I thought you love me

Niall Was Betted by Louis and The boys For him to find a girl and have a 1night stand So He does insted he gets the girl preagneat Will He stick around Or will he not stay aroud find out read the story lol


3. Who should I pick

Okay i walk out side and went In the car Then I was thinking while driving maybe if I just go to a bar and find a Whore there Yeah yeah that's a great idea so I drove to a big club/bar
I park the car in the parking lot and i walk in and sat down next to the bar part a girl goes up to me
That works there
Lady:How can I help you sir
Me:Umm no I'm good
So I just sat there looking for someone while waiting and waiting
I seen a old woman coming out and coming up to the lady that work there the one who ask if I want anything
Lady name Sarah:Yes ms Connor
Ms.connor:Where my daughter Alice
Sarah:I don't know where she is
Ms.connor:Uff Alice she starts screaming all around the club/bar
I'm guess Alice is that woman's daughter and she is the boss thats what I think Umm
After the woman start yelling on the other side of the club and a girl whit long black hair and green eyes skinny a little bit shorter them me whit a tight black strap less over the knee comes next me and sits
Sarah:Ally your mother looking for you
Alice:I know I been hiding
Sarah:Cause why
Alice:Cause she always like where Italian and you need a boyfriend you need to get married u need to makes kids before your grandparents die
And that's all she talks about I hear enough about it home
Sarah:Well you gotta face it she will not gonna stop
Alice:I know
Sarah:U thirsty
Sarah:Regular right
As I was listening to there convo the lady left to go get her drink
Me:So your alive Alice
Alice:Yes I am how you know who I am
Me:cause I think it was your mom not sure she was screaming your name
Alice:yeah that's my mom wait do I know u
Me:I think u ever hear of one direction
Alice:Yeah I hear of you guys
Alice:So your niall
Me:yes I am
Alice:Cool your the Cute Irish one right
Me:yeah I said while chuckling a little
Alice:Okay well I'm Italian
Me:I know
Alice:wait mr horan was you listening to my convo
Me:yes I was tell me something about your self and il tell you
Alice:what can I tell u
Me:Your favorite color how old u r stuff like that
Alice:Umm well my favorite color is blue((true fact about me lol))
Um I'm 19 Ah Well I go to college I go there but i Dont live there um I like school I love math and art and music I love Disney And I'm afraid of horror movies well sometime mostly all the times oh my favorite movie is a bronx take by Robert deniro ((true fact))
Oh my favorite song is by Coldplay vida la vida oh and I love food((true fact))
Niall:well I love eating I gain no wait um I love that song by cold play its my all time favorite song my favorite color is green n blue and I love grease I don't really like Disney um I'm 19 oh and I love horror movies
Now I'm thinking should I pick her u know I think I should but then again she looks like Thoes ones you don't wanna break well let's just see
Me:So Alice You drink
Alice:I do but I don't get drunk it's not my thing I don't find it to be great Cause you will always regret what you did by the next morning
Me:your right
The lady came back whit her drink
Sarah:Here ya go Ally
She left

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