I thought you love me

Niall Was Betted by Louis and The boys For him to find a girl and have a 1night stand So He does insted he gets the girl preagneat Will He stick around Or will he not stay aroud find out read the story lol


31. Niall birthday

I woke in the moring cause it was niall birthday so I woke up around 7 And then I went in the kitchen start cooking and then I made bacon egges pancakes Toast And then I got call fromThe boys saying there be here in a few minutes they got off the plane and then they hang up I Finsh making the breakfast I putted it on a dish and then I got a tray and putted the food on the it and then I got a glass and pour Orange juice And put it on the tray few minutes I waited for the boys they came waking in
Me:Okay guys Go wake up Niall
So they ran up stairs and then woke up niall how I could tell cause niall woke up screaming and saying how you guys get hear and I miss you guys stuff like that i fix 4other plates and putted it in the dinning room and got 4 glasses and put it in the dinning room and then I got the tray and brong it up stairs and into the room
Me:Well Breakfast is serve For MR horan
I gave him the tray he start eating
Me:Boys you hungery
Me:breakfast is in the dinning room
As soon as they hear that they ran down stairs
Now it me and niall
Niall:Thank you
Me:Thats not all I got you something
Niall:um and will that be
I went in the closet and got the bags and gave them to niall niall was done Eatting so I took the tray away and gave him the bags he look in and he saw the clothing and shoes
Niall:Thanks Bebe I love it
Me:Thank you
Niall:you do know I bough my own present right
Me:Yeah I know but let's pretend I bough you the present
He kissed me and then I said
Me:come on birthday boy we got a lot to do today
He got up and went in the shower and I clean up the room and I got tray and went down stairs
To the boys They where All done and in the Front watching Tv So I got there dishes and there Cups and the tray I had and start washing them I Finsh I wash the table then
I went back in the front to the boys niall came down stairs and we start talking and stuff And then After that we All went golfing And and we went to a dinner And then the boys drop me off and they went to a bar I can trust niall so It not a big deal after that I went home Took shower and went In bed and watch a movie And then niall came back home like 3hours later drunk he ended up Knocking out in bed as soon as he hit the bed And then we feel asleep
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