Your my best friend

Louis Tomlinson Where best friend whit a girl name Lola for a very long time there moms grew up togeter like sisters and Louis and Lola go to gindregaren And more but when Louis goes to the xfactor and leaves and comes famous Lola get hurt she had a little crush on Louis but when she goes and see him for the first time she see elonore and gets heart broken and falls for the other boys


5. Do I know u 2

I wasn't paying any attention at the boys anymore I think They left I don't know so I was texting my friends i got up and i was gonna go home then a big soccer ball hit me Right in the face The tea went all over me it burned then the 5guys rush up to me I fell on the floor by the way I black out
Next thing I know I woke up in somebody couch

Liam:look guys she's up
Me:Who are you
Harry:Omg she lost her memory
Me:Who what what am I doing her
Louis:give her some space
Zayn:Louis you feel you Know everything
Me:Wait what did you just say
Zayn:What did I say
Me:Did you just say Louis
Me:As Louis Tomlinson
Harry:Wait you know who we are
Me:Wait what
Harry:One direction the band
Me:I heard of it
Zayn:That's great you a fan
Me:No I don't listen to it well some times
Niall:That's great
Me:You don't who I am
Louis:Nope I have no idea
me:Are you serious
Louis:Listen I don't even know your name
Me:Wow just that's perfect
Elenore:Listen why you freaking out on my boyfriend
Me:boyfriend Oh my god no
Louis:clam your self
Me:You don't even remember me how could you I hate you
El:Why are you picking on my boyfriend
Louis:Remeber you I don't even know you
Me:I hate u
Louis:Why do you hate me
Me:Does the name Lola ring a bell you know the one you grew up whit the one that are moms knew each other for there life's wow Louis your something
Louis:Listen Lola I don't
He stop and though about it
Louis:Wait a minute Lola OH my gosh I'm so so sorry
Me:Just drop I don't even wanna see you again
I ran out whit tears streaming down my face I ran out side and Louis ran after me everybody had shock faces
Louis:Lola wait
Me:No leave me Alone
Louis:Wait a minute Lola
Me:Dont talk to me
Louis:Lola Just stop your getting me nervous
Me:Fine what is it
I stop for a minute and turn around
Louis:You dident even give me a chance To talk
Me:We'll talk
Louis:I dident mean to hurt you like that I always love you you was always like a sister you was my best friend your still my best friend and I still love you
Me:Really if you love me then how did I slip out of your mind
Louis:You dident your still in my mind and in my heart so do you forgive me
Me:I guess so
He look sad of what I said
Then we Hug and then everybody came out side
Harry Liam niall Zayn:Okay what happen here what's whit all the hugs
El:Okay somebody tell me something before I blow Louis who is she
Louis:This is my best friend in the hole in tired world we knew each other all are lives she like my little sister And I love her
El:As A Sister or as a girlfriend cause Remeber where going out togeter
Louis:As A Sister why would I love her like that that's crazy talking
El:Im Sorry
We pulled away from the hug
Louis:Come in we can catch up together
Me:Im sorry Louis but I can't I smell like green tea
But give me your number
We have each others numbers
Louis:You want me to drop you off home
Me:Im good Ill take a car service
Louis:Here you go again come on let me drop you off please
He drop me off home and then we hug and then he drove off and I walk in the house

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