I thought you love me

Niall Was Betted by Louis and The boys For him to find a girl and have a 1night stand So He does insted he gets the girl preagneat Will He stick around Or will he not stay aroud find out read the story lol


14. To my parents

Me:I know

We pulled away from the hug

Alice:Yeah I'm gonna go jump in the shower

Me:Me to

I got clothing from closet I pick out light brown kakies and a black V nek shirt that has the pollo sign on it in red small pollo sighn whit white Adidas high tops

I went in the shower came out in 10minutes then I putted on my clothing
And then putted on my shoes Alice comes in the room whit skinny strap over the knee blue and whit dress whit flowers on it and white sandals whit a big white bow on it whit a diamond in the middle whit her in a pony tale and little make up on even though she has make up on I say she more beautiful whit out it


Alice:Umm ah eh yeah no I'm yes I am

Me:Nervouse are ya

Alice:Yes what if your family don't like me what if they kick me out of the house

Me:There not like that if they would hate you they wouldn't kick you out there just trow you in the pool


Me:Im Joking there gonna love you

Alice:are you sure

Me:Im sure come on let's go she got a little white sweater and her purse and her phone I got my phone my wallet and my keys and a hoddie sweater

We walk out of the house and we drove my parents house I park the car and I open the door for Alice then we walk to the door she was behind me by the way I was I front of her I knock on the door

My Mom open up the door

Mom:Niall your home

Me:And I'm glad to be back

Mom:come in all your friends and family are here

I walk in then Alice walk in

Mom:Who is this

Me:This is Alice

Mom:Nice to meet you Alice I'm Maura nialls mom

Alice:nice to meet you

They shook hands

Mom:come Alice come meet the family

mom:This bobby nialls dad

Alice:nice to meet you

Bobby:nice to meet u to

They shook hands

Mom:this is Greg Niall older brothers


Alice:nice to meet u

Greg:nice to meet you to

They shook hands

Mom:Margaret Nialls Grandmother

Me:nice to meet you

Margaret:nice to meet you to darling

They shook hands

After that meet all my friends and family we all ate drink a little but Alice dident drink

Then we went to the front

Jazzy niall older cousin:so how long you guys been to geter

Me:I got a confession

Mom:What's that sweetie

Margaret:Alice is preagneat right

Me:Wait wait wait what how you know

Then everybody look at me and Alice

Margaret:I can see how the way she looks walks and talks that's how I told that your mother was preagneat whit Greg your brother

Mom:So is this true Niall is Alice preagneat

Me:Yes it's true

My mothers smile grew and then tears came comming from her eyes like a water fall

Mom:Im gonna be a grandmother

Dad:And I'm gonna be grandfather

Greg:I'm gonna be a ancul

Margreat and Andrew:And we're gonna be great grandparents

Every was happy about it ant that werid

Mom:So how this happen

Me:Well mum I never knew her The boys and were playing a game and they deard me to find a girl and do a one night stand And here we go only 4days ago

Mom:Well I'm happy about you being a father but I'm Dispointed on you for the way it happen but it's okay cause my baby gonna have baby I was only yesterday niall you where born on September 13 early in the morning

Me:mom you okay

Mom:Yeah I'm happy

Mom:Alice can come here


She walk over there And my mom got up and hug her tight like she was never gonna let her go
Then after everybody wanted to hug Alice she hug everybody And they hug her

Then after everybody wanted to guess on names and stuff and what's it gonna be

Jazzy:I think it's gonna be a boy

Margret:I think it's gonna be a girl

Maura:I think its gonna be a girl

Greg:I say boy

bobby:I say boy

Drew my friend:I say boy

Donnie my cousin:I think girl

Rachel Dino:We think its a boy

Alice:Well a girl or boy is good I don't really care it's baby and its beautiful and perfect

Me:Same here

Donnie:Why don't you and Alice kiss
Drew:yeah man kiss her
Jazzy:kiss her
Rachel kiss her
Donnie:kiss her

I look at Alice Alice look at me and then we look at each other for a second And then next second We pulled in for a kiss It was for 4minutes

They start cheering

Maura Bobby:You think you can take care of Alice Since she's preagneat

Me:Yeah I think so yeah

Maura Margaret bobby Greg:listen if you need any help you got Us

Me:yeah I know and I love you guys for that

We talked a little more

Mom:So Alice Is that your natural color of your hair

Alice:No it's not

Margaret mom:we can tell

Mom:let me guess is your real hair color blond right


Mom:Why you died it

Me:Cause I never thought I look good in blond
But this die I put my hair isn't permeant die its the ones that stay in for a week

Mom:oh okay

After talking laughing Me and Alice left
We said good bye and we went in the car and drove home

We went in side we got dressd in to the sleeping clothing and then we went to sleep my arms where rap around her and her face was in my chest

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