I thought you love me

Niall Was Betted by Louis and The boys For him to find a girl and have a 1night stand So He does insted he gets the girl preagneat Will He stick around Or will he not stay aroud find out read the story lol


15. Next morning

Alex prov
Next morning I woke up and nialls arms where rap around me so then I pulled his arms of from the grip he had and walk to the bath room and strip my self I wash my Bodu my teeth then I wash the black out my hair I scrub and scrub and finally got the die out my blond hair is back so then when I wash finish in the shower I got a towel niall was still asleep so I walk in the closet and out on some under wear and a bra and short white pants like medium not close to my knees not close to my butt just perfect and a long sleeve blue v nek and dark blue Convers I was done greeting dressed so I brush my blond hair and blow dry it it to then I putted on some make up pink blush on the cheeks and black eye liner around my light green eyes and mascara and lip gloss and then I put some stud earring and then went down stairs I dis side to cook breakfast pancakes tost bacon eggs and once I was dont niall ran down and ran in the kitchen he stop and look at me

Niall:Who are u
Me:it's me Alice
Niall:where your black hair
Me:it was a wash out die wasn't my real color
Niall:oh well I like your blond hair better then your black hair
I fix him a plate full of breakfast and then we ate and then I wash the dishes and walk to to niall he was in the front

Niall:well Alice you can cook
I sat next to him and look him right in the eyes
Me:anybody tell you your eyes are so beautiful
Me:did any body you look like a blue smurf
Me:you look like a cute adrobolie smuf in the morning

He blush and look down




Niall:okay I'm gonna jump in the shower


He went up stairs I could here the shower comming on then I hear nialls phone ring so pick it up it said mom

Me:no it's Alice
Maura:oh hi Alice me and margreat niall grandmother will be there shortly
Maura:where niall
Me:In the shower
Maura:What you do
Me:I cook breakfast and niall love it
Maura:okay well I ll see u
Me:see you soon
I hung up the phone and went up stairs to the room I could here the shower turning off



Me:Your mom and your grandmother will be comming shortly

Niall:oh okay can u leave my phone on the bed

I left the phone on the bed then I had the feeling of trowing up so I ran down stairs about to run in the bathroom but I hear a knock on the door it made me not wanting to trow up any more I open the door and seen Maura and margreat at the door they hug me and they walk in
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