Hunger Games- Finnick Odair and Annie Cresta

Hi everybody!
This is my first movella. As you could probably tell by the title, this is a story about Finnick and Annie. I added a little twist to mine though. In my story, Annie does not go mad like in the books. I find it hard to write about a character that is mad. So I decided to make her a little different from the character that Suzanne Collin's created.


3. The train


 I was in no mood to argue with anyone. "Goodbye District 4!" I yelled at the top of my lungs. Anyone normal would have thought I was mad. I took one last look at District 4 then stepped onto the train. It seemed to move as soon as I stepped on it. I didn't realize how fast it was moving. I walked way to fast, almost falling flat on my face.


 I felt strong arms gripping me tightly, holding me back from falling. "Be careful. Don't want you getting hurt right before the games" Finnick flashed be a grin then helped me stand up right.


 "Thank you" I said gratefully, blushing madly. This was the most embarrassing thing that had ever happened to me.


 "With my luck, i'll probably end up falling off my platform" I muttered to myself.


I didn't think he had heard it.  "Don't talk yourself out of it. You have a one in 24 chance of winning"


"Thanks but don't bet on me" I threw my shoes in a corner and walked into my room.


 A whole outfit was laid for me. It looked so expensive and elegant. I never in my dreams thought I would wear something like this. I knew I was pretty and had to make an impression. I needed sponsors. But Finnick could get as much money as he wanted. Though he probably didn't give a crap about me. He probably forgotten the first time we met. I thought about it all the time. We were hopeless children back then. Now we were all grown up and have had to face reality.


There was a soft knock on the door. "Are you ready?" Finnick asked from behind the door.


"Yup" I called back, flopping myself on the bed.


He nodded approvingly. "You look great".


I shrugged and hugged my knees. I didn't really care on how I looked.


 "You know I remember when we met back when we were 13" Finnick smiled at me.


 I sadly smiled back. "I thought you were really pretty" He admitted.


I felt my cheeks go red. I had never been called pretty before. At least not by a boy. I had been called hot or sexy, but never pretty.


"You're even more prettier now" He looked down guilty, as if he wished he could take it back.


 I grinned. I think i need to be happy. For Finnick's sake. "Your so sweet" 


I got a close up look of his eyes. They were the same color from when we were 13. They were absolutely gorgeous. Much prettier than my dull blue eyes. Our eyes locked for a few seconds, only a few centimeters apart. We couldn't kiss. It was wrong. I pushed him back a little. A blush creeped on my face.


"I-I  think we should go to the front of the train. We're probably coming close to the Capitol" I gently brushed my shoulder against his to walk past. I had never met anyone that made me so nervous.


I looked over all the food on the table. So many things for such a short trip. Tiny little cakes that only the richest of the rich got to taste. Every type of soup imaginable. Bottles of alcohol, soft drink and water filled the table. I poured myself a shot and gulped it in one hit. I was going to need it.


"I didn't think girls could drink like that" Finnick appeared behind me, his famous smirk planted on his face.


"Well this girl can" I smirked and sat down on the couch. I pressed my nose to the window. The Capitol was beautiful. It was how I imagined the future. All these strange hairstyles and different colored skin. It was like a dream. I did feel out of place here. Like I was the only girl in an entire boys school. Or maybe a dirty toy while everyone else was clean.


"Beautiful isn't it?" A voice said next to me.


I turned to look at who I was looking at. My district partner, Henry, was talking to me for the first time. He was awfully hard to read. I wasn't sure if I could trust him.


"Er yeah it's great" I said awkwardly, my eyes widening at Finnick and Mags for help.


"I think it's been decided that I'll mentor Annie while Mags will mentor Henry" Finnick looked at us both one by one.


"Sure" We both said at the same time. If Henry was Amanda, we probably would have shrieked about how alike we were. But Henry was no Amanda.


"One piece of advice I can give you both is listen to Mags when she talks. Trust me whatever she says will mean a whole lot more than whatever I say"


"Such a good boy" Mag ruffled Finnick's hair playfully. It brought a smile to my lips. I felt Finnick's eyes on me. I was about to demand what his problem was but I was interrupted by a shriek of my name. I turned back to the window to find about 100 people, desperately trying to get a glispe of the district 4 train.


"Your so pretty Annie!" I heard a woman cry. It definitely warmed by heart. But it would never compare to the moment when Finnick called me pretty.


"Your gorgeous Annie!"


"Stay strong Annie!"


"Keep smiling!"


"Don't give up!"


I waved madly at the crowd, causing them to scream even louder. I could get used to this.


"They love you Annie" Henry said quietly. He must be feeling pretty horrible right now. But I didn't care. This was my moment to shine.


I blew the crowd one last kiss and pulled the blinds down. I had the 70th annual Hunger Games wrapped around my little finger.


I shook Finnick by the shoulders madly. "They like me! They actually like me!" I jumped up and down excitedly.


"Watch it killer" He held me up straight. Killer. What a strange name. Did he call me that behind my back?


"Killer?" I raised an eyebrow.


"Just a nickname my friends and I call you behind your back" Finnick winked at me.


My heart skipped a beat. They actually talked about me when I wasn't around. Any girl would have been mortified if they found out boys were calling her Killer behind her back. "I like it. Got a nice ring to it"


We were dropped off at a private station, so we wouldn't be swarmed by desperate Capitol citizens. For the first time, I wondered about my extended family. What would they be thinking? Sutton probably wouldn't care, the only person she cared about was herself. But the problem was I loved her to death.


 Emma would probably be in tears. She had a heart of gold that girl. We have considered that her and Sutton are not related but just look exactly the same. Emma was the person to talk to when things got rough. She was the type of person who would listen to anyone about anything.


Jake was my eldest cousin. If Finnick had any competition, it would be him. He had light blonde hair and brown eyes. The complete opposite of Finnick. He always had a girlfriend and if I didn't like them, they would be gone in a heartbeat.


Last but not least was Lia. She was the same age as Jewel. She was like a mini clone of me. We got along so well because we were exactly alike.


"Annie?" I felt a hand on arm. I looked up to find Henry looking at me, confused. I gave a small smile and kept walking. I was always on edge when I was with Henry. I didn't trust him, not one little bit.


"Do you trust him?" Finnick murmured in my ear. I jumped a mile. It was like he had read my mind. What was wrong with that boy?


"Not one bit" I whispered back.


"He could be going for a Johanna Mason strategy" I suggested


Finnick frowned slightly. "Maybe"


We arrived at our complex. It was so big I had to strain my neck to look up at the top. A nauseating feeling washed over me. This all seemed real now. What if I say or do something stupid? I always manage to mess up everything. I was careful not to touch anything. I couldn't afford to break anything.


"I'll show you your room. Your in the same hall as me" Finnick walked out quickly.


I followed him at a slow pace, scanning the wall. The artwork was so queer. Maybe queer wasn’t the word. I think vibrant is a bit better. We had artists in District 4 but never did they compare to the artist to drew these. I wondered if a Capitol resident drew it. Doubt it.


“This is your room” Finnick opened a door to the most amazing bedroom I had ever seen. The bed was absolutely enormous. It could easily fit 5 people in it. Who would want a bed that big? You would always be cold. Unless you had those fancy blankets that were like a heating device




Henry was sleeping. Thank God. He was nothing but a pest. He just got in my way to protect the only girl I had ever truly loved. I refused to let Annie know. She had so much on her mind right now, she didn't need me barging in and admitting my feelings for her. I had liked her since we were 13. When she got that trap off my leg. I never stopped thinking about her. When I was doing my 'duties' for President Snow, a way I coped was pretending all the women was her. It wasn't the same as the real thing, but it helped. Snow threatened to kill Annie if I stopped having sex with all those women. Annie would be horrified if she found out. She would probably hate me. 


"Mags?" I called, peering my head in one of the lounges.


"Yes darling?" Mags croaked.


"How are you?" She asked sympathetically. She was the only one who knew about my feelings about Annie.


I shook my head and laid my head down on a pillow. "Why do I feel like absolute shit?" I said frustrated.


Mags chuckled. "Love does that to you" She patted my head affectionately.


"Finnick, as much as you want to keep it to yourself, time is running out. Annie is a lovely girl. You should tell her"


I let out a loud sigh. Love wasn't supposed to feel like this. I knew that for a fact.


I saw Henry at the door. "Can I do something for you?" I said irritated. I knew I was being rude but I didn't want to talk to him.


"I know about your feelings for Annie. I want to help you" Henry sat down on a chair. I closed my eyes. This was not happening. "I got to admit, you're a good eavesdropper" I said sarcastically.


"Thank you" He said politely. I opened my mouth to say something but shut it. There was no point arguing.


"I have no reason to live. Use my sponsoring money on Annie. If anyone deserves true love, it's you. I know one of the careers. Their main target is to get Annie. I'll protect her in the arena"


I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Mags looked just as shocked as I did. Mags stood up and gave him a hug. "Thank you Henry. I know it means a lot to Finnick"


It did. It really did. I would have to thank him later. The problem was I felt a little bad. Everyone deserved to live. Well everyone besides the Capitol citizens. I stayed silent. I didn't bother to say anything.


"Hi!" Annie ran into the lounge, almost bumping a vase. She caught it and slowly put it back. She stopped and looked around. "Who died?" She demanded.


A smirk appeared on my face. "No one died"


"You guys are looking at me funny" She crouched down next to me. "Are you okay?"


My heart skipped a beat. She was so close to me. I could just lean over and kiss her. But that wasn't going to happen. "Don't worry babe I'm fine"


She merely nodded. She was suspicious. She would be constantly alert now. She looked at me with a concerned look on her face. I wished I could just a hug her and tell her everything was alright. But it wasn't.


I watched Mags and Henry leave the room. She turned to me. "Finnick tell me whats wrong. They're gone now. You can trust me" Her eyes were so pleading. 


"Nothing is wrong" I lied.


"You're lying to me" She said angrily.


"Stop being so stubborn!" I said angrily back.


She glared at me and walked off. I would never understand women. They were so different from guys. So sensitive. I would apologize later. Or now.


I waited a few minutes for her to cool off. She was way to unpredictable for me to follow her straight away. I knocked softly on the door. "Annie?" She was lying on her bed, staring up at the ceiling.


"I'm sorry" She blurted out. I raised an eyebrow. Well I wasn't expecting that. "I shouldn't have talked to you like that. You're my mentor. You're  helping me. I'm nosy I'm sorry" She was talking so fast I started laughing. She looked at me and also began to laugh. "I am so hopeless" She flopped back onto the bed, covering her face.


Coral squealed when she walked in. God she annoyed me. "Sorry for.. Interrupting...but lunch  has been served"


I saw Annie roll her eyes. At least I wasn't the only one who couldn't stand her.


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