Injured Bro For Life

Hi My Name Is Joseph Ramirez I Was Just A Normal 13 Year Old Until That Horrible Accident happened. Then My Life Changed.


3. Bromance

I hopped into the wheelchair i couldn't move it my self i had a broken arm. And that's when i felt someone pushing the wheelchair and when i turned my head i saw Niall pushing me. I was thinking about stuff when i heard my stomach growling and then i heard Niall say" You Hungry " then i answered back yea then niall shouted "NANDO'S"and i said "what's nando'hen he repliedot; you dont know what nando's is.. dont worry about it you'll love it" and so the boys and i went to nando's. In front of the restaurant there were so many fans and lots of paparazzi. All I heard was "whose this little boy" "What did you guys do to him" We just ignored them and walked into nando's. We ordered I food and waited. ThenThe boys decided to get to know me better. "How old are you " Niall said "13" I said then lia m said "how tall are you" " Around 5-10 While standing " I said "Damn your taller then me Bro " Niall said and we all laughed .then our food came me and niall have something in common we both love food . Me and niall are like pig twins eating food . When I looked up I seen harry, liam, louis and zayn looking at me and then they started laughing Liam took a pic and posted it on Twitter ~@NiallOfficial and @Joseph_91512 Pig Twins Eating Oink Oink~

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Niall's P.O.V.
We Finished eating and heade out then I hears "Lets watch a scary movie" Joseph said and the boys yelled "Yeah Movie Night" "My Flat" I said snd we headed over to my flat. The choices of Movies were. Paranormal activity 4 Or The Last exorcism.

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