Teenage wolf

16 year old Tyler Lockwood has never been the popular kid, one day him and his friend Matt went into the forest after hearing about a body lost in the forest that same night what they do not know is that a strange creature is living in the forest, read the storie to find out what is going to happen when one of the boys find the body and the creature? :/

based on the tv show Teen Wolf sorry had no other ideas:( :)


1. The bite

As i was about to get in the bed i heard a noise come from outside so i walked out to see what it was i looked around but couldnt find anything thats when my bestfriend Matt jumped out from behinde the wall " ahhh omg what the hell" i screamed at him " i thought you were a predetor"." what " he asked me. "um anyway my dad just got called by the station saying that two joggers found a dead body in the forest". "and" i answered. " and we are going to go look for it" but wouldnt you're dad and the rest have all ready found it." thats the good part one half has already been found but the othe rhalf hasn't so hurry up lets go look for it".

we drove over to the entry of the forest and parked outside, it was a full moon and it was straight over the top of the forest so we could see where we were going but we still brought a flash light just incase.we walk around the forest looking for the other half of the body when we saw Matts dad and the rest of the police so we started to run to find a place to hide but Matt triped over some roots so I quickly hiid behind a tree. Matts dad came over and found Matt on the floor and took him back to his car and told him to drive home so he did and i was left in the forest all alone. I started to walk to find my way back to the road when suddenly.....  herd of deer came running towards me and i quickly fell to the ground and lay their untill the deers were all gone. I stood up and got my phone out of my pocket to try and find my inhailer that i had droped when the deer were running, i started to search the ground and then i found it the second half of the dead body but as i did I saw a shadow of a wolf in the distance so I started to run it wasn't long untill the wolf caught up to me it was huge it tackled me to the ground and bit me  I let out a scream in pain and then it started to drag me  away so i stumbled to my feet and ran all the way to the road and almost got hit by a car it missed though, I looked down to were the wolf bit me and it wasn't a pleasent sight so i started to walk home to put something over it.

The next day i told Matt about the bite " hey Matt look what happend last night after you left, i think it was a wolf". " haha nah no way", " but i heard a howl". " no you didn't", how do you know what i heard?"  "I Dont just there arnt any wolves in californya". " really?" " yes well not in 60 years". " ohh " . when we got to class we sat doen i our seats. and it all started from there........................... To Be Continued!

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