I thought you love me

Niall Was Betted by Louis and The boys For him to find a girl and have a 1night stand So He does insted he gets the girl preagneat Will He stick around Or will he not stay aroud find out read the story lol


13. To My House


I Woke Up and all I hear is we will be landing in irealnd in 30minutes so strap your self
So I woke up Alice

Me:Alice Wake up


Me:Alice wake up where gonna be in irealnd in 30minutes

Alice:Noo I'm to tired

Me:Alice wake up


She open her eyes and took her head off my shoulder and put the seat belt on so did I
10minutes later we can see irealnd out side

Me:Look ally its irealnd

She look out the window

Alice:Oh my god it's beautiful

Me:I know

Alice:Thank you

Me:For what

Alice:Bringing me whit you to irealnd

Me:Your welcome

She gave me a hug I hug her back

20minutes later the plan landed

We took off the seat belts off and we got are lugged and walk out of the plane

As soon as we walk out millions of girls come running up to us screaming niall I love you we love you can you marry me can you be my baby daddy and like who see she's beautiful she's ugly she's yousing you don't date her So half of them went and jump on Alice start beating her up I ran up to them trying to push them away so did cops and security and other try to stop the fight to

Finally they stop the fight all I see ally's on the floor crying
I pick her up from the floor and gave her a big hug

Me:I dident mean for this to happen I'm sorry

Alice:My body hurts

Me:I know it does dont worry it won't happen again

Alice:you promis

Me:I promis ill protect you no matter what

Thank god she dident have any blood or bruises on her

To me Alice is like a little girl that's scared and worry she's smart yeah
And intellergint And beautiful But deep down in side shes scared and she's like a little girl
That's got lost I really mest up her life if only I took her to her mother this would not happen she would have the life she knew she would have And she's wouldn't get beat up

We got all the bags And Got A cab To My little house
We made it there I open the door and got all the bags and Put them in my room
The house had 3bedrooms 2bathrooms A kitchen a living room a dinning room and a basement



me:Okay so you wanna shear a room

Alice:It doesn't Boder me


We unpack everything

Me:Alìce Get ready

Alice:For what

Me:To go to my parents house cause there trowing me a party

Alice:Um ha ha yeah do I well um Eh

Me:Your nervious About meeting my family

Alice:Meeting It's Just A Strong Word

Me:Dont worry everything will be okay

Alice:Yeah Your Right Into they get to the part where I'm preagneat and I'm gonna mess up the band oh my god I'm tearing the band apart oh this all my fault

Me:No Your not Stop Crying Alice

Alice:I Am

Me:Your not

I pulled her in to a hug

Me:Shhhh shhh it's okay shh your not tearing the band apart Shh my family there gonna love you shh it's alright go get ready

Alice:you always know how to cheer me up

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