Injured Bro For Life

Hi My Name Is Joseph Ramirez I Was Just A Normal 13 Year Old Until That Horrible Accident happened. Then My Life Changed.


14. Erin's day out

Erin's P.O.V

I woke up hearing screaming from outside the window I got up to see what it was it was paparazzi I wondered why the were here so I put on my purple ballet flats and went downstairs. When I arrived downstairs I seen joseph and I heard him say "I'm Niall's cousin that's what " that's who the paparazzi so I decided to take some heat off him and go shopping with jennifer,Christina and Bianca. So I went up to the girls and whisper- yelled "SHOPPING" and we all went upstairs to change we all decided to wear booty shorts, colored tanktops with matching toms. So we all finished getting dressed and I went up to Eleanor and said " Hey El El wanna go shopping with us" and she replied "Sure its on Mwuahh" so she ran upstairs and got dressed in a sundress. The definite odd one out. When she came down we all left through the door we didn't listen to the paparazzi, bombarding us with questions we took the limo to H&M first. When we arrived we went straight looking for clothes. I found this beautiful baby blue polka dot dress for bianca that made her eyes sparkle. So I told her to try it on it fit perfectly the only problem was it was $250 but I spoke to soon "Your Def Getting that I don't care how much it is your getting it" then I heard a *Bleep Bleep* it was my phone I got an email from a Penpal friend named Jason we've talked for 2 years straight but we've never met because he's in Australia and I'm in Dublin.

(Received at 11pm) Jason - Hey Guess what
Erin - What??
Jason - we are finally going to Meet
Erin - No freaking way. are you playing
Jason - Nope I'm Flying to Dublin at 4Pm Australia time I'm moving in with my aunt
Erin -OMG I cant wait to see you Ill be waiting at the airport
Jason - Can't wait to see you too

"Erin to Earth" Bianca said. Oh hey I replied sounding excited "what's your deal hyper active""Nothing finally meeting the boy of my dreams" I replied "Oooooo tell us about him" they chorused . "We met 2 years ago on penpal his name is jason he's 14 and Australian" I retorted.So I started looking for a dress even though I really didn't like them. I found this puple glittery dress I kinda liked I showed Eleanor and she loved it to we went to the checkout counter bought the clothed and left. When we arrived home it was 5:30 so I decided to go to sleep since he's arriving here at 12 am.

Jason's P.O.V

(6 hours later ) I've just started packing I am also way to excited to see Erin. 'Holy crap' I thought I almost forgot my 1D one piece and I know what your thinking yes I'm a boy directioner there very rare but yeah. When I finished packing I headed off to the airport and all I can think about was Erin I jusy wanna give her xoxox.

*AN yea I finally updated got help from a movella friend go check her new movella out it's called "He's MINE" exactly spelled like that bye - Joseph
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