Your my best friend

Louis Tomlinson Where best friend whit a girl name Lola for a very long time there moms grew up togeter like sisters and Louis and Lola go to gindregaren And more but when Louis goes to the xfactor and leaves and comes famous Lola get hurt she had a little crush on Louis but when she goes and see him for the first time she see elonore and gets heart broken and falls for the other boys


3. I wonder where's Lou at part 2

I got feeling he thought I was some crazy fan but I'm not I'm his best best friend maybe he forgot about me maybe The other boys are his new best friends I don't know any more I start getting frustrated So I close the computer And went in the shower
I got out and putted on some jeans and a t-shirt And vans runners (sneakers)
And got my purse and phone and went out side I dis sides going for a little walk out side
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