I thought you love me

Niall Was Betted by Louis and The boys For him to find a girl and have a 1night stand So He does insted he gets the girl preagneat Will He stick around Or will he not stay aroud find out read the story lol


8. On the way to my moms

Me and niall went in his car driving to my house I gave him the address
Me:So where is your house
Niall:In Ireland
Me:Wait blond blue eye irish boy say what I said he chuckled
Niall:Im Irish and so I live in Ireland
Me:Um I can't do that All my doctors and stuff are here
Niall:ill have my mom transfer them
Me:Um ah okay
So we made it to my house me and niall and everybody else walk out side
I open the door
Me:Mom dad
Mom:Hey ally bear
Me:Um hi
Mom:Where's your other friends
Me:Un I don't know
Mom:Well then hello new friends
Me:mom there not my friends I whispered to her
Mom:Then what are they doing here
Me:Let's just drop that convo
Mom:Okay Barry will be here I invited him to eat whit us your future husband
Me:ma no I don't wanna get married to a guy I don't even know
Mom:Well you have to cause your grandparents are not gonna live forever there in Brooklyn so we gotta make the wedding in Brooklyn
Mom:What your not proud of being from Brooklyn and where your accent your Italian for crying out
Loud Where is your Brooklyn accent
Me:Ma Where in England I would find it weird having a Brooklyn accent in England
Mom:well talk normal cause your not talking normal
Me:am not cause I'm not gonna talk like that again its not normal
Mom:your not talking normal right now your Brooklyn accent is normal
Mom:First use your accent on
Mom:put your Brooklyn. Accent on
Everybody was laughing from this fight
Mom:Put accent on and ill talk to you
Me:Okay Ma Her ya go ya feel betta
Everybody was laughing
Me:Okay now can u listen
Mom:my ears are all open
Me:Okay sit down for this
Me:just sit down
Mom:okay I'm sitting
She sat down on the couch
Me:okay mom how should I say this but I'm I'm well ah I'm
Mom:your what daughter
Me:I'm I'm
Mom:your hungry
Me:no I'm I'm
Mom:your thirsty
Mom:ally this game is not gonna go for ever
Me:Im preagneat
Mom:wait your what
Me:I'm preagneat
Mom:was the guy Italian if he is then I don't care
Me:um ha ha well ah no he's not hes Irish
Mom:Get out
Mom:What my daughter is having a baby whit some Irish guy
Me:Ma hes in the room
Mom:where is he
Niall:I'm that Irish guy
Mom:what do you do for living
Niall:I'm in a famous band all over the world it's called one direction
Mom:what's your name mr Irish Ill take ally and make her preagneat
Niall:My name is niall horan
Mom:well Your Stupited
Niall:Um um thanks
Mom:it wasn't a comportment
Niall:Ah ah
Mom:Dont Ma me I don't want nothing to do whit this leave take all your stuff ill explain to your father when he comes home if your grandparents finds out there die from this so just leave and don't come back Alice !!!
I ran up stairs whit tears in my eyes I went in my room and put my clothing my shoes my bedding my bears my books my makeup my shower stuff And my studing stuff
And I went down stairs whit everything niall and the boys help me whit the bags and then we went in the car
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