Your my best friend

Louis Tomlinson Where best friend whit a girl name Lola for a very long time there moms grew up togeter like sisters and Louis and Lola go to gindregaren And more but when Louis goes to the xfactor and leaves and comes famous Lola get hurt she had a little crush on Louis but when she goes and see him for the first time she see elonore and gets heart broken and falls for the other boys


2. I wonder where's Lou at

Okay here where it all start I'm gonna make nice and sweet for you I'm 20 Louis is 20 and we knew each other for a very long time and where best friend but it start when he audition for the xfactor 2years ago we were 18 I never seen or talk to him since I try texting him on twitter no answer I got the feeling he though I was some crazy fan or something
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