Injured Bro For Life

Hi My Name Is Joseph Ramirez I Was Just A Normal 13 Year Old Until That Horrible Accident happened. Then My Life Changed.


16. Friends, strangers or more?

Jason's P.O.V: "Erin!" I shouted and she came and gave me a hug, that was rather long. And I kissed her on her check. "Hi Jason, I'm Nial-" Niall began, "James Horan" I finished for him. "and your Pirrie, from little mix" I said pointing at them as I looked around. "Your Harry Edward Styles, your Louis William Tomlinson, your Zayn Javaard Malik, your Liam James Payne" I said. Looking around I noticed someone else, "and your Joseph, right?" I said, cause in pretty sure that was the guy who's Niall cousin and Erin's best friend.

Erin's P.O.V: Jason must've been a Directioner because he knew everyone's name and then I asked him "So who are you living with " "My aunt" Jason replied.So we all left the airport and got in the limo. Then I heard jason said "You guys are to sweet" then I asked him the adress "1739 James st " (made up) "Really I live right next door " Niall replied. Omg so were practically neighbors I thought to my self. "So Erin wanna go to dinner tomorrow night" omg he asked me out on a date , ok erin stop thinking and say yes "Sure pick Me up at 8" "Sure see you then" Jason said while getting out of the limo.

Joseph's P.O.V: If he hurts Erin I swear I will break his face. I love erin as a sister she means a lot to me. The only way I can keep an eye on Jason is if I can make Erin turn her date with Jason into a double date . So I went up to erin and said " Erin can you rearrange the dinner and make it into a double date please""Sure I'll try my best" Erin said smiling. So erin grabbed her phone and called jason.

~Phone Call~
E- Hey Jason
J- Hey Erin
E- Can you rearrange our dinner plans and make it into a double date
J- Um Sure but who's the other 2 people
E- Joseph and Bianca
J- oh okay no problem
E- So where are we going
J- an Italian restaurant called ~ Bel Piatoo ~ which stars for beautiful dish in French
E- Okay I love Italian food bye see you then
~phone call end~

Erin decided to go to sleep and so did me and bianca.( Sorry I posted so late got caught up in Christmas and I'm also a co-author of the movella "He's MINE" go check it out and I'll try to update more often -Joseph)
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