Hunger Games- Finnick Odair and Annie Cresta

Hi everybody!
This is my first movella. As you could probably tell by the title, this is a story about Finnick and Annie. I added a little twist to mine though. In my story, Annie does not go mad like in the books. I find it hard to write about a character that is mad. So I decided to make her a little different from the character that Suzanne Collin's created.


2. Goodbyes



"I would be fine. I think" She smiled and gave me one last hug. I made the most of it. It would probably be the most comfort i'd ever get.


As much as I loved my mother and sister, there were two people I was waiting for. Two people that meant the world to me.


"Didn't think we'd come did you?" My best friend Amanda smiled.


 Amanda had been my best friend for as long as I could remember. Her wavy blonde hair and brown eyes immediately drew you in. But don't mistake her innocent looks for the person she really was. She was ruthless and cunning, not letting anyone get in the way of what she wanted. If she desired something, she always got it. No matter who she hurt. But once I had gotten to know her, I discovered there was a different kind of person behind her cold personality. She was actually quite likable and funny. She was one to laugh at a completely unfunny situation, and I would always laugh with her.


"I'll break into that arena and kill you myself if you die" Emily said firmly.


 I always admired Emily's determination. Amanda and I always called her boy-crazy Emily. She was obsessed with males or anything to do with the male species. She had had more boyfriends than I could count. I for one had never had a boyfriend. I have had many boys ask me to be their girlfriend and even a marriage proposal but I refused all of them. I was still waiting for the perfect boy. But I guess I would never find him under all the circumstances.


"Just remember, Finnick Odair is mentoring you" Emily nudged me playfully.


Finnick hadn't even crossed my mind. He was definitely the most handsome man in District 4. Everyone loved him. All the girls desired him. Emily did obviously. Amanda and I weren't so keen, but finally agreed with Emily that he was absolutely gorgeous. He won his games with that trident of his. Now all I see is trident earrings and Finnick's face printed in every piece clothing of imaginable. My personal favorite is underwear. I think my cousin has a pair. He had these unforgettable green eyes that could literally put any girl in a trance. He was tan like everyone else in District 4 which made him that bit more desirable. His hair was a little darker than mine, but a classic district 4 color. He was absolutely perfect and I, Annie Cresta, was not worthy of that kind of perfectness.


"Drill a hole in the wall so you can spy on him" Amanda wiggled her eyebrows.


 I rolled my eyes, a smile appearing on my face. "There is no way I am doing that! That's just creepy!" I covered my face, as if Finnick was in the room listening to the conversation.


"You better kiss him, then report back to me if he is a good kisser" Emily said seriously. I could tell by her face she wasn't joking. That is my friends for you. Bloody nut-cases.


As soon as we had said our painful goodbyes, I tapped on the table anxiously. I wanted to get of here. I felt like I was screaming at the top of my lungs and no one could hear me when I knew they could. There was a soft knock at the door. Why couldn't I just be left alone? "Come in" I said shortly. Maybe it was a serial killer. I am officially going mad.


Coral walked in quickly. I was impressed with how fast she walked, especially in those shoes.


"Come along darling" I allowed myself to be dragged away.

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