Hunger Games- Finnick Odair and Annie Cresta

Hi everybody!
This is my first movella. As you could probably tell by the title, this is a story about Finnick and Annie. I added a little twist to mine though. In my story, Annie does not go mad like in the books. I find it hard to write about a character that is mad. So I decided to make her a little different from the character that Suzanne Collin's created.


1. The Reaping


"Annie Cresta!"


I took in a sharp breath. I didn't move at first. I wished I could just push through the crowd and run away. I would have no hope. The peacekeepers would get to me before I could bolt off towards the sea.


I shakily walked up to the stage. I was un-coordinated. I couldn't afford to trip when all eyes and cameras were on me. I completely ignored Coral who was babbling something to me. I couldn't care less. I had no respect for the Capitol or any of the people in it.


"Now for the boys" Coral walked over to the other reaping bowl and placed her perfectly manicured hand inside it.


I watch her walk back to the microphone, gawking at her shoes and trying to look pretty while doing it. They looked like they cost more than my house. Encrusted with blue jewels and laces made from pure silk. They were so high I wouldn't be able to walk two spaces without falling flat on my face.


I was so engrossed at looking at her shoes I didn't realize she had called out a name. I immediately recognized his face. He lived in my street. I believe his name was Henry. He was tall and quite lanky. He had enormous glasses. If I weren't standing on this stage right now, I would have called him a nerd.


 "Shake hands" Coral ordered. He stuck out his hand and I reluctantly shook it. It was rough and cold. I didn't like it. He gave me a small smile and allowed himself to be lead by peacekeeper to the justice building.


I sat down on an old couch, fiddling with a bracelet my father gave me. Before he died, he promised it would protect me through thick and thin. I figured it would be the perfect district token.


I looked at myself in the mirror, attempting to smile.The Capitol would certainly remember me. I would be more frightened if I had no clue how to use a weapon. My father had taught me how to use the traditional weapons of District 4 which were the trident and spear. They both were used to catch fish. Once I had mastered both, father allowed me to choose a weapon of my own. There was a large variety but I had my heart set on a large bow and arrow, half hiding in the corner. I remember fathers smile when I chose it. He was an excellent archer and practiced it since it wasn't exactly useful in District 4. I discovered it was my main weapon. Mother didn't approve of it, since I was 7 when I learned how to use it.


"Annie?" My sister Jewel ran into the room, pushing past the peacekeepers. She wrapped her arms around me, sobbing into my skin tight dress. Jewel rarely cried. Quite unhealthy of a growing 13 year old girl if you ask me. We stood like that for a few minutes. I rubbed her back affectionately and forced her to look at me.

"Listen to me Jewel. I will win this thing. I might have to kill some people but I don't care. I will come back home. I'll be the same person. The only thing I ask is that you have hope. Don't doubt me" She looked at me, her eyes red and puffy from all the crying. "Promise?" Was all she said. "Promise" I winked.


"Times up" The peacekeeper called from outside. It pained me to watch her leave, but in that few precious minutes I had left with her I knew it was coming. I felt a guilt wash over me. There was a 1 in 24 chance of me winning. I had never broken a promise to Jewel, but I wasn't sure if I could keep this one.


"Oh Annie darling" My mother walked into the room. I ran to her and sobbed into her strongly built shoulder. I felt like a helpless child. Absolutely helpless.


She firmly grabbed my arms. "I don't care if you kill everybody in that bloody arena. Just come home" She wrapped me up into another hug.


"So you wouldn't mind if I ripped someone's throat out with my teeth?" I joked, smiling through my tears.


"I would be fine. I think" She smiled and gave me one last hug. I made the most of it. It would probably be the most comfort i'd ever get.


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