Niall's Winter Wonderland

It's Christmas break and Savannah has meet and greet tickets to see the boys, she can't wait to see Niall, will it be love at first sight? Or will someone else catch her first?


2. Two more days

*Niall at sound check*

"Harry likes porn!" Zayn yells into the microphone, "Zayn likes to eat bananas really slowly!" Harry screams back. "Aye!" Zayn yells smiling. "alright boys that's enough playing around," Louis says with adittude. "You sound a bit jealous Louis." Liam says laughing. "I am not!" Louis says with sass. I want some food, i wonder if Liam would get my food. "Aye Liam." I say sweetly, "What do you want to eat Niall?" He says without hesitation. "It's like you read my mind!" I say surprised, "Or i just read your last tweet." Liam says with a smile. i actually thought he could read minds dang it, i told Liam what i wanted and he and I left to go pick it up.


*Savannah in her room*

I miss Maddie maybe i'll give her a call, I grab my phone and start dialing. *Ring, Ring, Ring* "Hello."

"Hey" I answer "What's up Savannah?" "Just wondering what you're doing today, want to hit the town?" i ask "Yea sure pick me up in 15?" "Always!" i answer than hang up, i walk over to my make up stand, put on some foundation and mascara. Than I walk over to my closet and pick out a cute top from Forever 21, a pear or jeans and some boots. I get dressed than i walk into the living room and tell my mom i'm going to get Maddie, she gives me 20 bucks and i head out.


*Niall and Liam out and about*


"Let's stop here" I tell Liam. He pulls into the nearest parking place, than we get out and run inside trying not to be spotted. "Are you in the mood for Tea or something?" Liam ask, "Sounds good right about now." I answer back. We walk over to the cashier "Hi i'm Luna, how can i help you today?" She says with a big smile, I answer back with a smile "Can I get--" Liam interrupts "He'd eat everything on the menu." he says laughing, "Yes i would but for now i'll take-- "The menu!" Liam says interrupting again. "Alright Liam, you had your laugh now i need my food." i say sternly. "Okay i'll have some Irish Tea and some of that chocolate cake." I say with a smile, "Alright, I'll call you when it's finished" Luna says still smiling.

*Savannah at Maddie's house*

I finally got to Maddie's house i hope she's ready to go, i walk to her front door and knock. Her mo answers the door, "Oh! hi Savannah, Let me get Maddie for you." she says with the friendliest smile, "Thank you." i say to her as i smile back. Her mom has short brown hair and brown eyes, she's really pretty for her age. I have long brown hair and brown eyes, Maddie on the other hand has short short black hair but she has bangs, I love her hair I just wish she wouldn't cut it so much. "Hey you ready to go?" Maddie says smiling, "As ready as i'll ever be!" i reply back. We both walk to the car, but on our seat belts and talk the whole 5 minute drive to Starbucks, apparently there is someone important there..




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