Niall's Winter Wonderland

It's Christmas break and Savannah has meet and greet tickets to see the boys, she can't wait to see Niall, will it be love at first sight? Or will someone else catch her first?


4. Am i Seeing things?

*Liam P.O.V*

i have to say this girl is so beautiful I've never seen anyone as flawless as she is, once i saw her get out of that car something hit me, like i had just gotten hit with cupids arrow. As she walked into Starbucks I couldn't keep my eyes off her, she is just so stunning with those beautiful golden brown eyes, and her smile gives me a loss for words. I can't stop looking at her and smiling she must think i'm a idiot. Niall walked over and stood next to me, he was looking at one of the girls too, but which one? i turned and looked at him, he didn't look back at me he was still lost in her eyes, they haven't noticed us at least i don't think.


*Savannah P.O.V.* 

"I don't see Jesse anywhere, or a blonde for that matter." i said to Maddie confused. "I know why would she tell us that and no one be here?" she said sounding a little upset. "She was probably just messing with us." i answered, whatever i want coffee and cake. We walked over to our friend Luna she works here, she seems really happy. "Hey Luna!" i say with a smile, she looks at me with the biggest grin on her face. "Hey guys, guess who's here!" she says happily. "Who?" i asked "Violet said someone we knew was here, and that they were blonde, did you see anyone here?" Maddie asked eagerly, Luna leaned in over the counter, "Niall Horan and Liam Payne are here, but don't freak out." she whispered. Maddie and i looked at each other, "Where?" Maddie asked "Their in the back by the bathrooms." Luna answered still in a whisper. "Maddie want to walk me to the bathroom?" I said with a wink. "Um, Duh." she answered with a wide smile.

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