I texted Jennifer (my sister) *To Jenni* tell mom ill be home tommorow in a friends house.*From Jenni*Kk but what friend.*To Jenni* If I told you , you wouldnt believe me , don't worry you'll see tomorrow.. so I turned my phone off and continued watching the movie it was scary but I just didn't wanna show fear.Then I seen niall come back with pajamas and I took the blue ones.Then I told niall to push me in the bathroom and he did thrn he said "need help" and I responded no .

*AN* So I'm starting a contest for a spot to be my bestfriend Girl or boy doesn't really matter so yeah enail me the basics likes,dislikes and your appearence at add photos competition ends December 9th
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