Your my best friend

Louis Tomlinson Where best friend whit a girl name Lola for a very long time there moms grew up togeter like sisters and Louis and Lola go to gindregaren And more but when Louis goes to the xfactor and leaves and comes famous Lola get hurt she had a little crush on Louis but when she goes and see him for the first time she see elonore and gets heart broken and falls for the other boys


4. Do I know u

So I went out side to go for a walk and then I went to the park
I start walking around the park I saw 6 boys playing at the park 1 of them look like a bodyguard more then a friend then I also seen 3girls siting at the bench watching and laughing at the boys I was still walking and then I went to a coffee shop and got a tea and then walk back to the park then I saw the boys still playing one if them look like Louis but I know it's not him he's pro at USA or at well I don't know I just walk around the park then I found a nice place at the park where there a big tree by the way it was very sunny out like it was very hot so I sat under the tree and I was on my phone My friends was texting me
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