I thought you love me

Niall Was Betted by Louis and The boys For him to find a girl and have a 1night stand So He does insted he gets the girl preagneat Will He stick around Or will he not stay aroud find out read the story lol


19. Where to go

I walk out the house and start walking and walking then I found a car services place I walk

Me:excuse me sir I need a cab

Sir:no problem miss ill call One up for u right now


The man calls up and then hangs up

Sir:um Miss your can is right in front

Me:thank you

I walk out side I seen the cab and open the door and sat and close the door

Sir:where to

Me:where's your best shopping area

Sir:oh 21 Mary Street, Dublin, Co. Dublin


He drove there took 26minutes to drive there
We finally made it there

Me:thank you

I payed him and walk out

When I walk out the car service guy drove away and i was looking out side
What I seem was a beautiful shopping area


I first seen a MC so I walk in and oderd a Big Mac and a soda
I ate it then walk out side and then I seem a girl shopping place called next the name was instring
So I walk in and seen clothing so I both a couple clothing I bough a nice blue sweater whit white strips then I found a nice blue dressing shirt it had a mic v going the middle it had sparkles it had shoulders on it not long sleeve it was like a tank top shoulder I liked the shirt so I both it then walk out side then I seem a men's pollo store
I Both niall pollo shoes and a pollo shirtt black whit the red small pollo sign I both both then I walk out then I seen a hands and feet salon I did my hands and feet I put tips French tips on the toes and the feet and then i payed walk out then I seem a ice cream truck I are a ice cream then I payed then found a makeup forever I both a black eyeliner and green and gold eyeshadow
Then I payed and walk out side then I my phone start ringing

Maura:Yeah Alice Where you at
Me:Im Shopping
Maura:Oh Okay what you get
Me:Um I got a few peaces of clothing I did my hands and feet I few makeups
Maura:oh okay
Me:oh yeah and I both niall something
Maura:what you get him
Me:a pollo shirt and a pair of pollo sneakers
Maura:oh that's great um when u get a chance have niall drop you off here
Me:um nialls not whit me
Maura:I know he's whit drew
Me:oh okay
Maura:so have him drop you off when u get home
Me:okay sure
Maura:so you ate anything
Me:I ate a Big Mac from mc and a ice cream
Maura:oh okay you know since your preagneat you have to eat double
Cause you are feeding You and your baby
Me:oh okay so eat double
Maura:Okay Alice I gotta let you go
Me:okay I love you
Maura:I love to Alice
She hung up then I put my phone back in the purse so I start walking and walking again I think I got myself lost this is not good now I'm thinking what am I gonna do I don't know how to get back to the house what should I do where am I OMG I think I'm gonna cry
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