I thought you love me

Niall Was Betted by Louis and The boys For him to find a girl and have a 1night stand So He does insted he gets the girl preagneat Will He stick around Or will he not stay aroud find out read the story lol


39. The day we Go Home

Me and Niall And are new child is coming home we got all the stuff and paper work
And the birth certificate it's says Sophia Rosalie Horan born on march 12 2013 At 8:00Pm
We are now driving home And there where paps all over asking Boy girl why hasnt one direction start the tour yet And why havent they gone to interviews in a long time then we finally made it home niall is holding the bundle and I'm holding the baby And we walk in and all we see is everybody jumping saying Welcome Home Guys they said I seen all my family and friends my grandparents my parents my brother and my sister look who finally came around and my friends and Nialls friends and family I met all of his other friends And his other grandparents We Ate And everybody played whit Sophia She didn't open her eyes yet just a little they look dark The doctor said it could be any color brown Black Blue Or Green all we have to do is wait Now its 7:30 Everybody has left to go back home I said good by to my grandparents my parents my siblings my Brother is in the war in America He Sometimes gets time off my friends Laura and Megan left back to England nialls grandparents left back to Sweden Louis Eleanor Zayn Perrie And Harry went back to England Taylor went back to America
Just his Friend Tracey Which is a girl still here it does not bother me I Putted Sophia in her new room in the crib to sleep she look so cute In the crib sleeping i put the blanket over her
I went down stairs to find Liam Danielle still here
Me:You Guys Are Still here I though you guys left
Liam:Tomorrow Are Flight Leaves
Me:Oh okay
I took a Seat next to niall on the couch he rap his hands around my wast and kiss my cheek. And down my neck But I can See Tracey getting annoyed
Tracey:So Alice Tell me something Where you from what's your language
Me:Im from Brooklyn New York And I'm Italian
Tracey:Oh How old are you
Me:I Am 20Years old
Tracey:Your older then Niall
Me:Um A Few Mouths Older
Tracey:How you guys meet
Me:At A Club
Tracey:Oh Somebody's bad
Me:Oh No I Don't like clubs or bars
Tracey:Then what where you doing there
Me:My Mom Owns The Club
Tracey:Where You Drunk Like how it happen
Me:Um I was Hiding From My Mother Cause she was looking for me cause she annoys me at times whit questions so I was like running trough the club and then I sat on the bar stool talking to the employes there And then niall cutted in from there
Tracey:Ohhh Okay How he Cut in
Me:The Girl I was talking left getting my drink then niall says your alive and your Alice stuff like that and he says your mom is looking for you and then I ask where you listening to what I was saying and then from there niall got me drunk by having fun whit him
Tracey:Oh So He Use You For A 1Night Stand
Me:Um Kinda he was bet to do it like after we went to a hotel drunk And from there it all happen
Tracey:How did you knew your Preagneat
me:cause I could not stop trowing up that hole day and I was acting Bitchy and stuff so I took a test then went to the hospital to make sure
Me:Now We have a baby togeter and where in love
Tracey:then why did I read and it said on TV niall explode on you and you left to New York
Me:It did happen then he came back apologize to me
Tracey:How do you know for sure he loves you how do know he only took you back cause felt bad and guilty
I look at niall like why the hell is she so noise
Niall:I Really did want her back
Tracey:Oh What ever you say my Sky
Tracey:When we was little we yous to hang out and we gave each other nick names we also dated
Tracey:But dont worry I Won't still him
I'm already getting to tired of her
Me:Um Nice To Know Well Im Tired GoodNight
Night Liam Night Danielle I gave them hugs they knew That I was going upstairs cause of her They look like they did not like her to then I sat on nialls lap and kiss him on the lips and hug him and Said
Me:Goodnight My Smuf
Niall:good night Kiddo
He kiss me on the lips then I kiss his nose for one last time And went up stairs
Tracey:Do I get A Goodnight
I ignore Her I could here her mumble Something
Liam Danielle:where tired to Big flight in the morning gotta catch it
We all went up stairs I went in my room And Went in the shower I wash and brush. My body and teeth Then I putted on underwear I felt being naked it is to hot my tummy has got a bit skinnier I got in bed put the over on me and i lay down waiting for niall i waited about a hour but he dident come up stairs but then i can here him laughing And Saying Ruffle and Tracey saying sky after that I could not wait any more I got tired and i fell asleep
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