Injured Bro For Life

Hi My Name Is Joseph Ramirez I Was Just A Normal 13 Year Old Until That Horrible Accident happened. Then My Life Changed.


7. Erin !!!!!!

Joseph's P.O.V

So we pulled up into our driveway and I seen someone standing there it was Erin my bestfriend and if your wondering yes she's a girl. She's abot 5-2 light brown hair, blue eyes . We met during the 2nd grade .~Flashback~ I was a lonely little boy in 2nd grade. I was drinking my juicebox when a little girl came up to me and took my juicebox and that's when erin stepped and and pushed the little girl and gave me my juicebox back and I said " Thank You" and then she hugged me and said " best friends forever" and I smiled but that's when Erin's dad came and said"Erin were moving grab your bag and come" and thats when I started to cry because she was the only friend I had even thoe we just met. We been seperated for so many years that I started crying when I seen her.

Erin's P.O.V
I was waiting for someone to anseer the door when I seen a car pull up and I seen him my BFF joseph. I ran to the car and gave him a big bear hug and then he said "what are you doing here Erin" and I said " Well me and my dad moved back in with my mom" with a big grin on my face and that's when a blonde blue eyed Irish accent teen came out the car and guess who it was c'mon guess alright it was niall freaking horan I screamed and fainted

Joseph P.O.V
Why fid she faint then I turned my head and seen niall then I said aloud "Directioner" and niall started laughing and helped with the fainted Erin while I started packing mine and the twins clothes because the twins fell asleep in the car.Then I seen chippy "come here chippy you missed me chippy I know you did" I said to the white chihuahua ~ 2 hours later ~ I finished packing and then I started moving all the boxes with the uhaul workers into the van then i picked chippy up" snd erin and walked into the living room and seen niall and erin getting along but then I screamed "Time To Leave" and erin yelped "where" and I said "To my new house " then I said it "I'm moving inn with Niall horan" and then erin screamed "You are that means I can be over any day and see niall and sometimes even the boys" "Fangirling much erin" then we all got in the car and left.
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