Niall's Winter Wonderland

It's Christmas break and Savannah has meet and greet tickets to see the boys, she can't wait to see Niall, will it be love at first sight? Or will someone else catch her first?


1. Christmas Break


*Savannah P.O.V*  



Even though it's winter break looks like i'm staying up late tonight to study, stupid math exam next week. At least i have my Christmas present to look forward to. I can't wait to see the boys perform, should be the best day of my life. I hear a knock at my door. "Sweetie?" it's my mother. "Yes mom?" She opens the door slowly like she is worried. "Is everything okay?" she said with a smile. She has been asking me that a lot lately after her divorce, i now live with her and Josh..her new boyfriend. It's not that i don't like him it's the fact that he's trying to be a father figure, i'm 17 i don't need a third father figure i'm to old for that. "Yes i'm fine mother, is there something you need?" i say with a sigh. "No darling, i was just checking up on you because you seemed so upset earlier." she said sternly, "no i--" she cuts me off "Is it about Josh?" She constantly thinks i'm upset because of him. "Mom i'm fine, can i go back to studying now?" i say aggravated, "Of course." She closes the door.  




*Niall P.O.V*  




"Niall get off the computer!" Harry screams "Give me a sec, i'm on twitter!" I say annoyed. "What are you possibly doing that's so important?" Louis says. "I'm reading this story about a girl named Violet." I say calmly. "Is she ill or something? Oh! is it her birthday?" Louis says excitedly. "No no, it's just about her 'one direction experience' it's actually really cute." I say with a smile. "Does it say anything about me in there?" Louis say antsy. "Are you in one direction?" i say sarcastically. With sass Louis says "Well duh, you knuckle head." "Than yes you are." I reply with a laugh. Harry walks into the room, "We don't have all day, now will you please get your sexy self out of that chair and come to stage?" I logged off Twitter and walked with Harry, he looked like a bum today, maybe he's not feeling well. I hope he'll make soup i'm starving. "Oh my God Niall." i hear from behind me, "what?" i say as i turn around it's Zayn. "Please tell me you aren't thinking about food." He says with an annoyed experesion. "okay, i'm not." i say with a smile, "You should be thinking about the show we have in a couple days." Liam says winking. "I am of course, all our beautiful fans will be there." I say with a wide smile.  





*Savannah Back at Home*  





My alarm clock goes off, it's 9 am. Time to get up. ew. I pick up my phone to check for messages, i have 27 from Sealanna, this girl is going to drive me crazy, i get out if bed and walk to the kitchen. "Morning mom." i say with a faint smile, "Good morning, Mrs. Styles? is it?" She says confused, I giggle "No mom, i like Niall, you know the cute blonde one who eats all the time?" i say with a smile. "Oh! okay got you." she says smiling back. "So are you excited for the concert in a couple days?" she says, "As much as i'll ever be!" I say with a huge smile. I can't wait to see them, i got meet and greet tickets, i'll finally be able to hug Niall, i'm so happy, but what if he doesn't think i'm pretty like the other guys at my school..    

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