Niall's Winter Wonderland

It's Christmas break and Savannah has meet and greet tickets to see the boys, she can't wait to see Niall, will it be love at first sight? Or will someone else catch her first?


3. The incounter

*Niall P.O.V*

As I'm sitting at the table waiting for my order to be finished, I noticed Liam looking out the window he seems distracted by something, but I guess it's no big deal he's not talking about it, usually he always tells me if there is something on his mind. "Aye Liam?" I say looking dead at him, he's really distracted. What in the world could be so important. "LIAM!" I shout "yeah?" He answers back with a blank look. "Is everything alright?" I ask "Yeah, everything is fine why do you ask?" He says confused. "Well you're just staring at something" I answer. He doesn't seem like there's something wrong with him he seems like there's something that caught his eye is it a girl? Or is it some fancy car. "Order number 13 is ready." Luna says happily. I get up from my seat to go grab my Tea and slice of cake, than liam stood up and turned to me, "How's my hair?" He asked "just fine?" I answered confused. Is he expecting someone?

*Savannah P.O.V*

Maddie and I just pulled into the parking lot and she noticed some guy staring out of Starbuck's Windows looking at us, I don't think he was looking at us maybe he was looking at the Lamborghini that drove by, whatever I want my coffee. "Who did violet say was here?" Maddie asked. "She said it was some hot blonde guy and his friend that we know." I answered, I doubt Jesse is here not your topical hangout place if you party all the time, he wouldn't ever come here. We walk in and I try not to look at the guy staring at us. I let Maddie walk in front of me, she opens the door to Starbucks and holds it open for me, and you wouldn't believe what happened next...
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