Niall's Winter Wonderland

It's Christmas break and Savannah has meet and greet tickets to see the boys, she can't wait to see Niall, will it be love at first sight? Or will someone else catch her first?


5. Is this really about to happen?

*Niall P.O.V.*

I don't think i've ever seen a fallen angle before, but i'm 100 percent positive that i now have. She is just so stunning, i don't think i'll ever be able to get my eyes off her, With her beautiful long brown hair, she looked so cute in her outfit. I want to talk to her, but what if she doesn't like the band an i? Well it never hurts to try.


*Maddie P.O.V.* 

Holy Jesus i can't believe Niall and Liam are here. I hope that they don't get irritated that we're about to walk over there, i wonder if they will talk to us or something..I hope something extraordinary happens, kinda like a movie where the beautiful rich guy falls head over high tops for the lesser model type girl at Starbucks.

*Savannah P.O.V.*

This is my chance to get a great first impression on Niall and see if anything will happen, i'm so nervous, what if something goes wrong and i trip while walking over there? He'll think i'm a cults. I look over to Maddie "Alright, are you ready for this?" i said to her. "Couldn't be more prepared." Maddie replies back with a friendly grin.  "Okay, lets go." I said as we started walking calmly but excited towards them. 

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